Vibrational Massage and its Positive Effects on Your Body


Vibration massage therapies are quite common and effective in the field of massage therapies. These therapies can be performed on a human body by a professional massage therapist and there are some electronic devices also present that can perform this massage therapy very well. Vibration massage can effectively work for any of your body part and you can also opt for a complete body vibrational massage. Fitness freaks keep these therapies a part of their routine as it improves their body muscle health and enhances flexibility with movement. With vibration massage you will feel the difference in your muscle strength and balance with a relaxed physique and mind.

Benefits of a Vibrational Massage on Human Body:

When we talk about positive effects of vibrational massage, these therapies not only offer benefits in the form of improving your muscle strength, fitness of body, stress condition but also proves to give positive effects for treatment of many chronic diseases and health conditions. Let’s explore all the health benefits of a vibrational massage:

  • It offers complete relaxation to your body and mind!

Vibration massage technique offers complete relaxation to body and mind of a person with movements that relaxes your muscles and reduces stress. Vibration massage is a wonderful therapy that reduces tensions by offering a positive impact on production of happy hormones within a person’s body. This has been proven that massage therapy increased the level of serotonin in your body and helps you in feeling good.

  • It improves muscle strength and mass!

Vibration massage therapy works on different muscle groups around your body and forces muscle to reach to a position on the plate for a specific duration and amount of time. This makes your muscles more active and enables motor points of your muscle to maintain contraction. With time your muscles would get used to of this action and will reach a state where they will be able to safely contract. With a routine of massage, your muscle mass and strength increases. This increase in muscle endurance would decrease the period of recovery which is a significant aspect of physical training.

  • It activates circulation within your body!

Vibrational massage therapy gives your body recurring muscle contractions and thus improves circulation of blood within your vessels. It encourages production of red and white blood cells within your body. Enhanced level of blood circulation would improve metabolic system of your body and would thus make you feel fitter.

  • It aids in reducing pain!

Vibrational massage therapy is something that reduces the effect of pain without using any medication. Even chronic pain conditions can be treated by vibration massage as it numbs the paining area and helps the muscle around the part to relax.

  • It aids in losing weight!

Burning of fat and losing weight is another benefit that one can gain from vibrational massage therapy. This therapy increases your metabolic rate and thus you tend to burn more calories after a vibrational massage therapy.

  • It shapes your body with fat burning and skin smoothing feature!

All the positive effects of a vibrational massage therapy that we discussed earlier together contribute to give you a better shaped body. Not only it tones your muscles but would also burn fat. It works on areas that are painful and all of these aspects contribute to correction of your body shape. Your body will begin to appear fit and you will witness improvement in your skin tone and smoothness.

Vibrational Massage Improves Chronic Illness and Conditions:

Vibrational massage therapy not only works for improving your fitness but it also proves to be aiding people suffering from chronic health conditions and diseases. Some of these chronic illness includes:

  • Osteoporosis – a disease of bones where your bones become fragile and can easily break.
  • Rheumatism & Arthritis – a disease or condition where people face extreme pain and stiffness in their joints and surrounding muscles or tissues.
  • Depression – People may even lose their consciousness and experience extreme stress.
  • Lymph drainage – A condition where you experience poor circulation in your lymphatic system
  • Chronic injuries and pains.

How Vibrational Massage Works?

This therapy is focused on varied frequencies of massage applied on various parts of your body according to your specific health conditions and requirements. Certain vibrations are produced with either hand movements of a massage therapist or with use of an electric massager. These vibrations are then transmitted to human body to be massaged and work effectively towards releasing stiff and tensed muscles. The frequency of massage and its direction only depends upon specific condition of each person.

Vibration Massage Machine:

If you opt for a vibration massage machine, you will witness different machines producing vibration along different sides. Some may be giving vertical vibrations upward or downward and some may be giving vibrations front and back and some works sideways. Some machines often have programs that work on specific muscle groups of your body and offer stimulated vibrations.

Some Warnings Regarding Use of Vibration Massage Therapy:

A vibration massage therapy may not be an appropriate solution in all cases of injuries and pains because of the intensity of these therapies. Too high intensity could be dangerous and may worsen conditions. Some cases and conditions where vibration massage should not be used without taking advice from your doctor include:

  • Lumbar injuries
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Advance level of diabetes
  • Chronic back pains or injuries
  • If you are taking medicines that thin blood


Building bones, strengthening muscles, reducing stress and pain, improvement in posture, enhanced circulation and many other benefits are accompanied with a vibrational massage therapy. These therapies tighten your body and shapes it. Not only you would look younger but would feel younger. So whenever you feel the need, opt for a vibrational massage therapy and there could be nothing better than including it in your daily routine. Just make sure that you discuss your condition with your therapist and before opting for a massage do consult your doctor so that you don’t have to face any counter effects of massage therapy

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