Massage Enhances Body Workout


Even with our busy work routines and lifestyle, most of us are focused on looking and staying fit. A healthy and fit body is something that everyone desires but not many of us can take the pain of giving out time for a workout routine in gym each day. Many of fitness freaks do visit gym each day but they find that the aftermath of workout and pains associated with it tends to discourage them to return to gym next day. Workout does shapes your body and make it fit but definitely it takes the price through vigorous exercises that often result in pain and tiredness. Too much of stress even damage your muscles and you find your body aching and stiff. To all these queries and issues that you have with body workout, an ideal answer is massage therapy.

Effects of Workout on your Body:

Bodybuilding and workout sessions actually put a lot of stress on your muscles and too much of exercising can even damage muscles and underlying tissues. Some damages may take days and some may take weeks to heal. The effect of healing is slower usually because after a workout your body muscles become tensed and tight and this is the reason why you feel tired and have an aching body after a workout session.

Massage Therapy Heals and Recovers:

The injuries that you experience after a hard workout training and some negative aspects of body building can be recovered well with a daily massage routine. You can regain flexibility of your body and can actually gain greater muscles health and mass with a post workout massage therapy. If you wish to increase your competitiveness and performance in bodybuilding, it is extremely important to think about recovery process and possibilities.

Recovery process involves:

  • Eating right kind of food.
  • Complementing your health diet with more nutrients (to combat with nutrients lost during workout).

Benefits of a Post Workout Massage Therapy:

A proper post workout massage therapy can offer great benefits for recovery of a tired and aching body. It offers numerous benefits both physically and mentally:

  • Boosts Energy throughout your Body!

With a massage therapy, you will be able to gain physical and mental well-being with a boost of energy. Massage therapy stimulates the growth of a chemical within your body termed as mitochondria. Growth of mitochondria not only boosts physical energy but would also boost your mood and would relax your mind. This is the reason why you feel good after a massage session. Mitochondria gives energy to your muscles and serves as a nutrient for your body.

  • Reduces Pain and Tightens your Muscles!

Your muscles get worked out during a bodybuilding session and thus they need to be recovered. Recovery of damaged or tensed muscles and tissues can be done through massage therapy that improves circulation within your body. An effective massage therapy would open up pores within your skin and would enhance flow of energy/nutrients through these pores. Apart from that this process also enhances waste of toxics, lactic acids and other products that needs to be wasted for a body’s well-being.

  • Improves your Muscles’ Tone!

Bodybuilding routine damages tissues and muscles and these parts of your body may not be able to hold blood inside them. This bad circulation and holding of blood results in weakening tone of your muscles. A massage therapy with proper pressing and pumping would ease up these tensed or blocked parts and would encourage flow of fluids through them. This filling up of vacuum would enable muscles and tissues to get nutrients and would thus improve muscle tone.

  • Improved Movements!

Tight and stiff muscles hinder movement and even can result in an injury as you apply pressure over these muscles for movement. Stretching movements through massage therapy loosen muscles and increases flexibility. With massage technique, you can gain more mobility and can prevent yourself from dangerous injuries and chronic pains.

  • Focused and Alert Mind!

During workout regime, you may have a number of ideas and things working around in your mind. After an intense workout, a massage therapy would not only relax your body but would also give your mind a healthy and relaxed feeling. Post a massage therapy, your mind will be even more alert and you will be able to focus on significant ideas and thoughts.

  • Benefits of Massage for Athletes!

Professional players/athletes are always found focusing on massage therapies and so is recommended by their coaches. Massage offers positive benefits over health and wellbeing of athletes and this is the reason why they are so very particular about routine massage therapies. A study reveals that athletes who were prone to a routine that include massage therapies were witnessed to give enhanced performance, prevention from dangerous injuries, reduced pain, enhanced recovery and focused mind.


A massage session is definitely the key to recover your body muscles and tissues after an intense workout. Make recovery quicker and promote healing by setting a regular massage therapy session after workout. It would not only benefit you physically but would also have positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Inflammation, pain and stress will be reduced. So why to take pain killers and other medicines when you have a natural and more effective solution in the form of massage therapy.

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