Massage Therapy and Weight Loss


Massage therapy through various studies and researches have proved to be one of the most useful therapies for relieving stress, pains, depression and other conditions of health. However it is not claimed to be a substitute for medications. Massage along with proper medication and care of your doctor can work to improve your health and conditions. But this may be a surprising news for many that massage also aids in reducing your body weight and can reduce a substantial amount from your body size to make your appear physically more appealing and fit. This has been proved through tests and researches conducted on people with different body shapes who were regularly massaged and results were that they lost some centimeters in their body size over time.

Massage and Weight Loss

Massage therapies are not designed specifically to deal with weight loss but they aid in losing some pounds and extra inches from your body in an indirect manner. A regular workout can help in removing cellulite from your body by breaking down additional fat thus making your body appear more firm and in shape. If you have a lose belly or lose skin anywhere around your body, a good massage therapy in your routine can tighten this skin. Those who work out on a regular basis for building body or losing weight often discontinue or skip their fitness regime because of certain pains in their muscles or injuries that are result of intense work out. Massage enhances your body workout by releasing tensed muscles and reduce pain of injuries so you can get back to your workout routine.

How Massage works for Weight Loss?

  • Through improved circulation:

Movements and strokes with massage therapy work towards improving circulation of a fluid called lymph in your body. This fluid gives your body energy and improves immune system. Not only it enhances circulation of fluid but also aids in eliminating excessive amount of lymph. This along with manipulation of tissues and muscles of your body reduces fat within your body skin and make it thinner. Regularly applying this therapy can reduce a good amount of fat from your body thus aiding in weight loss.

  • Through improving digestion:

Specifically a stomach massage can improve your digestive system and can help in treatment of constipation. Any blockage or indigestion in your stomach makes you feel swelled and bloated. An effective massage over your stomach will remove such blockage and you will feel lighter and appear thinner. A self-massage over your abdominal area in an anti-clockwise direction would work well for improving constipation problem and will work towards toning and shaping your body muscles.

Some Massage Therapies for Weight Loss:

For all those who aim to lose weight, massage therapy should be included in their routine. There are several different options in the form of different types of massage therapieshowever some most popular ones include:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: A gentle massage that works for improving circulation of lymph fluid and enhances drainage of excessive lymphatic fluid. This massage works impressively well on your arms and legs.
  • High Intensity Massage for Reducing Cellulite: This massage therapy is focused mainly on your legs and hips area and it is a vigorous treatment that includes high intensity strokes. Due to vigorous nature of this massage therapy, anyone taking this treatment would witness changes in their bodies in a time frame of some weeks. This therapy works really quickly.

Massage along with Workout and Healthy Diet:

Massage is no magic. If you are thinking that you can eat all you want and stay lazy throughout the day; just adding a massage session to your daily routine would do the job. You are MISTAKEN!

You can’t just rely on a massage therapy, but you would need to include workout in your routine and eat healthy. Keep a count of what and how much you are eating; and how much does your body needs? Eat high fiber diet and limit all processed or junk food. Enhance workout and you will be burning more calories resulting in losing weight. For learning more in depth you can enroll in online massage therapy course here.

Some Important Considerations:

Though massage therapies are safe but it is important to consider situations and conditions of health where massage therapy should be avoided. Such conditions include heart disease, skin infections, kidney failure, blood clotting and other disorders. Those who are suffering from cancer or have undergone a surgery recently along with those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis should consult their doctor before opting for any massage therapy. Also make sure that when you are opting for a massage therapy, look for a specialist and trained massage therapist. Any wrong pressure, stroke or any other mistake can cause serious injuries.


A massage therapy can have most interesting effects for your weight loss campaign. Its circumference of working could be your entire body and you can work to improve shape of any part of your body. Massage would reduce fat, make your body thinner and would thus result in weight loss. Massage therapy directly applied on your lower abdomen area works wonders for reducing your belly fat. Practice a daily massage therapy routine and you will be able to witness great improvements in your body size and shape. However it is important to work on your lifestyle and eating habits as well. For all those who are serious about losing weight eat a healthy diet, remain active, workout daily and include massage therapy in your daily routine and it will definitely work to keep your weight and body on track.

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