Best Full Body Massage Chair Reviews- Buying Guide 2020

Today life is becoming busier. Each and everyday job and family related challenges leave no time for us to get ourselves relaxed. However, it is important to keep our bodies and mind relaxed every day and one of the ideal ways to achieve the goal is to own a massage chair that gives you flexibility of experiencing a relaxing massage whenever you get time without having the need to book an appointment or visit a spa center.

A perfect chair would not be a piece of furniture lying around your bedroom or living area. These equipment would not only be relaxing for your body but it would also boost your mind and will reduce stress. After a stressful day at work, an ideal chair would give you a magical experience with complete liberty of getting a customized relaxing massage option. But before you actually begin the hunt, it is important to know that what are some factors, features and technology that should be considered for a best massage chair? Here is a complete guide to it.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 6 Full Body Massage Chair

If you have a reasonable budget and are looking for buying one of the best massage chairs, here are our recommendations for top 10 massage chairs. We made a consumer reports here with the best features that these massage chair offers. Through our short reviews you can make your decision based on your preferences and requirements.

10 Top Rated Massage Chairs Reviews

1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy

For an overwhelming and luxurious massage experience, the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Recliner with Heating Therapy would be an ideal choice. Features that makes it an exclusive choice for massage lovers include:

  • It is designed with a space saving technology making it adjustable in a reasonable amount of space for use.
  • The frame and structure is intended to offer supreme comfort during a massage session.
  • It is designed with an L-Track massage system that includes a trail to support a complete neck to back massage with extended focus on lower extremities. With this complete body support, you will find elevated effects of massage therapy.
  • It includes 2 stages of zero gravity that user has all the flexibility to position in order to enjoy a relaxing massage. This feature of the chair places body of the user in a weightless position that keeps user’s back from getting over strained during a session.
  • This chair also has a body scan technology with the aid of which your body size is automatically detected and thus chair can give you every individual a customized body massage.
  • It also incorporates air massage system with airbags programmed to inflate and deflate in order to give you a deep intense massage therapy.
  • This equipment also includes automatic yoga programs.
  • Apart from that there are dual foot rollers included in the feet area to relax your legs and feet.

It offers some great features that you will find only with some expensive chairs. If you are short of space and are looking for a completely luxurious chair, this one is most suitable choice. This equipment is absolutely right choice and offers you complete value for its reasonable cost. You can place it in your home and all the members of the family can use it for a customized therapy.


  • Elegant design and utility
  • Auto programs
  • It contains 4 roller massage system
  • Space saving technology
  • Boosts relaxation of your neck and back


  • Arms, calves, are nonexistent
  • Noisy

2. Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Many users worried that lack of huge amount of airbags in a massage chair would force them to sacrifice their preferred traits: arm and calf massage, heat therapy, and bonus features (leg extension, foot roller etc). However, the Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T did a splendid job by putting forward all of the perks one can have in a chair with less working valves – arm, calf and foot massage, lower back heat therapy, and zero gravity. While not completely out of airbags, the number of airbags is comparatively decreased in this upgraded version in order to strengthen the volume and surface area of massage. Computerized body scanner detects all the parts required to follow your selected massage program. The vibration seat massage just adds to your comfort.

Top Features

Auto Timer 5-30 Options – While you’ll appreciate the chair’s 6 different massage style, the auto timer functionality will simply enhance its workability!

Easy to use remote control – To view what function is active right now, OS-4000 contains a big screen. Using it, you can also control the massage type, speed and intensity. In fact, when you’ve the remote in hand, choosing the distinct parts for airbag massage is also up to you.

Auto Recline and Leg Extension – For taller guys, or someone in need of extending their legs for ease, will find the feature handy. You can feel the comfort and luxury at the same time by reclining the backrest for triggering the zero gravity position with the remote control.

Warranty – The Osaki OS-4000T has a 3 year manufacturer warranty (1 year in-home service, 2 years on parts, and 3 years on structure/framework). You can purchase a 1 or 2 year extended warranty as well.


