10 Best Deep Tissue Massager Machines For 2020

Deep Tissue Massagers

Muscle pain is one thing that almost everybody can relate to. If this pain is not taken care of appropriately, it can also lead to joint pain. This snowball effect can lead to joint health issues in the long term. Because of this, it is important to find a way to make sure your muscle pain can be addressed in a reliable way.

There are a few ways to do this. One way is to take medication. Another way is to consult with massage therapists. Both of those methods can be costly and in some cases, inconvenient. Fortunately, there exist massagers that can do the same thing as the aforementioned methods. Any gear purchase can be tough and selecting deep tissue massager for your body type is especially daunting.With materials, size, weight, and features in mind, we’ve done the proverbial heavy lifting for you.

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Things to consider when getting a deep tissue massager

While most massagers are extremely versatile and can massage almost any place on the body, there are still a few things that need to be considered. It is not a wise idea to purchase the first massager you see or one that you think looks the most appealing.

Massagers are a major investment in your body, and you should treat them as such. Here are a few things to consider.

Spot to apply

First, you should consider what kind of places on your body that require the most attention. While it is true that most modern massagers are versatile, they still have specializations. Being aware of these specializations and being able to match them up with places on your body that you know need attention will allow you to get the most out of a deep tissue massager.


The second thing that you should consider is how much you travel. Most deep tissue massagers are portable, but certain ones last longer on batteries than others. Some need to be plugged in at all times and cannot run on batteries. This is something to be aware of.


Another thing to be aware of is how effective the attachments are and whether these attachments fit your needs. Most of today’s deep tissue massagers come with all kinds of attachments and it can be overwhelming to learn about each attachment. Make sure you do the research about these attachments to see which ones fit your situation best.


The last thing that should be considered are the speeds of the massager and how these speeds can affect you. Because these are deep tissue massagers, you should expect them to be very intense, and if you are physically sensitive, you may not be able to withstand the intensity.

If you have very sore muscles but are very physically sensitive or have not used a deep tissue massager before, it is even more important to be aware of the speeds of these massagers and if they are adjustable or not. While deep tissue massagers do a very good job of relieving the tension in muscles, the very fast vibration speeds they produce can cause displeasure if not used properly.

10 Therapeutic  Deep Tissue Massagers Reviews

1. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massager for Muscle, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Full Body Pain Relief

Anyone who is interested in massaging larger places on the body very efficiently and with varying degrees of intensity will get a lot out of Wahl’s deep tissue massager. Its variable speeds are very impressive, ranging from 2000 pulses per minute to 4000. This makes it possible to choose what kind of massage you want, instead of being locked into one speed.

Even compared against other deep tissue massagers, the power that Wahl’s massager possesses will ensure that it will not take a long time to massage perfectly even the biggest muscles. While it takes the common wand massager about 20 minutes to massage the lower back perfectly, it will take Wahl’s massager probably half the time.

Wahl’s massager is not really designed for travelling. It is not battery powered, and needs to be plugged in to operate. While the power cord is 8 feet long, it cannot disconnect in any way at all. Because there is no way that Wahl’s massager can run on batteries, it is not suitable for any kind of travelling.

While it does have variable speeds, Wahl’s massager is not designed for massaging smaller places on the body either. Many of its users say that it is much more powerful at even its lowest speeds. This makes it specifically for larger places on the body.

2.RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

Finding a massager that is portable as well as powerful can be a troublesome task. If the massager is powerful, it is usually not battery powered. If it is battery powered and possible to travel with, it is usually not powerful enough to provide a quality massage. Or if it is powerful enough, the massager does not last long on batteries.

This is not an issue with Jurgen’s massager, as it’s motor runs at 3700 RPM. This makes it just as powerful as any other massager that is bound to a cord. It also contains any attachment that anybody who uses deep tissue massagers may need.

Sometimes it takes a little longer to massage certain areas. This is something that Jurgen was very aware of when developing their massager, as it lasts up to 140 minutes. This is much longer than the battery life of the average massager, which can be as short as 45 minutes.

While it is marketed to be a massager that is totally portable, Jurgen’s massager is unusually large. While it is possible to take it the places you travel to, carrying it around can still be uncomfortable. It also has three variable speeds, which may seem like it lends itself to having good options. With most other massagers having a much wider range of adjustable speeds, this leaves Jurgen’s massager lacking in this realm.

3. VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager – Double Head Electric Full Body Massager

Massaging the back can take a long time when using a massager with only one head. This is because the back has a lot of muscles on both the upper and lower portion, and a massager with one head may not be able to perfectly massage the back because of its lack of physical range.

