Massage Aids in Dealing with Allergies


Are you tired of allergies and its symptoms? Want to alleviate your condition with allergies? One of the finest answer to all your queries related to allergies is a massage therapy. Many of us suffer allergies related to stress. Some allergies are triggered with change of weather, dust, pollen, mold and other substances that pour in to our body to trigger allergies. Some common symptoms of allergies include tensed muscles, headache, congestion and others. All these symptoms are related to many different factors; stress, poor circulation, stiff muscles are just some factors. Allergies can often become even more severe when you are facing stress and anxiety. A massage therapy can work well over all these factors and can aid in dealing with allergies.

How Massage Therapies Help Allergy Sufferers?

Allergies usually stress your body and make you feel uncomfortable. First advantage that you can gain as a result of massage therapy is relaxation. An effective massage therapy encourages relaxation and comfort within your body that works to slow down the reaction of allergies and thus also reduces effects of its symptoms. Agents that stress your body such as cortisol and adrenaline witness a reduced rate of production as result of a massage therapy and so you feel calmer and less stressed. Massage therapy improves breathing, blood and energy circulation within your body by opening airways resulting in immense relief.

Self-Massage Therapies to Improve Allergies:

For allergy easing massage therapy, it is not compulsory to visit a massage therapist always. Though a self-massage cannot replace a professional massage but would temporary give you relief when you are really stuffed up with things that hinder your visit to a massage therapist. With the use of pressure over your acupressure points, you can easily reduce the effects of allergies and can recover your situation quickly.

Here are some tips were you can self-massage your body to improve your condition.

  • Dealing with Allergic related Congestion:

Have your tips of your fingers placed in the center of your eyebrows where they meet nose. Apply a light pressure over that area with your finger tips and make anti-clockwise circular movements slowly. Moreover use your middle fingertip on your nostrils side where your cheekbone ends and apply a light pressure making circles anti-clockwise. This self-massage technique would ease up congestion.

  • Dealing with Allergy related Headache:

With the use of your middle finger and index finger, gently apply massage in a circular motion over corners of your forehead (temples or side of your head behind your eyes). Massage over this point would give you instant relief from headaches. Another self-massage for headache could be applying a moderate amount of pressure on a point where your neck muscles meet your base of your skull back. Press this area in an upward direction.

  • Dealing with Sinusitis:

A proper self-massage over some acupressure points can reduce the symptoms related to sinusitis and other allergies and would also decrease recurrence. This self-massage therapy includes massaging the area of your large intestine with the use of your thumb and index finger. Remember that pregnant women should not massage over this area or it may induce labor. Another effective therapy is massaging the acupressure point that lies at your skull back where it meets your ear bone and neck.

Note that intensity of these massage therapies should not be too high and it must not give you any severe pain.

Therapies for Reducing Allergy Effects by a Therapist:

Apart from the self-massaging techniques that we mentioned earlier, effect of an allergy can be reduced by visiting a massage therapist. Following are some therapies that massage therapists can use to improve strength and immunity of a person to deal with allergies and thereby reduces stress level.

  • Swedish Massage – One of the most prevalent massage therapies that aid in relaxing a person’s body even in the condition of stress and pain. Effects of this massage therapy are on immune system and a Swedish massage improves its functionality.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Lymphatic drainage and abdominal massage works towards adding support to your immune system and thus can work as a foundation for reducing the effects of allergies.
  • Aromatherapy – This therapy also improves and support your immune system and reduces effects of allergies by using some essential oils. However the need is to make sure that the oils used are completely safe for client and meet requirements. Some popular options include chamomile (popular for soothing skin related allergies), lavender oil (stress reducing, anti-inflammatory and relaxing), eucalyptus (improves breathing and clears nasal passage) and cedar wood oil (improves asthma, chest congestion and relaxes bronchial area).
  • Facial Massage – A proper facial massage with right moves can also improve your sinus and any allergy related swelling.


An effective massage therapy can deal with severe allergies too. It is important to learn different techniques that can aid and if you are visiting a massage therapist make sure that he is well in practice and is a professionally trained person. Applying substantial amount of pressure as required and with a gentle massage therapy over some specific points can reduce symptoms of allergies of different nature. So get yourself in to a routine with massage therapy included every day in order to cope up with any allergies that you have.

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