  • Zero gravity position for optimal level of comfort
  • Next generation air massage technology magnifies the dimension of the massage spot
  • Auto leg scan helps the airbags to concentrate on the specific areas


  • Taller users may not get the massage on their desired spots

Warranty Years: 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Massage Programs: 6 Unique Auto-programs

Massage Styles:6

3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

The Electric Full Body Shiatsu is one of the best high-end massage chair impressively designed and embedded with features that excels the experience of massage therapy for users. Some of the impressive features of this massage chair include:

  • Updated design with added comfort.
  • Air bag compression massage with more than 30 air bags included at various parts throughout the massage chair.
  • Heat intelligent roller system that identifies structure and shape or your body to give a customized massage therapy.
  • It includes massage programs designed for specific parts such as neck massage with massage heads focusing on tsubo points for relieving stress and pains if any.
  • This equipment has an extended range that covers your entire lower and upper back area with rollers to give you a complete back massage.
  • Using this equipment, its control panel gives you complete flexibility of setting the intensity of massage between weak to strong level.
  • Automatic reclining backrest option with foot ottoman.
  • It offers a high intensity vibration massage that works over your lower extremities.
  • Rolling operation moves up and down and simulates the finger and hand pressing of a therapeutic massage therapy.
  • Varied styles and therapies included to work over various chronic pains, stiffed muscles and knots.

This product is one of the bestsellers and is also a cost-effective solution for those who would like a good relaxing chair within a specific budget. It is an ideal option for home environment. Those who are suffering from chronic pains in specific areas such as neck, back and other parts, this equipment can give them a focused therapy.


It took an extra update to bring a working massage chair to the mainstream by Kahuna. In fact, you’ll get no other model so meticulously built to fit a body measuring up to 6ft 5 inches and weighing up to 320 lbs. Have 5 auto and 4 special massage programs installed. Surprisingly, you can experience any of them, be it the Yoga Stretching or the Athlete programs in zero gravity position. However, some users complained against expecting a real gravity, meaning, it hardly raises your head and legs above your stomach. But that’s a minor issue when you’re after its 21” wide seating, 24” wide shoulder area and 12” leg extension. And Kahuna doesn’t stop only by making adjustment comfier for big guys, they worked on availing close to human touch massage of different techniques such as kneading, tapping, knocking, tapping & knocking, and shiatsu massage. You can choose to have them on specified point,  partially or on full body. Downside? In a world where relatively inexpensive devices offer the wireless remote controlling feature, we expected more oomph from this beefy as well as pricy chair. And the pressure it produces is severe, because as we mentioned, it’s meant for tall, strong people. So, in order to lessen that unnecessary pressure, use a towel between you and the chair.

Top Features

Space saving technology The improved forward sliding mechanism helps it fit in constrained area. This inaudible transition takes not more than 3” off from the wall.

3 different squeeze styles on foot areaFor aged persons, or people suffering from severe aching in their soles due to constant walk will get benefit from the scraping, kneading or rolling technique available in the system.

Zero gravity positionTo upgrade the massaging impact on your torso, there’s nothing better than going in zero gravity position. During the process when your raises above your heart level, it not only gives a pleasing experience but reduces the bodily stress.

Acupoint detection system – The acupoint bumps connected with the rollers aids in lifting up the blood circulation for a fresh and reviving feeling. So, once the acupoint detection is complete, you can select any of the massage programs for yourself.

Rollers – Starting from the skull, the rollers run through the spine to give you a complete body massage. Without hindering the comfort, they end up travelling down to the buttocks.


  • All the auto programs are designed keeping their intended job in mind
  • You can manually choose the pressure point
  • Rollers are adjustable according to your height
  • Hassle free assemble


  • Leave the thighs unaddressed
  • Remote control isn’t well-configured
  • Doesn’t provide a true gravity

Warranty Years: 2 Years Part Labor Warranty

Massage Programs:5 Auto 4 special programs

Massage Styles:5

5. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner – Full Body Shiatsu, Zero Gravity, Armrest linkage system,with Heater (Black)

The Real Relax Massage Chair is another undisputed cozy chair and one of the leading choices to be occupied when your tired body needs some massage. Two wheels attached with it are ideal for moving when you’ve shifting in mind. Napping is an option, the real work it does is massaging your whole body from head to foot. It aims taking care of individuals weighing about 440.9 pounds. The height limit? People not less than 6.1 ft. will be good to enjoy its features to the utmost. And while relaxing on the chair, taller guys can expand the footrests matching their height. Touch of technology such as modern HD VFD display screen and the easy to operate remote control helps you hold the reins of the system.

Top Features

Waist Heater- The chair owns a built-in waist heater that stimulates blood circulation while upgrading metabolism at the same time.

Extendable footrests- During their soothing the tired muscles, the taller users won’t feel restrained in their foot area as its footrest can be prolonged.

