A Complete Guide to Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage therapy is a different treatment that is performed with the aid of some stones that are smoothened, sanitized and are then heated over high temperature water ranging anywhere between 120-150 degrees. These hot stones are then placed on the back or at any other part of the body of the person to be massaged. The main idea behind use of these hot stones is heat therapy that has proven benefits of relaxation and loosening of tight muscles. Warmth of these stones make the effects of massage even more positive over a human body.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone massage therapy has many benefits but some of the most prominent effects of this therapy are:

  • Stress Reliever: A hot stone massage proves to be really effective in reducing stress and helps your mind in getting relaxed. Whether you are facing a physical or psychological stress, a hot stone therapy can aid in reducing stress.
  • Relaxation of Muscles: Apart from that, this hot stone massage therapy also improves condition of tensed muscles. Not only it would loosen up your muscles but would also work well for relaxing underlying tissues.
  • Reduces Pains: This therapy works for treatment of muscular pains, back pains, and even those chronic pains that are symptoms of some prolonged diseases or injuries.
  • Improved Circulation: A hot stone massage therapy just like other therapies improves the flow of blood and nutrients throughout your body thus aiding physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Improved Sleep: Hot stone therapy works well for relieving anxiety and fatigue and thus you will be able to witness an improved sleeping routine.
  • Helps in Treatment of Diseases: It aids in improving condition of people suffering from hypertension, arthritis and other disorders.
  • Recovery from Injuries: All those people suffering injuries and sprains of various nature who experienced a hot stone massage therapy showed speedy recovery.
  • Revitalizes your body: Hot stone massage improves the process of eliminating harmful toxins from your body and revitalize energy in a human being.

History behind Hot Stone Massage Therapy:

Many believe that a hot stone massage therapy is relatively new in the field of healthcare however it is contrary to what truth is. A hot stone massage therapy has a history dated back to the time thousands of years back when people living in the deserted areas used this method for treating any discomfort experienced in their bodies. They used to collect rocks from riverbeds and these rocks were warmed over coal or in hot water and were then used for treatment of pains and other signs of discomforts. This unique therapy today has become one of the most popular and effective therapies used in different massage spas, salons and therapeutic clinics.

How Hot Stone Massage Therapy Works?

This therapy is termed as a hot stone massage therapy because it involves use of stones that are heated. This healing therapy is related to the science of nature and it speeds up the process of healing and inducing relaxation and positive energy in a human body. Different sizes and shapes of stones are used for this therapy. These stones are water-heated and are then placed on various trigger points of your body according to your condition and requirement as you lay down on the massage table.

With these stones located on your key body points, a massage therapist works to give you a deep massage therapy. While massage therapist is doing his job, heat from this stones works wonders for relieving aching and tensed muscles at those trigger points and the surrounding area. Heat energy from the stones goes deep within your skin to cure pains and injuries. You can get instant relief from fatigue and stress. Not only that but you will experience increased circulation of blood and lymph fluid throughout your body.

Correct Technique for a Hot Stone Massage Therapy:

  1. Heating Stones: The most significant aspect of a hot stone massage therapy is the process of heating stones for this therapy. It is important to make sure that the stones are heated within an appropriate range of temperature. Therapy would involve use of around 40 to 60 depends and number would vary depending upon a particular treatment. Usually volcanic basalt originated stones are used for therapy which are then heated in a water bath at a temperature ranging between 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature should be appropriate and bearable. Too cold or too hot stones would not give the effect that you should be expecting from a hot stone massage therapy.
  1. Arranging Stones: Now that you have appropriately heated stones with you, next is to place those stone over the body to be massaged. Usually the placement begins with placing 7-8 stones along spine of your client. Stones would not be in direct contact of your body and thus a linen cloth is placed between skin and stones.
  1. Massage: Now comes the most important part of this therapy which is actually an effective massage applied to the client’s body by a professional and experienced massage therapist. Different techniques may involve use of different products including massage oils, lotions etc. Throughout the massage session, hot stones will remain on their place and massage will be concluded with dislodging of stones from where they were placed.


Hot stone massage therapy is one of the most effective therapies. Placement of heated stones alone however cannot do any magic but these stone only amplify the soothing and healing effect of massage therapy. The most crucial aspect of this therapy still remains at how wonderfully massage is conducted and use of appropriate techniques for specific individualized needs and condition of an aching or ailing body.

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