This is an even more significant issue if a person with a larger frame has decided to use these kinds of massagers. With the heads of most of these massagers being somewhat small, it can take a long time for someone with a large frame to massage their back.

Jurgen’s dual head massager addresses this issue in a big way. True to its name, it has two massage heads, which makes massaging the back very quick and easy. There is no sacrifice to the power either, as it can reach speeds up to 3350 pulses per minute.

Unfortunately, Jurgen’s dual head massager specializes too much in massaging large spots. While it does have attachments, it only has three of them, and these attachments also specialize in massaging large areas.

It is also virtually impossible to travel with Jurgen’s dual massager, as it is bound by a cord. In order to use it, it needs to be plugged in. This makes it even more clear that this particular massager is designed for massaging larger places of the body and not many others.

4. Handheld Percussion Massager for Deep Tissue Massage – Full Body Massage Wand – Portable for Home & Office Gift by InvoSpa



There are very few deep tissue massagers that are more versatile than InvoSpa’s massager. With 12 modes, 10 speeds, and 6 different attachments, it is suitable for any kind of massage for nearly any place on the body.

Whether you need a very powerful massage for your lower back, or a light massage for your shoulders or any smaller part of your body, InvoSpa’s massager can do it all. At a maximum intensity of 3200 pulses per minute, it does not sacrifice any power for its versatility.

All of these mode and speed adjustments can be made on the LED screen on the massager, which makes it easy to use. It is very possible to get a complete massage in a very short amount of time with InvoSpa’s massager because of the ability to adjust its settings quickly.

There are a couple of things that prevent InvoSpa’s massager less than perfect. First, it is bound to a cord and is not battery operated. This means that it is not ideal for travelling. This is unfortunate because of its versatility. InvoSpa’s massager can do a lot, but it is not the most mobile massager.

InvoSpa’s massager has an auto shut-off function that turns it off after being on for 15 minutes. While this function is well intentioned, anybody who values a longer massage will be inconvenienced, as they will need to break their massage sessions into 15 minute increments.

5. Shiatsu Massage Cushion Back Massager with Heat – Massage Chair Pad with Deep Tissue Kneading for Back Muscle Pain Relief – Home and Office Seat Use by Triducna


While most massagers resemble a rod or a stick like object that a person can use to manually massage themselves or others, Triducna’s massager is completely different and very innovative. This massager is placed on a chair, allowing for a very deep massage across the entire back and most of the lower body.

The kind of massage that is experienced with Triducna’s massager really is like none other. It also provides heat across the entire back, complete with what are known as Shiatsu massage nodes, which combine with the heat to relax nearly every muscle in the back. Triducna’s massager is a must for anybody who desires a quality back massage when nothing else will suffice.

The best thing about this massager is that it can connect to a car adapter, which means it is possible to use it while in a car. This makes it something that anybody who drives professionally can place on their car seat.

Naturally, the size of this massager does not lend itself to be taken anywhere. It is literally impossible to take this with you anywhere, and can really only be used on a chair like surface. Also, the back is the only thing that Triducna’s massager is for. This makes it a very one-dimensional massaging device.

6. Handheld Massager – Deep Tissue Muscle Massger – Rechargeable


Most deep tissue massagers allow for either a percussion massage, or a vibrating massage. It is rare that these massagers allow users to switch between the two, and it is a very nice thing that the Belmint can allow users to switch between the two.

This makes it even more versatile than it already is, and it is certainly versatile in its own right, containing all the attachments that anyone could ask for. This massager is also very easy to carry and is indeed cordless. Only weighing a little under 2 pounds, it is very easy to carry it around wherever you go.

Another very useful thing about the Belmint massager is that it comes with a series of tutorial videos that can be watched to either learn how to use it or learn new things about using it.

While the Belmint massager does contain a lot of attachments for applying different kinds of pressure that most massages entail, the one thing that it does not have is variable speeds. This is something that most other massagers contain, and it is unfortunate that the Belmint massager does not have this.

7. Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager – Three Heads, Adjustable Speed Settings & Powerful Motor

Anybody who is looking for a deep tissue massager that can decisively massage out knots in any kind of muscle do not need to look any further than LiBa’s massager. Its motor is perhaps one of the strongest in existence, weighing in at a staggering 5000 pulses per minute. Very few massagers on the market are this powerful.

In addition to the powerful motor, LiBa’s massager also has not one head, but three. This is yet another thing that contributes to how powerful it is. Getting a massage from this machine is almost guaranteed to loosen up any large muscle in the body.

Massagers like this typically suffer from a few things. The first is the size. While LiBa’s massager is not excessively large, it is certainly not small enough to be able to be carried around everywhere. This massager is best used in the home because of this.

