10 Best Percussion Massagers Reviews

Best Percussion Massagers

Whether you need to relax your muscles after a day of work or if you want to fight fat and tone your body, massage is one of the best techniques you can use. And the best thing is that you do not need to spend money or time to go to a masseuse, if you do not want to. Today it is possible to find quality body massagers, with all kinds of functions and with such a simple use that it is even relaxing

Percussion massagers can often accomplish the same thing as a massage therapist, do not cost as much and allow you to massage in the privacy of your own. Whether you’re looking for a deep massage or a light stretch, be sure to check out our top percussion massager picks below! But before you go, If you want “one-stop shopping”, the PUREWAVE™ CM-07 is better that offers fantastic across-the-board performance.

Reasons to buy a percussion massager

  • Almost all the models in percussion massagers are compact in size. So yopu can carry them wherever you travel. Unlike huge massaging chairs or other equipments, these portable percussion massagers can relieve your pain after a day of trekking or biking or simply after participating in any active events like marathon or any kinds of sports activities.
  • These are not meant to treat the frozen shoulders or stiff neck. These can relax any tensed muscles from any part of the body say from calf, legs, hip, arms, back etc.
  • Some thermo control percussion massagers provide instant and effective relief which makes you active within few minutes of usage.
  • The different strokes such as Cupping and Hacking provide ultimate relief from pains and aches. Cupping – These brisk, light strokes in regular intervals penetrate deep into the muscle tissues.
  • Hacking – vigorous beating and pounding strokes improve blood stream all through the massaged area thus relaxing both the body and mind as well.

If you are shopping for an ideal massager, then give a try to percussion massager which could sooth pain and relieve stress effectively.

Top 10 Percussion Massagers Reviews

1. PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager (Black) | Official Patented CM-07™



Anybody who needs a massager for smaller parts of the body and who travels often will get a lot of value out of Purewave’s massager. Equipped with vibrating massagers as well as a percussion massager, this dual motor system is very useful for massaging any place on the body that is not too big. Coming with six different attachments, it will also be able to target specific muscles as well. The handle is very easy to grasp. 

Purewave’s massager runs on rechargeable batteries as well, so it is perfect for those who travel frequently. Because of its size it can fit into almost any travel bag. The battery life is also long, lasting a little under an hour on a full charge. This allows plenty of time to get a quality massage, especially on trigger points.

Having a vibrating motor is a good thing, but it can get annoying at times, especially when trying to massage the back or any other place that requires you to reach somewhere. Because the vibration is very powerful, it can fall out of a person’s hands when using it. Anyone who was intending to use Purewave’s massager for bigger areas on the body will likely need to keep it plugged in or use something else, seeing as the attachments are not big enough for large areas on the body.

2. PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager (White)

The Purewave 05 massager is another high-quality massager that is useful for anybody who like travelling. The difference between this and the 07 model is battery life. Because the Purewave 05 does not have a vibrating engine, it will last much longer when on batteries. On a full battery charge, the Purewave 05 massager will last for roughly three hours where its 07 model will only last in between 1 and 2.

Anybody who does not like massagers that have a vibrating motor but still wants to get a quality massage will also enjoy the Purewave 05 massager, as it still has the same kind of features as other massagers. It has deep tissue, swedish, and acupuncture attachments, all of which are used by massage therapists. This allows similar power without a vibrating motor.

The thing about vibrating motors in a massager is that they do result in a more efficient massage that is overall much more satisfying. And although the Purewave 05 massager does last longer when on batteries, it will also take much longer to get a complete massage with it.

Another thing that the Purewave 05 massager is lacking are attachments. It’s 07 model had an attachment that you could apply lotion to which makes certain massages much more efficient. The Purewave 05 massager does not have these attachments, which is a problem for anybody who does utilize lotion when massaging.

3. PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager (White)

A lot of people use lotions or creams to enhance their massages. This can be difficult even for massage therapists, and can even result in a lot of cleaning up afterwards. This issue is solved with Purewave’s 07 model percussion massager. It comes with five attachments, one of them being specifically designed for being able to massage substances into whatever area that is to be massaged.

While most other percussion massagers only operate at one speed, the Purewave 07 massager has adjustable speeds. Combined with the attachments as well as a vibrating and percussion motor, this allows for a lot of variety when it comes to any given massage, making it possible to do virtually anything that most massage therapists do.

Although it is very easy to carry around, it is obvious that the Purewave 07 massager is not really designed for people who travel, at least not if they need to massage anything for a long period of time. Continuous use lasts for about two hours, which may not be long enough for massaging large areas of the body such as the back. This is especially true because of how small the massage head is. Because of this, it will take a while to completely massage those areas.