User-oriented manual- Unlike other chairs out there, it comes with a detailed manual that makes setting up a breeze. Included video instruction is just another add-on.

Easy & smart control – Controlling the manual program, from pointing the target spot to calculating the speed, duration and strength of massage, with its remote control is a snap.


  • Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) for a better view
  • Foot rollers works perfect
  • Cleaning its synthetic leather is a cakewalk


  • You’ll have to be prepared for a comparatively strong massage
  • The customer service has room for improvement

Warranty Years: 3

Massage Programs: 4

Massage Styles:

6. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Chocolate

Since other massage chair gives you firm, and therefore, uncomfortable pressure, we recommended this redesigned version of Relaxonchair [MK-II Plus] Full Body Massage Chair for aged or weak persons. It massages in a very mild yet effective way. Scanning your spine structure through a computerized technique, the L-track massage system serves the narrow body parts (neck or lower back) to provide ease. Air massage is intended for shoulder, arm, hip, calf and foot areas. However, you get the liberty of choosing the preferred program as well as speed. For smooth blood circulation on your whole body, the roller gives head massage also. Rollers under the sole feel more relaxed when you apply zero gravity position.

Top Features

Lower back heating – Squeezing with airbags can’t relieve the aching sensation in lumber areas. Hence, the Relaxonchair has introduced 2 heating pads to relax those fatigue muscles.

Human-like massage – The “spinal decompression” program along with the stretching function gives you an elaborate human-like massage on your torso. For better operation, the air cells keep your body in place while gently stretching out the back and leg muscles.

Beauty hip massager – Keeping your lower back and pelvis area aligned will be easier than before with the compression massage by its multiple airbags.

Comes with 99% completed set up – It requires no complex installation process to follow. Just attach the foot rests and you’re ready to relax on the chair.


  • Easy to read display on the remote control for better understanding
  • True zero gravity for soothing your back pain
  • Have 5 acupressure points available with 3 level of airbag intensity controlling feature


  • Foot massage feels hard, but wearing socks, shoes or placing a folded towel there work better
  • Need a spacious room, lack of space saving feature
  • The remote is loud

Warranty Years: 2 Years Part & Labor Warranty

Massage Programs: 9 (5 Auto & 4 Special Auto) Programs

Massage Styles: 5 Manual Specific Targeted Massages (Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + Tapping, Shiatsu, & Rolling)

7. Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair Recliner – Zero Gravity, Built-in Heat, Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage, and Back Stretch (Black) 

Suffering from bone deterioration, gout or joint pain? Grabbing any of the massage chairs present out there will hardly solve your problem. Invented by a team of more than 25 doctors, chiropractors, surgeons and pain specialists, the Medical Breakthrough 4 Massage Chair will work better, instead. To mitigate the aching sensation and stress, it comes with multiple modifying options. The seat is fully controllable, you can move it less or much according to your requirement. After scanning your body proportion, it sets the massage rollers in place to ensure a lasting outcome. While enjoying your target therapy session, you can also activate the zero gravity position. In practice, it dispenses your weight equally across the chair that makes you feel lighter. Even more, the chiropractic back stretch feature allows the expandable air bags to mildly stretch your back muscles grasping your hips. Consequently, your spinal health will be uplifted.

Top Features

L shaped backtrack – Apart from the smart body scan system that unearths the exact location of your body and prepares the chair for the decided healing session, there’s a L shaped backtrack that understands your body curve and during zero gravity position, helps to enjoy a calmer effect.

Can remember two different setting- Every time you sit on the chair, it’s irritating to set the programs and their timing again and again. Thankfully, the Medical Breakthrough 4 can store two set up in its memory for future use.

Foot and calf massager- The roller massage function works at the bottom of the foot. In case, you’ve ailing toe, two pairs of papillae affixed to it will provide toe root rotating massage. For heels and arches of your feet, a mastoid skin scraping massage would feel heavenly!

Gentle infrared heat- Heating treatment is always recommended for healing the painful sensation of different body parts. Therefore, the chair possesses carbon fiber which creates radiant heat and endows warmth to your body.

Manual upper body massage – You can access three different manual modes for upper body- partial, fixed and overall – with 5 different speed variety. When you choose partial or fixed point mode, the adaptable hands massage feature comes handy for customizing the massage points.


