8 Things that a Massage Client should know


Massage therapies can give amazing benefits to your health related to both your body and mind. The magical experience of a massage session would be further enhanced if massage therapist is an expert with complete training and knowledge and client is educated and know some important rules of getting a massage. Knowing the ins and outs of a massage session would not only make the experience worth but it would also ensure to avoid any circumstances and situations that may turn out odd otherwise. Here we will be sharing certain things that a client should know in order to enjoy the best experience of massage with a therapist.

Massage Client Should Know:

1. Know the Purpose: All massage clients should be well aware of the fact that a massage therapist is there to give you a massage only that would be rewarding for recovery and health. You should not joke about or flirt with a therapist or make any special requests as he/she is not there to serve you with prostitution or otherwise. Massage center is not a shop for sex or special requests. It is to give you healing and for uplifting your physical and psychological wellbeing.

2. Be There for Appointment: It is quite rude to reschedule or cancel an appointment in last minute. You never know if therapist could have given that time to another client and would have worked on his schedule if you informed a day before. Apart from postponement and cancellation, a client should respect that therapist would have a busy schedule and thus he/she should make it on time for appointment. Most likely, a therapist would have another client coming in after you leave and thus if you arrive late, he/she may not be able to give you any extra minutes.

3. Do not overwhelm your Body with Fragrances: It is good to smell nice but during a massage session, your therapist will be working close to you and he/she may be allergic to any scent or fragrance that you have overdone on your body. It is best to avoid perfumes. Just take a nice shower and care about your hygiene before massage session.

4. Do not worry if you haven’t shaved: Any massage therapist would not worry about any unwanted hair anywhere over your body. Many people avoid considering taking a massage therapy just because they think that they have too much of hair on their body and their body is not beautiful. Trust me, your therapist would not care about it unless your body is reasonably clean.

5. Your Preference and Comfort matters: Massage therapists really care about your health and they are here to make your condition better. So their prime concern is your safety, comfort and preference. Whether it comes to being undressed, talking between sessions, use of massage oils or any other thing that is well under massage session boundaries and etiquettes; it all depend upon your preference. Your therapist would be okay with anything that helps you in getting relaxed if anything that you are asking is well within limitations.

  • Dressing – You can undress completely or can have some clothes on, your massage therapist would not mind either of the situations until and unless you are comfortable with it. Therapists are trained to properly drape a client’s body and thus if you are wearing some clothes or are completely nude; it wouldn’t be an issue with them. Therapists are there to deal with different bodies each day and so the client should know that they are not interested in looking at their bodies.
  • Talk – You can talk during massage session if you feel like talking. Therapist wouldn’t mind it but avoid talking too much as therapist may lose his focus and concentration on a technique.
  • Intensity of Massage – Let your massage therapist know if you want intensity of massage or pressure to be increases or lowered. It would not be considered as an offence but your therapist would appreciate it. Every individual is different and thus their bodies would have varied needs. Communicate what you prefer and therapist would be happy to work that way.
  • Use of Massage Products – Use of massage oils or other products can amplify the positive effects of massage however some clients may be allergic to it or may not like to have greasy feeling after massage. Let your therapist know if you would like use of massage products.

6. Addressing Problem Areas would solve problems: It is highly recommended that clients should communicate any problem areas that they want to be focused or avoided during massage session. Aim of the therapist then again is comfort of client and he/she will work according to your will.

7. Ask Questions if Confused: A client has all the rights to ask questions if he/she has any query or is not sure about something. Your therapists have knowledge of various theories related to muscular and psychological health. During the process of massage, they may use a terminology that you are not aware of. If any confusion, question them about it.

8. Feedback is Important: Therapist should not be held responsible if you leave massage center unhappy. They are here to do their jobs and you are responsible to give your feedback. It is important to let your therapist know if you are unhappy about something as your therapist would not know if something didn’t worked well for you unless you communicate it to them.


When a client know all these aspects of massage sessions, it would prove to work in a way that it should. Communicate any medical issues that you have or any place on your body that you will like the therapist to focus on. If you tell them whatever you prefer, the session would be easier for them and more relaxing for you. At the same time it will be a satisfying deal for both of you. Massage is about relaxation so a client should leave all the work and life related stress and problems aside and let your body enjoy the tranquil environment of massage session. Therapist would love what he/she is doing just by getting the feeling that client is enjoying the session.

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