Advice for massage therapists aiding treatment of bunion


Bunion is a disorder that usually happens naturally. It is a bony hump that is formed around your big toe at the base of foot. This condition makes the big toe pushed outward as it diverges towards other toes. The bone that is present directly behind the big toe, the first metatarsal bone is directly affected by this unnatural hump and creates a bunion. As bunion is occurred at a joint in your font, with weight of your body during walking or any other activity lies on that bunion. This condition can also happen with your little toe and fifth metatarsal bone and then it is termed as a bunionette. Symptoms and treatments however would be similar.

Why Bunions are formed?

Bunions and any other similar problem with your feet may develop in early ages as you grow up being an adult. However the condition and pains can get worse as you age. Many a times it is witnessed that this problem is carried in the family and sometimes its arthritis that brings in bunions. Bunions can also be result of any problems with structure and length of your feet or legs. Apart from that bad habits of wearing improper shoes for prolonged period for years may also result in forming bunions. This is root cause in women suffering from this condition and it occurs when you wear uncomfortable high heels or pointed shoes with bad fitting for all day long at work. Bunion is actually an unnatural shape that your feet develops and there can be different reasons to it.

Treatment of Bunions and Massage Therapy:

Bunions are generally get quite painful as your condition worsens and you continue to follow bad habits with your feet. The joint in your feet can swell to an extent that it may begin to overlap another toe. In certain conditions treatment of bunions needs a surgical removal. However if the condition is not severe, you can avoid surgeries, reduce swelling and chronic pains with the aid of a proper massage therapy.

Important: Severity of condition and need of surgery can only be confirmed by a doctor. Before opting for massage therapies, it is best to check with your doctor if surgery can be avoided and if massage therapy would be suitable for your condition or not?

Helpful Massage Tips:

  • For people who are suffering from bunions in their feet, it is important that your feet should have sufficient space so the condition may not worsen with overlapping shoes or toes. Make sure that shoes you are preferring to wear all day long with bunions are completely comfortable and should have enough space. Even if you are experiencing massage therapies and are not avoiding factors that can add up to making your condition worse, massage will not be effective at all. You need to take care of the root of your problem area and avoid the cause completely.
  • With time as you wear comfortable shoes, swelling will begin to go down and a time will come when you will be able to wear those fancy high heels again.
  • For treatment of bunions, it is important to apply correct technique of massage therapy. For that you should consult a professional massage therapist who is well-trained and experienced. This therapist should be an expert at deep friction massage therapy. This therapy along with other techniques would tend to reduce the accumulation of soft tissues surrounding bunions. Not only that but you will witness improved circulation, reduced swelling, reduced pain and relaxation after an elevating foot massage therapy.

Self-Massage for Treatment of Bunions:

Apart from following a routine visit to your massage therapist, here are some tricks with which you can self-massage your feet and you will experience certain improvements in your condition with bunions.

  • You can use a massage oil for enhancing the soothing effect.
  • Begin with massaging your ankle with light circular movements of your thumb moving your way up till knees. Press a little firmly over different areas but not too hard. Repeat this massage daily while spending some minutes on each part of your feet.
  • Another method for self-massaging your feet would begin with holding your big toe at the point where it joins your feet (under nail) and gently pull toe in outward direction. This position of your toe will be called neutral position. Now you just have to push your toe down and bring it back to neutral position and then pull it up and bring it back to neutral position.
  • Follow similar steps for pushing and pulling towards left and right. This technique would make your toe more flexible and give it more space. It will also reduce stiffness around bunion and would reduce the level of discomfort. This therapy should be followed on a daily basis and it would take only few minutes.

Additional Tips for Bunion Sufferers:

In order to have reduced pressure on your bunion and for relieving pains, it is important to follow some additional tips apart from a daily routine of feet massage therapies. These tips include:

  • Make sure that you maintain a normal body weight in order to avoid excessive pressure on your feet,
  • You can find a gel-filled pad easily from any medical store for protection of your bunion.
  • You can buy supports and inserts for your shoes to make them more comfortable for your feet.
  • Icepacks and warm soaks may also help in reducing inflammation and could be one way of getting your feet relaxed.
  • In all cases, it is important to follow guidelines of your physician.


The most important thing that one can do for a bunion suffering feet is to give your feet all the space that it needs. Just make sure whatever you are wearing in your feet fits you well. Comfort and relaxation can only help in making your condition better. Consider massaging your feet on daily basis and get an appointment for a professional massage once a week or at least once in two weeks.

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