All about Massage Oils


One of the best tips of getting most out of your massage session is to include use of a massage oil. With a diversified range of massage oils available, it is a difficult task to select one that suits you best. There are certain oils that are designed to be used with specific techniques however there are others that can be used for any technique to support massage therapy and for making it more conducive. You can even get your massage done without using oil but friction between your body and hands of therapists may make things uncomfortable. Use of massage oil enhances the overall effects of massage and makes the experience more favorable.

Tips for Selecting Massage Oil:

Attributes to look for!

There are a number of massage oils readily available in market but you should not just pick up any oil for massage. Massage oil should have certain attributes that makes it suitable for use. Some of these important factors include:

  • Low Viscosity: Massage oil should have low viscosity that enables the oil to flow easily over your body. Therapist must be able to move his hands after applying oil over your skin. Any oil that is sticky would not be suitable for use in massage.
  • Purity: Oil intended to be used for massage must be pure and should have low density. Oil should be filtered so that it doesn’t feel greasy over skin.
  • Absorbable but not instantly: There may be some oils that absorbs quickly after applying. Such oils would not be ideal for massage. Massage oil should be absorbed but it should stay for some while until the massage is carried on. Moreover the oil should not make your skin dry.
  • Pleasing Odor: Purpose of massage is to give you immense relaxation and this could not be achieved with bad smelling oil. Avoid such oils and make use of ones with pleasing smell.
  • Moisturizing: Massage oil should keep moisture within your skin that makes your skin hydrated and it will remain smooth for long.

Considerations for Choosing Massage Oil:

When considering selecting massage oil, it is important to keep an eye on some important factors. With a wide variety available, you can choose liquids, creams, solids, medicated/un-medicated, scented/unscented oils and thus choice purely depends upon your personal preference.

Considering following factors would enable you to select the right one for your body massage:

  • Type of Massage: Knowing the type of massage you will be opting, it would become easier for you to select. Some low-friction oils works best for a relaxing Swedish massage however some light oils would be ideal for high-friction intense massage like deep tissue massage therapy or a sport massage. Avoid oils that are very slippery and would not absorb over your body. Such oils can cause irritation over your skin.
  • Personal Preference: Some people may find it very irritating to walk around with coconut oil smell and some may be sensitive to scented fragrances. Thus you should consider personal preference.
  • Time of Massage and Place: This is important because if you don’t have a shower place and you use heavy oils that may not absorb easily in body, it could put the person receiving massage in a bad condition. Dressing up could become difficult. Such oils would only work on places where you can take shower such as receiving massage at home.
  • Intent of Massage:Some oils have specific purpose such as emu oil works good for eliminating skin irritation, arnica and menthol medicated oil is good for relieving pain and inflammation. So a person must consider intent of massage in order to make a good selection of massage oil.
  • Allergies: Some of you may be allergic to certain extracts of flowers, nuts or some fragrances. So in order to avoid irritation, you should consider allergies and must check label of oils. Hypoallergenic oils work best with people who are worried about allergies. Some oils may have side effects too so avoid exposing your skin to such oils.
  • Cost:A complete body massage may require around 20-30 ml of oil and thus consideration of cost is important.

Benefits of using Massage Oils:

A person can combine different oils in a massage session in order to combine benefits from different oils. Uses of some popular oil massage include:

  • Hot oil massage gives great benefits in releasing tension and stress from your muscle. So if you preheat massage oil, you will witness great relieve from pain and fatigue. Even when you have bone and muscles injuries, a warm oil massage would be beneficial. Many of the sportsmen also prefer warm oil massage before their sporting event.
  • For keeping your skin moisturized, use hazel nut or olive oil effectively over your skin.
  • If you have acne problem over your back, prefer using jojoba oil as it has antibacterial
  • Vitamin E rich Apricot Kernel oil is less greasy and thus your skin would easily absorb it.
  • For people who have dandruff or dry skin problem, use coconut oil in order to get cure of it.
  • For a relaxing massage oil bath, prefer oil candles and scented massage oils for complete relaxation.
  • Special therapy oils are used by therapists for treating patients suffering from muscular pains and deformities.
  • One of the expensive oils is almond oil that your skin quickly absorbs and makes it softer and healthier. Almond oil is also suitable for baby massage. But people with allergies for nuts should avoid it.
  • Thai massage is one of the most relaxing therapies and there are special Thai massage oils available that are used to relax your body.

Avoid Massage Oils:

Use of massage oil is pretty harmless but for some people it may cause difficulties. Avoid using massage oils in following conditions:

  • People having cardiovascular/heart problems.
  • People with kidney problems and the ones on dialysis.
  • People suffering from cancer.
  • People with acute bleeding disorders.


full body massage makes your body re-energized and lifts up your mind and soul. Use of massage oil elevates the pleasure and relaxation of overall experience. With pleasant aromas and luxurious feel of oil, your body will be transformed in to a completely relaxing state. Just make sure that you are choosing right massage oil and avoid anything that can cause irritation or can trigger your allergies.

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