A Guide to Foam Rolling Massage


Foam rollers are common but for those who haven’t seen; it is a giant cylinder that can roll over ground. You may have seen a lot of people foam rolling in a gym and must be wondering how this rolling could be helpful. The truth is that foam rolling can change your life and it is one of the best workouts. Many of the professional athletes and therapists use and recommend foam rolling practice to be included in every day fitness regime. A number of foam rollers are now available in market that could enable you to enjoy impressive training and recovery.

What is foam rolling massage?

Foam rolling massage is a self myofascial massage technique that is used to release your tighten muscles and pressure points with the help of a foam roller. This massage can be done all by yourself and it involves applying pressure to various points of your body to rehabilitate and recover body for normal functioning. It enhances flexibility of your muscles and its connective tissue called fascia so that your entire body can easily stretch. Our hectic schedule, reduced movement, poor posture at work and other lifestyle issues have made our bodies stiff and thus movement is restricted. Those tight muscles are very well dealt with foam roller.

Benefits of foam rolling massage:

Foam rolling massage therapy offers a wide range of health benefits so if you can make it part of your routine; you can drain best results out of it. Here are some benefits of foam rolling massage:

  • Foam rolling massage improves movement and range of motion. Normally our lifestyle causes our muscles and tissues to tighten and it results in knots. Such knots restrict movement and thus affects performance. With a foam rolling massage those knots are worked upon and in turn your tissues and muscles gain their normal elasticity back with enhanced performance.
  • Foam rolling massage also supports quick recovery by breaking up of knots that serve as protection against injuries and inflammation. You will witness improved circulation and a quicker recovery as you regularly follow foam rolling massage and exercises. Soreness of muscles would also be reduced to a large extent.
  • This massage technique gives you freedom of focusing on areas that need special attention and are really sore. You can apply pressure and work specifically on those areas.
  • It aids in removal of toxins from your body that is a result of enhanced flow of blood. In proper terms it helps in reducing cellulite appearance within your body.
  • This therapy gives flexibility and enhances performance. It also lengthen muscles of your body and thus prevents you from injuries. Muscle function is increased and thus risk of injury is reduced.
  • Foam rolling massage therapy directly affects your immune system and increases its functionality. With increased flow of lymph fluid through your body, your tighten tissues and restricted muscles are released. Thus it allows for removal of toxins and immunity is enhanced.
  • Muscles gain balance and it involves releasing tight or over-active muscles. Movement with foam roller strengthens your weak muscles and makes them more active.
  • Cost-effective: Every time it is not possible to book an appointment with a wellness massage therapist. Not only you don’t get that much time from your schedule and even if you do; it is much expensive. Once you get a foam roller, you can massage yourself at any time without spending anything additional.

Foam Rolling Massage Techniques:

Foam rolling is not an expensive massage technique or workout. What you need is a foam roller and this therapy can be performed all by yourself. Just roll over the foam roller with work done on various parts of your bodies for removal of knots, muscle tightness, injuries and other pains. One of the effective massage technique with foam rolling is to place yourself on top of the foam roller and slowly move over it using your body weight. Your body should be in a relaxed position. Avoid overstressing your body and try to avoid arms support as well.

You can work out different knots of your body as you roll over foam roller and different acupressure points of your body are also pressed to give you relief from pains and stress. Another effective technique is to lie down on your back with roller placed under neck. As you will place your head to rest on roller, certain pressure would be felt around your neck area. Remain in that position for a few seconds.

Best Foam Rolling Massage Exercises:

Some of the best exercises to be performed with a foam roller for massage includes:

  • Upper Back Roll: For this exercise you need to lie down on your back with foam roller placed underneath. Have your arms crossed and try to lift your lifts from the ground so that your weight is placed over the foam roller. Roll from upper to middle back with weight shifted on one side and then do the alternate for other side.
  • IT Band Rolling: A foam roller can also be used to treat your IT band. Lie on one side of your body in a manner that foam roller serves as a place where you can place your bottom leg. Your left leg should be crossed while you place your weight on bottom leg as much as you can tolerate. Roll in your leg from hip to knees. Repeat the steps.
  • Rolling Glutes: Sit with your butt placed on top of the roller. With your knees bent and one leg crossed, let your ankle placed over knee. Try to shift your weight over crossed leg and roll over glutes to an extent that is tolerable.


Foam rollers can be used for a variety of different purposes including massage, acupressure therapy, exercises and a lot of other things. It could serve as a perfect tool for stretching your body from top to bottom. Use different techniques to make foam roller serve the purpose your desire and the need you have. You will feel to get quick relieve from stress and pain and at the same time will gain more flexibility with your muscles and underlying tissues.

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