10 Most Comfortable Recliner – Buyers Guide

If you are shopping for a comfortable recliner, chances are, you have numerous options to choose from. Of course, there are a myriad of styles and features at your disposal, and this by itself can be dizzying. So, how do you decide which recliner is the best for you to rest, relax, and take sanctuary? Lucky for you, we have tried, tested, and extensively researched a wide range of recliners in the market. As such, we will provide you with an all-inclusive buying guide and a comprehensive review of the recliners we consider the most comfortable for you.

Different Types of Recliners

1. Push Back Recliners

Unlike many other recliners, these unique recliners do not have a button or a level you can use to push back the chair. Typically, you will need to lean back and exert a little pressure on the chair’s back to get it to a reclining position.

2. Rocker Recliner

They are among the most comfortable recliners for nursing mothers or parents with toddlers. Rocker recliners provide smooth back and forth relaxing movements. To that end, they are the most comfortable recliners to sleep in, especially for toddlers and people dealing with insomnia.

3. Glider Recliners

They are very similar to the rocker recliners; only that glider recliners move back and forth in a gentler and horizontal motion. Glider recliners are the best option for people who prefer a stationary, noiseless, and smoother motion.

4. Swivel Recliner

There is a reason why most people prefer a swivel recliner over most other types. They have a circular base, which facilitates left to right as well as back and forth movements. As such, they perfectly articulate a sense of style without compromising on comfort.

5. Lift Recliners

They are perfectly suited for the elderly and people with certain disabilities who might experience some struggles getting off the recliner. The lift mechanism pushes the recliner chair from a level seat position to an upright angle, helping the occupant stand up with ease.

What Makes a Recliner Comfortable?

1. Quality Upholstery Features

Recliners come in a wide range of upholstery features and construction materials. All the same, you should go for those options that guarantee a unique and comfortable reclining experience. The cushioning should be soft, cozy, and slow heat-absorbing to provide luxurious comfort and an incredible resting place.

2. Convenient Sizing

How well your recliner accommodates, you can make or break your comfort. Ensure that you settle with a recliner that offers you the utmost quality without squeezing you in. Pregnant and big-bodied people should be keen to avoid settling for a recliner that cannot seamlessly hold their bodies.

3. A soothing, noiseless motion

You want to get home after a long day, hop into your seat, have a good rest, and, if possible, a great nap. Imagine having a recliner with a loud motor that wakes you up anytime you try to get some sleep. It would significantly affect your comfort and relaxation. As such, go with this options that guarantee a smooth, relaxing ride.

4. Construction and Stability

Of course, we all want a recliner that will last through time. Nobody wants to invest in a recliner that collapses after every few reclines. Ensure that your prospective buy is fitted with strong and heavy screws and frames to allow you to enjoy your rest without worry.

10 Most Comfortable Recliners

Here are some reviews of some of the most comfortable recliners we think you will love.

1.Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

Most Comfortable Recliner

Item Details

Here is one of the most comfortable recliners coming at highly affordable prices. If you want to articulate comfort and style in your lounge or media room, this is the ultimate choice for you. The chair comes with one glider recliner, which provides a gentle, soothing ride. It is made of a bold blackberry PU leather, which perfectly blends with many décor assemblies. The chair weighs 104.41, and the majority of customer reviews applaud it for providing robust and steady support. Besides being warm, soft, and comfortable, this recliner provides firm lumbar support, which we all prefer. If you look to enhance the comfort and elegance in your living space on a budget, this might be the ideal choice for you.

Item Details

    • The chair measures 42.52 inches long, 38.9inches deep, and 39.76 inches high.
    • It weighs 104.41 pounds.
    • It has a glider recliner.
    • It is made of PU leather and wood.



2.Seatcraft Power Recliner

 best Comfortable Recliner

Item details

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable recliner, there is no substitute for quality. Well, here is a recliner that positions quality, elegance, style, innovation, and the utmost comfort at your fingertips. Packed with a powered recline, armrest, and a flexible power-controlled lumbar system, this recliner is everything you ever wanted. The chair is made of the finest meticulously vetted and proven genuine leather. As such, you are guaranteed an incredibly luxurious comfort as you enjoy your favorite movie, drink, or nap.

What’s more, the power recliner comes with additional convenience features such as a hidden arm storage compartment. They also have an in-built sound-bass system, a separately sold amplifier, and a swivel table for every seat. If you are looking for the most comfortable recliner chair for your house, the Seacraft Power Recliner offers you that and so much more.

Item Features

    • Dimensions- 43″ H, X40″ D and 38″ WB
    • It is made of premium quality grade leather
    • It comes with adjustable lumbar power support, which enhances comfort by helping you position your body in the most comfortable position.
    • It is packed with cup holders and storage compartments that are lighted.
    • It is packed with a sound bass system, and you only need to buy a separately priced amplifier.



