Benefits of Foot Massage over Brain


Since many centuries, massage therapies are considered for improving wellness and health of human beings. Many of the diseases and injuries are recovered and rehabilitated with massage therapies along with the use of medication. Reflexologists manipulate massage over different parts of your foot and this mapped massage directly affects brain processes and functionality by improving the flow of energy. Foot reflexology not only vitalizes your brain but balances its working and promotes brain health. But how it is actually done and what benefits human brain can gain from massage therapy? We will explore in following sections of this page.

Benefits of Foot Massage for Human Brain:

Massage therapy has proved to offer numerous benefits for a human body but there are significantly positive effects of a foot massage on your brain functionality, growth and development. Foot massage manipulates reflex points that work directly to affect your brain and with the aid of this manipulation, it improves flow of energy to various parts of the brain making it healthier and providing it balance to properly function. Apart from improving brain functionality, foot massage also give you relieve when you are stressed, with headaches and migraines, reduce depression and can even be beneficial for intellectual and neurological issues of your brain.

How Foot Massage Works on Brain?

Your feet have certain acupressure points and focusing on these points can have positive impact on functionality of your brain. The first big toe along with second and third one as well as some pads around your feet are reflex points that are directly connected to certain parts of your brains. Some massage techniques that kindle there reflexes of brain include the use of light stroking and pressure with finger tips of massage therapist. The movements can be downward with the use of fingertips of therapist. Foot massage also involves pressing your reflex points with pressure for around one minute or so. Some may also include finger tracing technique where your therapist will move his/her thumb and fingertips in an up and down motion.

Similar to other massage therapies, foot massage involves applying pressure to muscles and points that connect for transmission of energy to parts of your brain. This transmission is carried out through some key messengers called intracellular messengers. They are produced to promote healthy functionality with main systems of your nervous system. Not only that but it improves endocrine and immune systems that affects brain communication and functionality. All these systems are interlinked, thus any issue with one can affect other systems.

Results with Foot Massage:

Massage therapists have witnessed that people who have healthier and stronger brain have shown better results with foot massage. Thus not only massage could heal and affect your brain but there are other things that we usually neglect. Everything we do would have affect your brain functionality either positively or negatively. Involve your brain in progressive activities that would help in developing the brain. Constantly being involved in activities such as playing action games, watching TV, depressing news and other similar activities would have negative effect on your brain. Go outdoors, spend time with nature, socialize, exercise, learn and do other similar activities that could stimulate your brain functionality and can give positive reactions to your brain.

Massage aids Traumatic Brain Injuries too!

Traumatic brain injuries are no similar to a simple headache or pain out of stress but these are injuries that are caused by a sudden bump or jolt to head. These injuries affects normal functionality of human brain and the intensity of these injuries could be mild to severe. Massage therapies can be used for solving issues related to TBI. There are complications associated with these conditions so it is important to consult doctor before opting for any massage therapy for a patient suffering Traumatic Brain Injury. For such cases a detailed history of the patient should be communicated to the therapist so that he/she can carefully take care of all the precautions and needs related to each cases for treatment. Different sessions would need to be arranged and each one would differ from prior so that best results can be seen in recovery of patient. If for suppose symptoms or effects of the head injury rise, therapy must be discontinued and you should seek help from a doctor.

Who should avoid Foot Massage?

  • People who have suffered a stroke recently. Their brains would have neurons that have been victimized to certain injuries and triggering functionality of those neurons can prove harmful.
  • People who are suffering from any serious illness or injuries are recommended to take advice of their doctor for foot reflexology before attempting any kind of massage.

Things to do before and after Foot Massage:

  • Make sure to communicate with therapist and let him be aware of any kind of medical issues that you have.
  • It is important to keep some snacks with you in order to keep your level of energy at an appropriate level. Have a light snack one hour prior and after massage therapy.


Massage therapies have been there for many years and different techniques of massage have been used for rehabilitating and recovering health conditions of human being. A foot massage not only revitalizes your body and offers comfort but it improves your thinking, nervous system, emotions and everything that is related to your brain function. If you want to relax your brains along with your body for better response with activities, it is important to make a foot massage part of your routine as an activity of promoting your well-being.

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