LiBa’s massager is also bound to a cord. While it is nice that this cord is 16 feet in length, the fact that it is does not have a cordless capability does take away from its total value.

Most deep tissue massagers have 4 or 5 heads, this way the machine can provide different kinds of massages. LiBa’s massager, which is designed for massaging the bigger parts of the body, only has three. This is something else to be aware of.

8. Pure Enrichment Deep Tissue Percussion Massager with Infrared Therapy – 2 in 1 Palm and Extended Handle

The majority of deep tissue and percussion massagers have their heads connected at the end of the unit. While many are happy with this, it does not mean that there is not any room for innovation.

Pure Enrichment’s massager is very innovative and original compared to its counterparts. One of the most innovative, creative, and useful things about it is the palm unit. The palm unit is the main head of the massager that detaches from the massager itself, fitting into the palm of one’s hand. This makes it much easier than normal to massage specific parts of the body and is extremely useful.

While most deep tissue massagers have different levels of adjustable speeds, it is rare for them to have a dial type of adjustable speed. Pure Enrichment’s massager contains this, and this rarity combines very well with the innovative palm unit.

The dial type of adjustable speed is a good thing and is indeed rare to see. However, the speeds in and of themselves are not too variable. With speeds ranging from 2800 to 3200 RPM, there is not much variety in speeds.

Weighing only 2 or so pounds, Pure Enrichment’s massager is easy to carry. But it is not cordless, and the cord is not long at all, only being a little over 6 feet long. This is a minor inconvenience.

9. Coolife Fascia Release and Cellulite Blasting Treatment

Deep tissue massagers can be used not only to relax muscles, but to treat cellulite buildup as well. This is exactly what the Coolife massager does. Resembling a pair of massagers that fit on the wrists, the Coolife massager is perhaps the easiest deep tissue massager to use and carry.

Being only as big as a pair of hands, it is possible to carry these anywhere. Unlike other massagers, it is possible to keep these in your car or at your desk at the office and not have it take any room.

Despite being so small, the Coolife massager is just as powerful as any standard massager and can still provide a decent massage. The fact that it is instructed to only use this for 5 to 10 minutes at a time speaks to this.

Coolife’s massagers are not designed for any complicated massaging sessions. It is designed for removing cellulite, which is only part of the whole massaging process. This particular massager will not provide any permanent relief in any aspect. Using this massager on any big muscle or part of the body will provide temporary relief at best.

10. Cordless Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager Device – 6 Variable Speed Modes

While most deep tissue massagers specialize in either providing a very powerful massage or possessing the ability to be taken anywhere, very few of them specialize in being able to provide a diverse array of massages. This kind of thing is in high demand among deep tissue massagers.

No massager is more diverse than Bruntmor’s massager. It contains not just the standard 4 different massage heads, but 9. This makes this particular massager stand out above most others. Because of this, running out of options is seemingly impossible when it comes to the kinds of massages you can get.

Bruntmor’s massager also has variety in its settings as well, possessing a variable speed dial. It is also possible to switch between percussion and vibration modes, something which is also difficult to come by when it comes to deep tissue massagers.

The fact that Bruntmor’s massager is cordless and portable is a good thing. But many of its users have complained that the battery does not last long, even on a full charge. This almost defeats the purpose of it being portable, as you might need to keep charging it after using it.

How to use deep tissue massagers

There are a few purposes for deep tissue massagers, but the main use for one is to loosen up muscles that are unusually tight and stiff. The first thing that should be done is to detect what muscle is stiff.

There are small muscles and large muscles and different ways to massage each. Throughout this guide, there has been mentions of different massage heads. These will help get a massage that is suitable for different muscles. One thing to do is either test for yourself which massage head is effective for which muscles, or you can find out what other deep tissue massager users say.

Constant movement is very important when it comes to using deep tissue massagers as well. Unlike a massage given by human hands, deep tissue massagers use a lot more pressure. It is for this reason why when you use a deep tissue massager on yourself or somebody else, it is a good idea to move the apparatus all around the spot that you are massaging.

This is especially true when massaging big parts of the body and big muscles. Because there is a lot of area that needs to be massaged in this case, it is vital to keep the massager moving constantly.


It is easier than ever to find a massager that is right for you. While massage therapists still have their place, electronic massagers also have a place in maintaining good muscle and joint health.

Many deep tissue massagers exist, and it there are different uses for each one. They all have varying degrees of how powerful they are, and how exactly they massage different parts of the body.

Some of these massagers are very portable and easy to carry around, being able to be used while travelling. And some of these massagers are designed for home use. These ones specialize in intense massage therapy where the more portable massagers are just not enough.

It is up to you to decide which one you need and for what purpose.


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