  • Smart body scan system for better and fruitful massage
  • The width between the two kneading balls is changeable in knocking, shiatsu and flapping modes.
  • Offers impressive zero gravity position


  • Instructions are vague

Warranty Years:1 year limited warranty

Massage Programs:6

Massage Styles:5

8. Bhealth Back Massage Executive Dreamer Deep Shiatsu

The Best Valued Massage Chair New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair is an extra-ordinarily designed super value comfort and relaxing chair that is equipped with some features that will make your massage session the best experience ever. Some exclusive features of this massage chair include:

  • A complete head to toe massage session is offered with this chair that user have the flexibility to choose the duration for. You can set a massage duration that you find would fit you and can enjoy a completely uninterrupted session for that duration.
  • This chair is appointed with 3D intelligent detect system that scans your body structure and gives you a more customized relaxing therapy.
  • It includes a four wheel driven muted massage that gives a vertical comfortable hand simulated therapy without making any noise at all to further enhance the effect.
  • Its S-Track rolling system gives the effect of a therapeutic human hand massage.
  • The chair includes 4 automated preset programs with techniques including kneading, spinal rolling, shiatsu and vibrating that user can choose with one touch to enjoy a relaxing therapy.
  • When used at a manual mode, user get the option to adjust back rollers of the chair for a focused massage.
  • User get the flexibility to adjust speed, intensity and other functions of this chair for a customized therapy.
  • It includes heat therapy built-in that works on relaxing your back muscles.
  • Air compression technique with airbags placed at various areas on your chair to give a relaxing massage for shoulders, arms, foot and lower body parts.
  • For those who work all day long, it offers a deep foot massage therapy with 6 balls simulating kneading placed in soles.
  • Zero gravity positioning feature can be enabled with a touch button in order to enjoy massage in the most comfortable position.

It works well for those looking for a high quality and durable chair offering flexible massage options. If you have aching feet, the deep foot massage of this chair can work wonders for you. You can use this it on a daily basis for regular sessions and above all the price tag is also reasonable for those who are tight on pockets for purchasing a chair. Moreover the wheel drive is noiseless and thus you can easily place it in your home environment.

9. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, Dark Brown

A joint venture of shiatsu massage experts and adept japanese engineers, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair works best for alleviating stress and anxiety. You can, in fact, feel a professional grade massage that we get in a spa with its impactful therapy session. After completing that relaxing circular movement around your mid-back, shoulders and hips, your muscles become stretched, more flexible and active for enduring daily struggle of life. Best part? Its well thought design is equally perfect for both young and adults. So, from now on, your children (above 14 years) can also have their little tired body massaged after their heavy school hours, no harmful effect noticed. Lastly, its surrealistic avant-garde exterior will surely earn frequent glances from your guests in the middle of conversation.

Top Features

Dream wave technology – This technology includes 8 motions that come with proper body balancing that a real shiatsu masseuse would provide.

Appropriate for all ages– So, no more scolding your children (14+) for trying your massage chair stealthily. One single chair will serve all the family members and each one of them can choose their favorite one.

Tender muscle stretching – This stretch function works fine in making the muscle of your shoulders, mid-back and hips more flexible.

Adjustable rollers The rollers are designed keeping all sorts of users in mind. So, using the remote control, you can make it both harder and softer according to your preference.


  • The airbags on lower back, hip and leg work perfect.
  • On foot, airbags put the right amount of pressure on the exact spot.
  • Instructions are to the point


  • Too much expensive

Warranty Years: 3-year warranty. Adding $450 will bring you 2 more years

Massage Programs:8

10. Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy

The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair amazed us not only with its magnificent 5-30 min. non stop massage but also with the comfort it provides with 6 new great auto programs. Even though it’s less expensive than other models we reviewed here, the stability as well as performance of the chair is high. Ergonomically designed, it begins applying your selected or preset programs by scanning your back in  full 3D back, so that you don’t feel like getting massage from a lifeless machine. Personalized massage is all that the Authentic Beautyhealth has given the most priority while designing the system. But don’t expect the back rolling mechanism rolling up and down your back from this stationary device. It will only spin at different paces in both directions. And surprisingly, that will be more than enough to give you serene and calming effect. Dark brown, black and beige – color options available.

Top Features

Jade Heat Therapy – Broadening the scope of comfort, this massage chair adds jade heat therapy to its different massage programs. While it ensures a cosy heating session for your whole body, your back and feet will get special treatment from the available built-in heat there.

