Infographic – Massage Chair vs Traditional Massage


High-techimprovements are happening each day in different fields of knowledge. Similar progress has been made with methods of refining human health and wellness. Massage that is a proven way of relaxation, treatment and recovery since centuries has also shown advancement with a variety of tools and products introduced. Earlier massage therapy was only linked with human touch but with evolution of technology, products like massage chairs, cushions, tables, balls, oils etc. have been presented. So far when you look for a method that closely relates to human touch are massage chairs.

Even now when you think about getting a traditional relaxing massage from a human massage therapist, you need to take out time, book an appointment and visit to the spa for a luxurious therapy. You pay one time and get benefits then and there only. Each time you want this therapy, you have to go through the same process. On the other hand a massage chair offers you convenience and flexibility. You pay a cost one time and bring this amazing piece of relaxation in your home. Now anytime you find your body aching or stressed, just turn your massage chair on and customize a desired settingto enjoy a complete massage therapy within your living or working premises with comfort and complete privacy.

Here is how traditional massage therapy and massage chairs therapy differs:


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