Essentials for a Massage Room


Massage therapy has proven health benefits that not only have positive effects on your body but it soothes and relaxes your mind too. One of the most important aspect that must be considered in order to give a pleasing massage is the massage room. It is important for a massage therapist to set up his office and massage room in manner that proves appealing and comfortable for anyone visiting it. A massage room should be organized well and must have enough space to make it a comfortable well-equipped spot with peace and noiseless environment for a perfectly soothing massage therapy. So make sure your focus on décor, design, space and environment of a massage room.

Tips for a Perfect Massage Room:

Designing and creating a perfect massage room is not difficult provided you follow certain steps and tips. Here are some ways to develop a soothing massage room:

  • Your massage room should be painted with a warm color to enhance the relaxing effect of the room. Avoid using bright color and tones for painting. Lighter shades would be a better idea for painting massage room.
  • Lighting in the room should be a little brighter and colorful according to the shades of your wall so that you get sufficient lighting in the room as needed. Lamps or lights that you use are better to be shaded in order to avoid too much brightening light in the room.
  • One good option for natural calming scents in the massage room is by use of plants and flowers placed within the space. Just make sure that their size should not be too huge. Plants or potpourri should be selected according to size of massage room and they should have a soothing and relaxing fragrance.
  • Furniture in the room should be selected according to size so that it fits well and the room must not appear over-crowded. Select furniture items that can give you enough space to creatively place your supplies for massage. If you fail to select compact furniture, you may end up creating a mess all around with huge pieces of furniture.
  • A massage room must include massage tables and chairs placed so that you can perform varied types of massage therapies according to your client’s preference. Arrange these equipment and other tools in a manner that the room looks spacious and not cluttered with these tools.
  • Shelves where you will keep all the accessories and products that will be needed during massage therapy should be accessible during the session. Place facial cleansers, oils, lotions, antiseptic wipes, cotton, tissue papers and other utensils nearby.
  • Have pillows placed at the massage table and have towels and sheets of different sizes in stock for use during massage session.
  • Massage room would prove to be more relaxing with warm ambiance and aromas inside. Place some scented candles in the massage room so that your client would find massage room appealing. Do not light too many candles. Some people may be allergic to scented candles so make sure you know well about your client and avoid lighting candles while massaging people who are allergy sufferers.
  • A massage room doesn’t need large speakers or sound system but a simple music player should be placed in the room. It is best to play some soothing jazz music in the room to amplify the effect of massage therapy.

Additional Tips:

According to diet chart these are the tips you should follow in massage room.

  • You should have a controller with which you can dim lights and control the environment of massage room.
  • Temperature of the room must be moderate, not too high or too low.
  • Floor should be comfortable to move and stand on.
  • Door pulls should be there so that recipient can easily open with oil or lotion over his/her hands.
  • Massage room should be sound proof so that any noise outside do not disturb or hinder the relaxing process of massage.
  • Have a table near massage table with all the necessary items for use before, during or after massage including oils, towels, sheets etc.
  • Windows should have curtains that could control lighting inside the room.
  • Have an indicator light outside the door of massage room that could show if the massage room is in use or not. This would ensure privacy of your client getting massaged.
  • A corner or wall in the room must be dedicated to hanging your certificates, education and achievements related to massage. This would give your clients more confidence on your capability and professionalism in the field. These certificates must be properly framed.
  • Do not spend a lot of money on decorations and visit discount stores to get decorative items that appeal you at some discount rate.
  • There should be a locked drawer for record keeping of your client’s details. It is important to ensure that client data is kept safe and private at all times.


When setting up and decorating a massage room, prior consideration should be that the room should give an inviting appearance to your clients. Ambiance and atmosphere should be calm, quiet and relaxing. Designing a massage room focuses on a few things including wall paints, lighting, fragrances, furniture size, essentials placed within reach and all the tools and accessories must be maintained well. You would be able to easily relax your client, if the environment of your massage room is tranquil and soothing. Client must also feel safe within the environment so he will be more comfortable throughout the massage therapy and it would increase the effectiveness.

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