3.NHI Express Addison Large Contemporary Microfiber Recliner

Contemporary Microfiber Recliner

Item Details

This 70-pound recliner stands out in the room. It is large yet light and has all the defining features that make every dollar spent on a reclining chair worth it. This recliner is your best bet when shopping for a super comfortable recliner, especially for your man cave or your media room. Made of polyester and upholstered using a stain-resistant microfiber, this recliner speaks elegance and comfort. If you regularly have your boys over for a game night or have your friends over for a movie, this is one of the best options. After spending all day slouched on your work desk, this chair is the treat you need to unwind and relax when you get home.

Item Features

    • Measures 36 inches wide, 38 inches deep, and x 41 inches high.
    • Extra strong with hardwood frames
    • Extra padding for extra comfort
    • Polyester material
    • High-quality upholstery



4.ACME Arcadia Recliner

ACME Arcadia Recliner

Item Details

Besides being one of the most comfortable recliners, this chair is also elegant and very appealing. Its frames and armrests are made of hardwood, making it strong and sturdy. The chair is equipped with a side handle which is easily reachable to operate the reclining mechanism. Its upholstery features a charming chocolate brown tone, which perfectly complements almost every décor style. Most importantly, the microfiber seat upholstery, which is stain resistant, makes it super easy to clean and maintain.

It has a generously padded recliner back and brimful armrest pillows, which provide exceptional comfort and the utmost relaxation. If you aim at introducing comfort and luxury into your living room or den, you can never go wrong with this incredible recliner.

Item Features

    • Dimensions-35″ wide, 38″ deep and 40″ high.
    • It comes in a light brown microfiber upholstery
    • It is made of strong and sturdy hardwood armrests and frames
    • It has an easily reachable level on the side, making it easy for you to adjust the recliner into the most comfortable position.



5.Christopher Knight Modern Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Modern Fabric Recliner

Item Details

Weighing about 57 pounds, the Christopher Night Modern Fabric Recliner is the perfect seat to stretch your back on after a long day. Measuring 34.25 x 38.7 x 38.7 inches, this reclining chair blends modernity with a touch of the mid-century. With impressively clean lines and a sophisticated finish, this chair is one of the most comfortable reclining chairs available in the market. Interestingly, it is not easy for one to tell that this chair reclines. One only notices when it starts reclining.

Item Key Features

    • Made of polyester material
    • Extra cushion for utmost comfort
    • Priced at $192.99
    • Has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds
    • Has one recliner
    • The chair’s legs are Birch-mad



6.Christopher Knight Home Dufour Recliner

Christopher Knight Home Dufour Recliner

Item Details
It is almost impossible not to doze off while on this incredibly comfortable recliner. It is made of white fabric with beautiful blue flowerings, making them as elegant as they are comfortable. The chair also offers perfect stability owning to its sturdy frame, which features extra-strong feet for enhanced firmness and strength.

Whether you are struggling with insomnia or you want to enhance your reading sessions, this is the most comfortable recliner for you. Even better, this recliner offers maximum relaxation and convenience, even in small spaces.

Item Features

    • It comes with one recliner.
    • Dimensions- 34″ length, 26.75″ width and 35.25″ height
    • It is equipped with a firm foundation and sturdy legs made of birch wood for enhanced support.
    • It weighs 71.2 pounds and is not best suited for pregnant women and large-bodied individuals.



7.Merax Electric Recliner

Merax Electric Recliner

Item Details
If you plan on surprising your dear parent or grandparent with a recliner, you can never go wrong with the Merax electrical recliner. It is one of the best ways of enhancing a comfortable, caring, and relaxing environment for your senior loved ones. This is not your average recliner. As a matter of fact, some people consider this as one of the most comfortable recliners to sleep in, watch, or read. For starters, it is made of long-lasting leather or fabric materials complemented by steel, foam, and solid hardwood frames. Besides, you can easily adjust your posture from recline to upright and vice versa using a remote control. You can store the remote and any other accessories on a side pocket available at the side of the seat.

Item Features

    • Dimensions-33x30x29 inches
    • Ergonomic design with hardwood and steel frames to enhance stability and longevity
    • This chair features an electric power lift, a power recliner, remote control, and an environmentally friendly fabric.
    • It comes in a dark brown color, which can go well with a wide range of décor themes
    • It has extra convenient storage on the side



  • Not suited for tall or heavy individuals

  • Some people claim to experience some troubles with proper positioning of the footrest.

