The common mistakes when using a massage chair


Whether you have a medical condition or are just suffering from stress and exhaustion in daily life, a massage chair can do a world of good. Now it goes without saying that you can only get these health benefits of massage chair if you follow a proper procedure. However, sometimes you may find that your massage benefits are not in evidence even after following the procedure from start to end. The fault in these cases lies with the companies that make the massage chairs avoid mentioning the “don’ts” of massage chairs. The result is that even after numerous calls to the customer care executives and a desperate search for potential problems on the internet, users are still stuck with the potentially error ridden method they started off with. Now while it is true that each chair has a slightly different structure and use method, there are overarching similarities that allow one to create a short list of the common mistakes made when using a massage chair, and how one can avoid them. To save your effort, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that can prevent the massage chair from giving you a massage that justifies its price tag.

Use All Massage Chair Parts

It may be tedious to take out the headrest for one who wants a neck massage, and put it back on for someone who wants a different type of massage but wishes to keep the head in a comfortable position. The result is that users end up using the headrest even while they’re getting a neck massage (which negates the impact as the headrest blocks the rollers from impacting the neck “tsubo points”. Conversely, they may end up leaving out the headrest (or using it for some non massage related purpose) when they’re accustomed to, but currently not using, a neck massage.

Furthermore, some users who don’t have any problems with lower limbs tend to neglect the leg ottoman, sometimes forgetting to put back upholstery or other electrical parts before taking a massage. This is one of the common mistakes when using a massage chair because it leads to a lopsided massage in which the lower limbs don’t get the massage they deserve.

Mind The Product Materials And Weight Capacity

The product’s materials, especially the upholstery, can be made using various materials, and some may not be suited for you. For instance, if you sweat a lot and do not have provision for heavy airconditioning, you may want to avoid leather upholstery, as it absorbs sweat and causes it to percolate into the product, damaging both the leather and internal parts. People with an incontinence problem should avoid using products with fabric seats or other segments that contain fabric of any type.

A second point to consider is the weight capacity. The common mistakes made when using a massage chair include not measuring one’s weight prior to buying a massage chair. Even though the best massage chairs have high weight limits, not all do. Applying excess weight on the chair reduces the ability of the reclining motors to work well and this in the long run may damage the chair’s robotics, leading to poor massage and health problems.

Movement During A Massage

A typical massage does not last beyond 15-20 minutes, so it makes little sense to shift and perhaps even get off the chair while the massage is in progress. If there is an urgent phone call or you have to answer nature’s call, try to do so after you have aborted the massage and returned the product to its original position. While moving out of a massage may reduce the health benefits of the process, it will do immense damage to the system since it is not designed to take certain weight levels on certain parts, and you will end up applying such weight as you try to get off the chair.

Since massage chairs assume stationary muscle positioning, even small movements can disrupt the massage system. Hence, it is not advisable to take anything with you on the massage chair (like a phone) that may distract you and cause unnecessary movement during the massage.

Avoid Taking Children And Pets While Using The Massage Chair

It is true that children and pets are great for relaxation after a tiring day at the office, but that doesn’t mean they add to the relaxation offered by a massage chair. Children add additional weight to the massage chair and cause erroneous weight distribution. Added together, they can seriously reduce the efficacy of the massage and at times, cause you to overshoot the weight limit of the chair.

Further, a child or pet may move during a massage and force you to move your arms to hold him/her in a stationary position. These together make your massage a farce, and also cause unnecessary stress on the robotic rollers that work on your body. Last but not the least, pets and children may vomit or urinate on the chair, thereby causing the fluids to make their way into the machine and/or ruin the upholstery. In either case, you will be forced to stop the massage and begin wondering how to maintain a massage chair that has been exposed to such a situation.

Finally, though massage chairs aren’t likely to have parts that can hurt children, it is best not have toddlers who have learned how to crawl/walk in the vicinity of the massage chair when it is being used. They may turn off the power during a massage or cause other problems for you and the chair.

Go For A More Intense Massage Only If You Need It

There are guides available for most massage chairs that tell users the intensity and speed level at which they should ideally use the chair if they want to make use of manual settings. Some of the common mistakes when using a massage chair can be directly connected with the assumption that the highest intensity/speed levels are the best. Indeed, if you are not suffering from medical issues, avoid using the highest settings as these aren’t meant for ordinary users.

Kindred to the one mentioned above is another error – wearing thick or excess clothing. While massage chairs are able to provide a massage through all but the thickest of clothes, it is not ideal to undergo a massage at high setting just because you are wearing a thick coat that prevents the massage from working effectively at a lower setting. Remember that the massage rollers will apply the same amount of pressure and work at the same speed on your neck, legs and other exposed areas as on your covered areas, so while your back and buttocks may receive a decent massage, your open skin will suffer from a massage intensity that is more than ideal.


Some of these points may appear to be derivatives of common sense, but search on any user forum and you will come across a good many of these mistakes being reported ad nauseam. Avoiding the common mistakes made when using a massage chair will allow you to make the best use of the massage chair, thereby giving it the ability to provide the most enjoyable and rejuvenating massages for years to come.

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