6 all new auto programs – Choose from any of these auto programs – wake, fatigue, prescription, physical therapy, relax and healthcare – according to your requirement. Appreciatively, irrespective of your choice, it’ll provide you with a completely healthy shiatsu massage starting from your neck and shoulders down to calves and foot.

Straightforward control– Operating the chair seems a child’s play. For example- pressing the up and down button, you can control the rollers’ movement, and simply by holding it there, you can make them work in a fixed point within its route.

Built-in MP3 player – While relaxing, listening to music can lighten the stress from your brain as well. And the manufacturers have walked extra mile by adding the feature of synchronizing music with its massage.


  • Affordable
  • Easy assembling feature
  • Enjoy 4 air massages by 12 airbags in the calves (2 intensity levels available)


  • Taller persons would find it less comfortable
  • Moving the chair is a kind of nuisance due to its heavy weight

Warranty Years: 10 years on the body and frame & 5 years on all electronic parts

Massage Programs:6

Massage Styles:24

Who makes the best massage chair?

There are many brands and manufacturers who make the best massage chairs for consumers. Among all, here are 5 best brands:

  • Osaki
  • StrongLite
  • Master Massage
  • Human Touch

Why to Choose a Massage Chair?

You may be thinking that would buying a chair be a smart choice or would it be better to plan regular massage sessions with a therapist? Want to experience massage in the water? Go through Tubhq for portable hot tub review. In order to understand and answer this question, you would need to have a close look at some of the factors that favor the decision of buying a relaxing chair. However the decision would be based on your personal preferences and objectives.

Considering Cost: Your chair would surely cost a good amount if you look for a good brand offering high quality and impressive customization features. This cost would be higher than cost of one session with a good massage therapist. But when you consider cost of going to massage therapist regularly, your chair will appear to be an affordable and cost-effective option. If a one-time massage session with a therapist costs $100 for one session that you take every week, at the end of the year you will be spending around $4,800 to $5,000. Apart from that you get freedom of using the chair as many times as you want. Getting one such chair thus is a one-time investment and you can have unlimited relaxing massage sessions.

Considering Convenience: Think of an aching back at night or before you are leaving to work early in the morning? You would not get a massage therapist available at that time or at any other odd time for that instance when you need a massage to get relieve. You would not be able to find a massage center or spa open 24 hours and you may have to wait for spa to open, then you book an appointment (in case if they can’t take walk-ins) and have to travel to them. Why not skip all that trouble, when you can have a spa accessible at all times with convenience of staying at your place? A therapy chair thus proves to be a better option that remains accessible at all times.

Consider Health: Apart from relaxing your body and mind and giving you a pleasant experience, massage therapies do a lot more for your health both physical and psychological. Health conscious person also keep gym products on their house. One example is power rack, an weight lifting equipment that help mechanical improvement in your body.

They have proven benefits for health:

  • Reducing stress and depression,
  • Regulate blood pressure,
  • Improve immunity,
  • Relieve from stiffness and fatigue of muscles,
  • Stimulate lymphatic fluid flow,
  • Improves blood circulation,
  • Helps in recovery from injuries,
  • Detoxifies body,
  • Reduces symptoms of chronic diseases,
  • Relieve from chronic pains and there is more to it.

Considering all these feasibility and health-related factors, buying a therapy chair appears to be a smarter choice.

What makes this massage chair different?

Let us now explore all the extraordinary features that makes this massage chair stand out among its competitors and makes it one of the best choices for massage chair buyers. Here are some of the prominent features of this massage chair:

  • Uninterrupted 30 minutes session: This massage chair includes an intelligent 30 minutes massage session that user can enjoy without any interruption or changes/adjustments in settings. User get the liberty to choose the duration of massage between 5 to 30 minutes and set a time duration that suits him well.
  • 3D Intelligent Detect: This equipment is intelligent in its own sense, it detects a human body structure and weight and customizes the therapy according to each individual’s need. This results in a more relaxing massage for whoever steps on this massage chair. Not only that but its intelligent system works wonders for relaxation and would give you a massage effect with close replication to human touch therapies.
  • Quiet 4 Wheel Drive System: The massage function is designed with a 4 wheel drive system that operates without making any noise so you can easily set this machine in your home or working environment.
  • 4 Automatic Preset Programs: User get the flexibility of choosing from 4 different auto programs preset with this massage chair. With a touch of your finger on the control panel you will be able to easily set a desired program for your massage session.
  • 4 Massage Functions: Not only does it offer you convenience of setting your desired duration and program but this massage chair includes 4 different relaxing massage functions including kneading, shiatsu, spinal rolling as well as vibrating.
  • Multiple Zero Gravity Positioning: User can enjoy complete comfort and a relaxing massage therapy with 3 true zero gravity positioning options available with this massage chair model that enables user to get their body in a weightless relaxing position for their desired therapy.
  • Warranty: The Best Valued Massage Chair offers a complete 3 years warranty that relieves any stress or maintenance required related to frame, body and electronic parts of this chair.

