Massage Techniques for Improved Bedtime Routine


Life of an adult nowadays is surely trapped with different stresses may it be financial, emotional or social challenges, it is difficult to avoid these challenges. These challenges not only keep you involved physically but even do not let you relax mentally, thus affecting your bedtime and sleep routines. More than 60% of people living in various societies are suffering from sleep disorders and this population doesn’t only include elderly but adults as well as children. We cannot give all blame to stress but there are certain disorders, chronic pains and diseases that keep you sleepless.

Why Sleep is Important?

Studies and researches from various institutes state that many of the chronic disorders and diseases are a result of improper and insufficient amount of sleep in people. These include obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes and many others. Not only that but it is reported that several accidents on the road and that related to operating machinery in industries are result of insufficient sleep that results in serious injuries and have caused disabilities for a lifetime. As the results could be dangerous, sufficient amount of restful sleep is extremely important.

Massage Therapies can help!

According to the National Institutes of Health, it is recommended that including massage therapies in your daily routine would not only reduce stress and fatigue but has also proved to work for improving sleep time and quality. Massage therapies have proved fruitful in people of all age group including infants, kids, and adults as well as old age people. Massage aids in restoring body health by putting people in deep and relaxing sleep even those suffering with chronic pains.

Massage therapies have helped people suffering from psychiatric disorders, chronic back pains, fibromyalgia, insomnia, cancer, dyssomnia (infants), heart diseases, migraines, breast diseases and people hospitalized and their caretakers living with them.

How Massage Therapies Improve Sleep?

There is a chemical formula behind it. Sleeping disorders are related to lack of a certain chemical in body known as serotonin. This agent produced within the body influences your mood, behavior, appetite, body temperature and sleep. Massage therapy can improve the level of serotonin which in turn produces melatonin that influences sleep. Lack of these agents create state of sleeplessness and restlessness among people.With the use of effective massage therapy, one can boosts the level of production of these key components that helps in maintaining natural sleep rhythms for your body. Not only it aids in relaxing your mind and body but gives your body a healing effect that helps in balancing your everyday life routine. People who have included massage in their daily routine report that they are now enjoying more restful and deep sleep routines each day.

Different Therapies for Improving Sleeping Routines:

Different types of massage therapies can be used for improving your bedtime routine however some most popular and effective ones include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: During this massage therapy, powerful long strokes are applied in a slower motion to focus working on tissues that lay deep inside your body. This massage proves effective for relieving deep tissues as well as deep muscles within your body and helps in healing injuries.
  • Swedish Massage: This therapy makes use of gentle long strokes along with kneading. Tapping, circular movements and vibration techniques are also part of this massage therapy. Many sport lovers opt for this massage that help in preventing or recovering from injuries.
  • Pressure Points Massage: This therapy focuses on various trigger points of your body that involves tensed muscles and tissues. Applying pressure through massage on these areas helps in de-stressing tensed muscles.

Can Massage Help Infants to Relax and Fall Asleep?

You would have heard that massaging a baby is a practice that has been carried out from centuries and this is something that is yet followed. It is true that massage therapy can actually help your baby relax and can make him/her go to a sound sleep. Apart from that a massage therapy can give a various benefits for health and well-being of your infant which includes:

  • Making your child calm and relax.
  • It reduces crying.
  • Improving the process of digestion.
  • Promotes bonding with parent through touch and strengthen the bonding.
  • You will witness improvement in growth and development.

How it works?

Massage to infant is given with rubbing and kinesthetic strokes that improves both their physical and mental development. Light rubbing and massaging technique helps them relax and they can better balance out their stress hormones. Massage increases the temperature of their bodies and it also offer improve control to brain and circulation of blood. It is important to note that you don’t over stimulate body of your newborn just some relaxing strokes would do well to make your baby fall asleep deep and sound. With fever or skin rash or any other health issues, do not massage your baby until he/she completely recovers as it may make situations bad.


Massage is one of the smartest and healthier way of overcoming sleeping disorders and improving good habits of a proper bedtime routine. The best thing is that this method is completely free of any drugs and medication and yet it is sleep inducing. Regular massage therapies have said to help sleepless people and even those with insomnia. Many people have witnessed reduced symptoms of their chronic diseases and pains without having the need of taking painkillers and sleeping pills. This is the reason why it is truly a magically relaxing treatment.

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