4. Brookstone Max 2 Cordless Dual-Node Percussion Massager

One thing that can turn people off from percussion massagers is that they often only operate on one speed. This can limit options for most, especially if they are interested in massaging many areas of the body. Brookstone’s massager has solved this problem by having five different motor speeds.

While adjustable, the motor speeds on Brookstone’s massager are very fast, with 1750 revolutions per second being its slowest speed. Anybody who is looking for a massager that is powerful enough to loosen any muscle will get a lot out of Brookstone’s massager.

Brookstone leaves a lot to be desired in the versatility department. It only contains two attachments, both of which are designed to target very large areas of the body. Being a bit larger than most percussion massagers, it also seems to be designed specifically for large areas of the body. While it does have three massage programs, other percussion massagers have this as well.

It is also not ideal to travel with Brookstone’s massager either. While it is able to be recharged and is portable, it is much bigger than most other massagers, especially when it comes to the massage head. The Brookstone massager head is nearly as big as a human head, which makes it great for massaging large areas of the body but not much else. There is also the issue of the kind of power it generates, seeing as the motor speeds are much faster than most other massagers.

5. Naipo Handheld Massager Electric Percussion Massage for Muscles Back Neck Shoulder Foot with Deep Tissue Heating Adjust Rolling Vibration Speed

When it comes to versatility, very few do it better than Naipo. Containing four different and distinct attachments, including the sought-after multi-point attachment, a heating function, and three intensity levels, Naipo has created a massager that can help almost anybody who needs is dealing with almost any kind of tightness.

Among all these functions, the heating function is by far the one that stands out the most. Being able to get to temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, it is perfect for anybody who is dealing with tightness that just cannot be solved with traditional massaging. Combine this with the attachments (especially the multi-point attachment) and you get a massager that can do anything and everything.

Although it is portable, Naipo’s massager can easily be used at the home. With a power cord that is nearly two meters long, it is possible to use it almost anywhere inside the home. Because of the length of the cord, it could probably also be used in an office.

Naipo’s massager has an auto-off function that turns the unit off after 15 minutes of use. While this sounds well intentioned, it can be an inconvenience. This is especially true for those who require an intense, long lasting massage. While it is not recommended to massage one area for over 15 minutes, it is sometimes necessary and the auto-off function can make things inconvenient for anybody who does need to use it for longer than 15 minutes.

6. Handheld Percussion Massager, Hanamichi Rechargeable Electric Massager

Hanamichi’s massager nearly does everything, and it is the closest thing to having a legitimate replacement for a massage therapist. It is easily one of the most customizable massagers on the market, with seven attachments, six different speeds, and six different modes. That is what makes it the closest thing to having a massage therapist in the form of a machine at your fingertips.

And it doesn’t stop there. Something like that must be too big to carry around, right? Certainly it cannot be the same size as the other massagers that have half the settings. Well, that is wrong. Hanamichi’s massager is the same size as its counterparts, and is also powered by rechargeable batteries. That makes it usable on the move as well as in the home.

All of those settings come at a price. And that price is the insane amounts of power that it uses. While it is fantastic that it has all those different settings and attachments, Hanamichi’s massager uses up a lot of battery power when in use. Do not expect to have it on past 15 minutes. So while it will provide an intense massage, it can only do so for a short time.

The plethora of settings and attachments can be overwhelming as well. This is especially true if you do not know exactly what you need a massager for. Having to go through all the settings and attachments to find what you really want can be bothersome.

7. Wahl 4290-2101 Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Although it only has an average number of attachments compared to the majority of massagers, Wahl’s massager still offers a lot of versatility with their massager. Among these attachments are a flat disc attachment, which allows one to apply lotion to the massager if necessary, and a “four finger” attachment which has the same kind of surface as a human hand. These kinds of attachments are actually rare when it comes to massagers, especially the four finger attachment.

Adjustable speeds are nothing new to massagers, but Wahl is much more versatile when it comes to the adjustable speed for their massager. It can be as slow as 2000 pulses per minute or as fast as 4000 pulses per minute. These adjustable speeds make Wahl’s massager useful for anybody who wants to experiment with their massager speeds.

While Wahl’s massager is small enough to use for those on the move, it is not really designed to. This is because it does not operate on batteries. It has to be plugged in to be used, and this can be inconvenient, especially if you want to take it with you to places where a power outlet is not available. For those who enjoy taking their massagers with them to work or any other place where they like to take their massagers, this will not be possible.