User-friendly Control options:

All the controls and functions are within easy reach of user and you can change settings and functions with your finger touch with its simple to use LCD lit remote control that details all the information. This control is appointed with an advance digital technology and thus gives you all accurate information about a massage session or function. At automatic mode, a massage session will be combined with different techniques and methods of massage included to give you a multi-functional massage. Whereas when this chair works on manual mode, user get all the control for choosing the type of massage, position of back rollers, intensity, airbags and other options for a completely customized therapy.

Tips for getting most comfort and relaxation out of this model:

This massage chair model has an S-Shaped Ergonomic Design Backrest that gives you optimal level of comfort. Apart from that double layer front cushion is placed with a neck pillow that makes your body more relaxed. Step in to this massage chair on daily basis in order to give your physical and mental wellbeing a relaxing therapeutic session on a daily basis. Just make sure that you choose an intensity or speed that is suitable for your health and condition in order to get the best results of massage.

Ease of storage:

Though its 200 pounds of weight is not too much in comparison to other massage chairs but it would have been difficult to move if there were no wheels that is the case with Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with no wheelsThis massage chair has wheels on the back that makes movement and storage at any place quite simple and easy.


  • This massage chair features 3 positioning of true zero gravity that user can reach according to his/her comfort with simple touch button.
  • Built-in heat therapy for back is an impressive addition that works on your entire back for relief.
  • 4 auto and 3 manual programs settings are available and user have complete freedom to choose any.
  • Sound proof back rolling massage function adds to the soothing effect of a massage therapy with this chair.
  • S-Type ergonomic design backrest offers complete comfort for individualized needs.
  • Air bags are placed all around the chair to give a soothing full head to toe massage therapy.
  • It also features smart therapies focused on various body parts.
  • 30 minutes uninterrupted session of massage that can be customized to shorter session according to need of users.
  • A user-friendly and easy to reach LCD lit Remote Control makes it all super easy.


  • As it is a full coverage massage chair designed to soothe complete body, it does have a large footprint. Make sure that you have a good space for it to be kept as it would need a sufficient amount of space. Though you can store it after use with the aid of its easy to move wheels support.
  • Apart from that you would need a good door space too for package to get inside your house.

Massage chair is suitable for:

All those who are suffering from aching backs and tensed muscles around it, this chair would be a perfect choice with its built-in heat therapy for back. Along with that its therapeutic airbags placed through different areas including shoulders, foot, calves, arm and seat combines to give you a full body relaxing massage session.

People who work all day long needs massage to work on all those tired areas. Feet usually gets most tired after a whole day of work and this massage chair includes 6 simulating kneading balls placed around soles of our feet to give you a deeper and stronger feet massage. Not only that but a soothing shoulder and arm massager makes this chair even more effective for tired human bodies.

Home and Work environment setting is also feasible with this chair’s sound proof rolling system.

Who will be using the Massage Chair?

When you are thinking of buying one such product, it is important to consider who will be using it? Answer to this question along with other factors would enable you to make a correct choice. It is recommended that user/s of the chair should themselves get a test drive of the model they are planning to buy. It is because comfortable positioning of your body is crucial to getting a relaxing massage. They are usually designed to accommodate a person up to a height of 5’10”. However slightly shorter or taller can be accommodated easily.

It is all about position of rollers, padding, air bags and control to be in right position for a completely relaxing experience. So if you have not tested the chair before buying it and if it doesn’t prove suitable for your body structure, massage will be inconvenient for you on that chair. Apart from height, there may be certain health related problems with some people such as chronic lower back pain or other issues. So before you actually buy such equipment, test it to make sure that it is completely comfortable for you and for other people who will be using this chair.

Where you will be placing the Massage Chair?