8.Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair

Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner

Item Details
These vintage design super comfort recliners can perfectly complement any space in your house. It speaks authenticity, class, and comfort and is also hailed as one of the most comfortable recliners to sleep in. The wingback traditional recliner features a beautiful and uniquely studded side border and a perfectly padded cushion for enhanced comfort. It is made of fabric material with color choices ranging from blue, white, floral, and wheat. Besides, it has smooth perfect lines that can complement a wide range of decors, especially those with a soft color palette. The legs are feature birch materials and are extra sturdy with dark brown finishing. Currently selling at 249.99, this comfortable recliner will give you the utmost value for your money.

Item Features

    • Unique and stylish design
    • Strong and sturdy base with the legs made of birch materials and dark brown finishing
    • Well-padded cushion for utmost comfort
    • Additional smooth lines that perfectly suited for any décor and most importantly soft colored pallet



  • It is not suited for outdoors

  • Cushion might be too firm for some people's preference or comfort

  • Can barely accommodate individuals weighing over 300 pounds

9.Dorel Living Slim Recliner

comfortable recliner

If you’re searching for a great all-round foot and calf massager, the QUINEAR leg massager may be right for you. It gives you a lovely foot and calf massage using unique massage settings. This massager has been designed to simulate human touch and provides kneading and stroking motions. It can help to relieve pain, discomfort, and muscle fatigue and also improves circulation.
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Item Features

    • Dimensions-35.75″ x31″ x38″
    • It is generally narrow, with a casual and classic laid back design
    • It features a thickly padded, tall backrest which provides incredible lumbar support
    • The arms are wide and well stuffed for extra comfort



  • It is relatively thin and might not be the best choice, big-bodied users

  • It is dependent on the user's effort to make reclining adjustments.

10.Living Room Slim Manual Recliner Chair

living room comfortable recliner

Item Details
The living room slim recliner chair is designed for people looking for recliners that are not bulky yet are comfortable and elegant. Professionally upholstered using high-quality linen fabric, this recliner is preferred for its capacity to comfortably fill in and accentuate the beauty of your living room. Its slim silhouette feature makes it a perfect complement for living room décor. For maximum safety and comfort, this recliner is filled and padded with high-thickness foam, which is innocuous and hypoallergenic.

Key Features

    • Weighs about 55 pounds
    • Sleek and slim silhouette
    • Linen-upholstered
    • It has two side pockets.
    • Easy manual recline
    • Affordably priced at $152.99
    • Hypoallergenic, safe filling.
    • This reclining chair is 26 inches wide, 32.7 inches deep, and 39.4 inches high.



  • This chair does not recline all the way, as is common with many recliners. It may, therefore, not be the best recliner to sleep in.

  • The living room slim recliner chair does not have a side pull for relatively easy reclining

Factors to Consider when Buying a Recliner

Now that there are a plethora and assortment of recliner types, designs, and styles available, how do you determine your best fit? You may feel overwhelmed when making the decision for the most comfortable recliner.

1. Complimentary Aesthetics
Your recliner should complement your room’s style and appearance. Some recliners exude elegance, while others depict a stately style. Choose the recliner that seamlessly matches your current or future room design appearance.

2. Your Body Type
The wrong recliner for your body may cause leg, back, and neck pain. Be keen to select the best recliner chair that compliments your body type. Some of the most reputable stores categorize their recliner chairs into four main categories, including tall, extra tall, petite, and small bodies. In some stores, you can have your body fitted to get the most comfortable recliners for you.

3. The Recliner’s Upholstery
Whether you are looking to purchase an office, media room, or the most comfortable recliner to sleep in, always consider its upholstery. When settling for leather, fabric, or polyurethane, consider aspects such as longevity, presence of pests, whether you have children, and the required maintenance, among other issues.

4. Space
Do not buy a recliner just because it is beautiful. Consider the space where you intend to place it. It is advisable to take the measurements of your space to avoid the inconvenience of returning your recliner if it is too big to fit in the designated space or too small to compliment your room.

Do Recliners help with back pain?

More people are buying recliners as they have been proven to help with back pain. According to an article published in BBC News, researchers at the Alberta University’s radiology department established that sitting in a reclined position is important. Such anatomic positioning reduced the stress exerted on one’s spine and its associated ligaments. Such pressure may lead to temporary and chronic back pain. Researchers have further found that sitting in a comfortable recliner reclining to about 135 degrees helps in reducing back pain.

If you sit for long hours during the day, it is recommended that you distress your spine and correct your posture by using a recliner. Preventing such pain is more convenient and affordable than attempts to cure pain caused by poor sitting postures. The benefits conferred by recliners explain why more employees and many households are embracing the use of reclining chairs. To derive the proven benefits, you should ensure that you get the most comfortable recliner for you.


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