8. SENSORIE Handheld DEEP Tissue Therapeutic Massager | Percussion Technology

It is always nice to see versatility in massagers, and Sensorie’s massager has plenty of them. With six different attachments and ten different levels, there is no shortage of massaging options when it comes to Sensorie’s massager. The attachments are very diverse and each one offers a different type of massage, which also speaks to the options that Sensorie provides.

Sensorie’s massager is also easy to carry on the go. Being cordless and able to operate for roughly two hours on a full charge, nobody should have any problems being able to take this particular massager wherever they need to go and for a very long time. Sensorie’s massager is perfect for anybody who wants to carry it around.

Because it is so small, light, and easy to carry around, Sensorie does not offer a lot of power with its massager. While it does have 10 different modes and intensity levels, it still does not promise as much intensity as many other massagers, even on its most powerful level. Anybody who is seeking a massager that will promise them an intense massage that will decisively loosen up sore muscles might be disappointed.

9. Handheld Percussion Massager Portable Cordless Electric Deep Tissue Massage for Muscle Back Neck Shoulder Foot Leg Body Pain Relief, Car Home & Office (Handheld Massager) by Hobfu   null Hobfu’s massager is very efficient at what it does, and combines the right amount of power and versatility. Possessing five different attachments and six different speeds, it is ideal for anybody who wants a massager that does a little bit of everything. Not only can Hobfu’s massager do a little bit of everything, it does a little bit of everything very well. This is in large part due to the powerful motor that it has. The motor can achieve speeds of 3200 pulses per minute, which promises a very intense massage if desired. It is wireless, and despite the power it contains, Hobfu’s massager surprisingly does not use up a lot of battery energy to use. It lasts 100 minutes when fully charged, which is impressive given its power. Although it is presented as the kind of massager that can be taken anywhere, which is indeed possible, Hobfu’s massager appears too large to really be carried around with any degree of comfort. Being about 8 or so inches in length, it can be pretty uncomfortable carrying it around. The length and size of this massager also does not really lend itself to massaging small areas of the body. While it indeed has all the attachments and settings necessary to do this, the length can make attempting to massage these small areas difficult.

10. Body Sport Dual Speed Professional Vibrating Massager for Pain and Aching Muscles

While it is possible for them to massage large areas on the body, such as the back, it usually takes a very long time for them to completely massage the back.

This problem is decisively solved with Body Sport’s massager. Being able to reach speeds up to 3700 RPM, it is almost guaranteed to loosen anything in the back. It has two grips on the side, which helps to control the massager when using it on the back.

Anybody who wants any other area on their body massaged deeply will be heavily disappointed by Body Sport’s massager. Unlike most other massagers it requires two hands to use, and is not a small device in the slightest. Taking this on the go will be impossible for this reason. You may read our another article deep tissue massager reviews if you are looking for a good handheld massager.

While it is possible to turn it on and lay against it to massage the back, doing this will be difficult because of the fact that nobody is holding it when it is on and it will be operating at at least 2800 RPM.

Body Sport’s massager seems to be designed for the back and also requires two people to use it as well. That is a shame, seeing as it is so powerful.

Here are few tips for Using percussive Massager:

  • The first tip is to purchase a percussion massager that has a handle. While purchasing the massager, make sure that you buy a high quality massager. Hold the massager in one hand and move it up and down on your back and vibrate on the painful area. This helps you to relieve out of the pain. This can be done for twenty minutes in a day. With this, you also should massage near the neck to get quick relief.
  • The second tip is to sleep or relax on a hard bed facing towards the sky or the roof. The hard surface supports your back and the thing you should remember is to avoid lying with your stomach touching to the bed and the neck turned to one side. This position should be avoided as this adds pressure to your neck and back and with which back gets affected.
  • The next tip is to use a pillow that is good enough to support your neck and the head when you sleep. It is very important for any individual to maintain good position or posture while moving, sleeping and sitting.

The best thing is to ask your spouse or a friend to massage on your back with this massager as it would be very convenient for him or her to have a hold on your back.


Going to a massage therapist can be costly in terms of both time and money. It can take a long time to set up an appointment with a massage therapist, and even after that, they charge per session. This makes going to one an inconvenient process.

Fortunately, it is possible to solve tightness issues yourself with a percussion massager. With massagers being all kinds of shapes, sizes, and with all kinds of settings and attachments, it is possible to use massagers in place of going to a massage therapist.

Taking the time to find the right percussion massager for you will save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars on massage therapist visits.


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