Another important factor that should be considered before actually buying a chair is considering the amount of space that you have for putting up this relaxing piece. These chairs are usually huge size and thus they would occupy a considerable amount of space whether it is your bedroom, living area or office. It could be a corner in your bedroom or any other area that you and others in your house are comfortable with. A reclining position would need even more space and it would be best to place the chair close to a wall.

Before you make a final choice, think about the space that you will need? Some of the massage chairs have wheels too so you will be able to move the chair to another room or storage after use. However if you will be using this chair on a daily basis, it wouldn’t appear to be a wise decision. A chair with wheels give you ease of moving so when you have some guests dropping in over weekend, you will be able to free up that space by moving it to another area.

If for instance, you don’t have that much space where you can keep a chair, then getting a chair would not be a viable decision. Instead you can look for a massage cushion or visit therapists for a relaxing therapy.

Massage Chair or Human massage, which is best?

Considering a massage chair or a traditional human massage therapy, each of these two options have their own pros and cons.These are electronically trained chairs that are designed with various features that a user can customize to get a relaxing massage. Whereas a human touch therapy involves a trained and licensed massage therapist who render his/her services and works on human body to give their client a relaxing and relieving therapy.Some benefits that these comforting equipment offers in comparison to a human massage include:

  • Availability: A chair is accessible and available whenever you need a massage. However at odd times of the day such as early in the morning or late at night; you may not be able to get services of a therapist.
  • Convenience: For a chair massage, you don’t need to get dressed up and go outside for a therapy like human massage therapy appointment. You can conveniently enjoy unlimited duration of massage therapy as many times as you wish with a chair.
  • Personal Comfort: Some of you may not be opting for a massage therapy just because you have personal privacy concerns. You may not be comfortable with undressing or may have concerns regarding some marks on your body and other privacy issues. For all such concerns, a it appears to be the best choice.
  • Complete Control: With a chair, you have complete control over actions involved. You can customize your massage according to your preferences and needs.
  • Additional Features: Using a chair, you will get some additional features such as best heat press machine, reclining options and other features that makes it a smart choice for a relaxing experience.
  • Cost: Overall cost that is involved in getting a massage therapy each day with a massage therapist would be much higher than a one-time cost involved with purchase of a chair designed for massage therapies.

Some limitations of this equipment in comparison to human therapy:

With a chair, you would not be able to ask for any therapy or options other than features of you’re the equipmentHowever if you have a certain problem area, you can communicate it to your therapist and he/she will be able to work for that specific health related problem that you have. Apart from that you can also communicate any area that you would not like your therapist to work on; in case of a human therapy. A human massage therapist will be able to work harder on knots that he/she will identify during massage which is not possible with a customized chair massage.

Features to Look for when buying a Massage Chair

When it comes to features, different models and brands offer varied features that are exclusively added to give additional value to their clients. However when you are considering to buy a best equipment, you ought to look for some important things that a chair for massage should essentially have in order for it to be a right choice for you. Having these additional features would make your experience with that chair special and you will find a substantial difference in your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Quality Construction: In order to best determine if the chair has a good product quality or not? You would need to identify its manufacturer’s reputation and practice. Just make sure that the manufacturer has considerable amount of experience of working in the same field and has delivered products as promised. You should not opt for a chair from a manufacture who lacks reliability and has negative reviews. A company’s reputation and good massage chair reviews would speak about high quality construction, sturdy components, durability as well as good after sales support.

Full Body Massage Coverage: Different types of chairs are available and some of them are also customized to target only a certain body parts. However it is best if you can opt for a massage chair that offers full body coverage so you will be able to use it for varied purposes of massage as and when required.

Massage Type and Techniques: Massage therapies involve different types and techniques. Certain models may be offering certain types of therapies and some may give you combination of varied styles. Involving a variety of techniques would make the massage therapy more satisfying and comprehensive and you will be able to get more benefits out of it.

Preset Programs: Most of the chairs include a variety of preset programs that can be adjusted according to preferences and needs of user. With the use of a combination of these programs, users can easily customize a therapy at a particular level of intensity.

Acupoint Detection and Acupressure Technique: This feature enables your chair to determine the length of back of the person lying over it. With this detection of body back, massage chair will be able to determine target appoints across your body and will apply a targeted body massage focused on those points throughout human body.

