How to Massage Male Clients?


Massage is a procedure that has a great impact on physical and mental health of a human being. Every day you face stress, pains, wears and injuries that makes your body and mind weaker. A man’s body also undergoes hard work every day that results in stiffness of muscles, increased stress and aching body. Massage rehabilitates health and revitalizes energy within you. Massaging a male client is similar to how you massage a female client but there are certain differences that should be considered when you are dealing with massage therapy of a male client. We will be discussing those issues and points that need special attention and handling technique in order to make massage therapy a comfortable procedure for massage therapist and a relaxing, pleasing and yet comfortable experience for recipients too.

Tips for Massaging a Male:

First and foremost important step towards a comfortable massage session for male is draping the client properly.

Proper Draping Tips for Men:

  • Draping for men with face down should be similar to what is done for a male client.
  • Draping should be explained along with the areas that you will work on so that your client is well aware.
  • You should leave the room and allow him time to undress himself and be comfortable on the massage table.
  • Provide him sheets so that he could cover his genitals.
  • At any point of time draping becomes uncomfortable, give your client time to adjust his genitals. Do not attempt to do it by yourself.
  • For massage, your client should be uncovered till waist when dealing with massaging upper body and abdomen.
  • Make sure that a comfortable temperature is set as uncovered area of his body will tend to chill out quickly.
  • For your client lying on back, properly drape his genitals and make sure that the area is not exposed.
  • Sheet should be tucked under his legs so that it remains at its place during stretching and movement and none of his private parts are exposed.

Massaging Tips for Men:

  • When massaging a man make sure that you are applying adequate about of pressure for work on his entire body. Usually firm pressure is applied at areas including elbows, knuckles and more, but some men may ask for a deep pressure massage on their entire body. Tools even exist that are designed to give you certain pressure massage. While applying a pressure massage make sure that you are doing enough (not less or more) in order to give him a comfortable massage.
  • You would not experience many men complaining even if the pressure is too much for them to bear. So ask them and make sure that there is no sign of pain or discomfort with the therapy. If it is so, adjust the amount of pressure by either increasing or decreasing the force as required.
  • Stretching is something that your male massage clients would appreciate. Usually body of a man is likely to be stiffer than that of a woman. As their bodies are less flexible, they might find too much of stretching uncomfortable so communicate with them or take their cues and work or stop stretching accordingly.
  • Men would also appreciate a relaxing face massage along with a soothing head massage. Growth of hair on face of men would hinder a relaxing face massage so better use some lotion (unscented) or baby oil to massage face of your male client.


Massage profession though is a tough one but educating yourself well with techniques and tips to handle different situations can make it simpler for you. Whether you are a female or a male therapist, you should know key differences in each individuals’ body especially when dealing with clients of different genders. However the basics of massaging remains same but some additional tips and knowledge should be used to make massage therapy comfortable and a relaxing session for your client along with your own comfort.

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