Body Scan Technology: These machines include use of a peripheral system that scans a user’s body to determine his posture, heart beat and areas that are tensed and stiff. With this technology, user will be able to get a customized massage adjusted according to individual requirements of a human body.Zero Gravity Technology: A zero gravity chair has an added benefits as this technology enables the chair to place a human body in neutralized position where it becomes virtually weightless. This position involves placing legs of the user above heart that relieves your back from body weight and aids in relaxing your muscles with body placed in a balanced position.

Airbag Compression: Airbag massage system with a chair stimulates the technique involved in a deep tissue massage therapy. The technique is applied with inflation and deflation of air bags with varied intensities and with different methods. The compression of airbags focuses on muscles and underlying tissues and manipulate them for relaxing your body.

Vibration: Many of the good quality chairs include vibration technique that stimulates relaxation and comfort with a balanced effect of shaking.

Heat Therapy: Most of the expensive machines involve use of heat therapy that is applied on the entire back of user to prepare muscles to get relief.

Rollers: Some expensive high quality equipment include use of rollers. These rollers embedded in a chair brings massage function of a chair close to human touch massage therapy. The rollers are functioned to move up, down, vertical and lateral. Some chairs even have rollers that give circular movement and move in directions left and right.

Reclining: When looking for a chair, you will also find options that have reclining function for a deeper relaxed massage therapy. These chair include motorized reclining system with the use of which you can have a completely reclined resting position for a massage. Some chairs may offer a press button system and some may have a handle involving physical pushing of backrest to reach a reclined position.

Warranty: Have a closer look at the warranty that is offered with a particular chair brand and model. Some best massage chair brands would offer you a warranty of at least 3 years along with parts repair and service support. Anything less than that would mean that the manufacturers themselves are not sure about quality of their product. Buying a chair for massage is an expensive one-time investment and thus before opting for any particular chair, it is recommended that you should consider all the quality and functionality related factors in order to make a right choice.

Tips for taking Care of the Massage Chair

Maintenance is crucial whether it is your car or any electronic gadget, similarly if you want to keep your massage chair in a good shape and value it is important that you take care of it. This equipment would not require much maintenance and with little care you will be able to maintain this equipment well. Some tips for taking care of your massage chair includes:

  • It is recommended that you clean your it
  • Just wipe the chair down with the use of an appropriate cleaner depending upon the material of your chair.
  • You should not leave any kind of spills to be dealt with at a later time but should address and deal with it immediately in order to avoid staining or damaging the fabric of your chair. Wipe out spills immediately.
  • Dust clean your chair on a daily basis in order to avoid accumulation of dust, dirt or debris.
  • When you are cleaning or doing any maintenance on this equipment, make sure that the power is turned off and plugged out.
  • Footrest in most of the models can be vacuumed easily.
  • Before starting the equipment again, it is recommended that you should make sure that the equipment is completely air dried.
  • At any instant or for any reason, you should not work on insides of the chair. Avoid greasing or lubricating any parts of it.
  • If something goes wrong and you need maintenance or replacement, contact a professional repair technician and let him do his job.
  • Using a surge protector is recommended in order to prevent from power outage that could cause a damage to your equipment. This would only cost some dollars but will keep your heavy investment safe from electric blow outs.
  • Children usually like to play with electronic equipment. Keep controls of your equipment out of reach of children.
  • Will using a chair give similar benefits and relaxation as you get with a traditional massage therapy at a professional spa?
  • I am suffering from chronic pains, can using a massage chair help?
  • Apart from relieving pain, what other health benefits can be gained with use of a massage chair?
  • Can massage chair be used for a therapy focused on one area or body part?
  • Does using a massage chair will result in fatigue?
  • What should be ideal duration of using a massage chair?
  • In what conditions using a massage chair would not be suitable?
  • Is massage chair safe to be used during pregnancy?
  • Is massage safe for people suffering from cardiovascular/heart diseases?
  • Is it safe to use a massage chair when you have kids and pets in the house?

The secret to selecting a right massage chair according to your needs and budget lies in considering all the factors. You would need to evaluate features and performance of a chair to ensure that it is the right choice for people who will be using this particular equipment. Focus on buying a quality brand known for durability and functionality and you will be able to enjoy a worry-free relaxing massage sessions for years to come. Spend some time for research and test the chair that you ought to buy for comfort and perfect positioning. Stay within the budget but it is recommended that you should not opt for a cheap priced model and compromise on features and quality. After all you will not be buying a chair every other day and thus it is important to make a fine well-researched and feasible purchase that could turn out to become a lifetime support.