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Massage is definitely one of the ideal ways of relieving your stressed and paining body muscles. A number of people prefer visiting a spa or wellness center on regular basis or quite frequently. They may have medical reason or are just looking for relaxation. But there are many people who find it difficult to schedule visits. Then professional massage therapists appear in the picture with their portable massage table that makes it easier for both therapist and masseuse. These tables can be easily taken to any location to offer massage therapy to clients and massage over these tables is as soothing as relaxing as it could be on other equipment.

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Benefits of using Portable Massage Table:

A portable table for massage is an important equipment that all massage therapists appreciate. This tool gives them flexibility of visiting their clients just anywhere at all. Here are a number of reasons why any massage business owner would like to prefer a portable massage table over a fixed one.

  • Flexibility with Location: The main advantage is flexibility that these tables offer. You can carry them to any place where your masseuse would like to enjoy a relaxing therapy. Even when your client wants a massage therapy at his home or workplace, you can easily carry these tables. Most of the tables include safety carrying case and table can be folded down and carried conveniently.

  • Strong and Durable: Best Massage tables that are portable are usually made up of wood or aluminum. The materials used are strong and easier to maintain thus ensuring durability of table.

  • Customizable for Full Body: A portable table can be customized according to a client’s individual needs. You get a variety of materials, sizes, heights and width when it comes to buying one such table. Thus making your client feel completely relaxed. A massage table can give your client a full body massage in the most effective manner that even one of the best massage chairs may not be able to offer.

  • Less Space Needed: These tables are light weight and occupy less space so even when you are short of space, you can set up table and offer massage. These tables are also better option when you will be massaging outdoors.

  • Low Cost: Fixed tables are generally more expensive than portable ones.

Best portable massage tables


1. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive

This massage table by Sierra Comfort is a complete package for travelling therapists. The table has a folding design and it is an all-inclusive package with 100% cotton sheets and accessories including towel hanger, oil pouch and bolster. Construction of this table is from high quality beech and its 2.5 inch thick foam cushion gives user a relaxing base for an effective massage therapy. Material used is easy to maintain and clean with cushions complete waterproof. This table includes complete support for your arms with an armrest. Height adjustable option makes it suitable for people of all heights.

Working capacity of this massage table is 450 pounds and even when it is that strong, it is highly portable. A carrying case is also included that makes carrying around the table quite easy. Manufacturers offer a 5 years warranty for this massage table. It is one of the best portable massage tables when you are looking for something strong, durable yet comfortable. It makes work of a massage therapist much easier by offering complete 360 degrees reclining positions. You would be able to find massage tables at a lower price but with the features and quality it is a fair deal.


  • Folding easy to store design.

  • Carrying case, sheets and accessories included.

  • Thick comfortable foam cushion.

  • Easy to use and maintain.

  • 450 pounds weight capacity.

  • Adjustable height and arm rest feature.

  • 5 years warranty.


  • Some users reported that quality of carrying bag is not up to the mark.

  • Face cradle should be improved.

2. Earthlite Harmony DX

This Earthlite Harmony massage table is constructed from high quality maple wood. The material is sourced from forests that are managed and it is further treated with glues and water based lacquer that are environment-friendly products. The massage table is finished with light cushioning that is managed for durability as well as comfort of client. The design is extremely light weight and thus you can easily transport this table along with you. It features a carrying bag so making it an ideal choice for therapists who frequently travel.

A limited lifetime construction warranty is guaranteed for this massage table that further elevates the level of trust that you can make for this choice. A 3 years foam and upholstery warranty is included. Setting up is also quite simple and it features clear instructions of assembly and use. Working capacity is huge with 600 pounds and thus massaging varied bodies would not be an issue.


  • Quite strong.

  • Really light weight.

  • Folding design.

  • Thick padding.

  • Carrying case included.

  • Limited lifetime warranty for construction.


  • Price tag is high in comparison to other portable tables.

3. BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy


This appealing burgundy table by BestMassage is constructed with high quality birch that makes it a strong massage table. It is easily transportable with its folding feature. The price is highly reasonable so for anyone with a low budget and is in need of a quality massage table that is portable too, this one could be right choice. Even with a low price tag there is no compromise to its usability. It features comfortable detachable cushions that can be removed for folding table with ease.

The foam thickness is around 2 inches over surface of table and for cushioning high quality PU leather is used that makes it super relaxing. Water proof and oil resistant treated leather is easy to clean and maintain. Set up is really simple and in minutes you will be prepared to use the table. The package includes a free premium carrying case. It includes face cradle that is both removable and adjustable. Working capacity is good enough with 450 pounds and table height is adjustable thus making it one of the best portable massage tables for treatment of different people.


  • Low cost.

  • High quality material that is easier to maintain.

  • Light weight and easy to carry. Premium carrying case included.

  • Setup is simple.

  • Adjustable height and face cradle.

  • Large working capacity of 450 pounds.


  • Some users reported that padding is not too thick.

  • Some found table clips not up to the mark in terms of construction quality.

Things to Consider while Getting a Portable Massage Table:

Availability is wide and thus finding a portable massage table that would suit your preferences and budget level may not be a challenging task. However it is important to wisely think about important factors related to these massage tables so that you end up making a good decision.

  • Budget: The first and foremost consideration is budget that you carry for purchase of these tables. Even if you have a small budget, you would be able to get a good massage table that would ensure safety and comfort of your client. You can find a portable table with price range beginning from 100 USD to some hundred dollars or more.
  • Table Dimensions: Another important consideration would be dimensions of a table. Having an adjustable height is an added advantageUsually portable tables are 30 inches in width and 72 inches in length. However it would depend upon personal preference of buyer.
  • Table Foam/Padding: Massage tables are designed to give comfortable experience to clients. However a massage table that has foam thicker than 3 inches would make your client uncomfortable. So before buying a massage table, just ensure that the foam used is firm yet not too tough. It should support client’s body comfortably during the process of massage.
  • Table Material: Material of the table should be durable yet it should be easier to clean and maintain. When you look for a material that is extremely lightweight and environment friendly, you may need to spend some extra dollars. A higher grade vinyl is one of the best options.
  • Table Weight: This is an important consideration. A massage table details two types of weights one is static and the other is working weight. You should be more concerned about working weight as static is the weight of the table itself. Working weight is actually the weight that your massage table is capable of handling. So if you will be dealing with athletes or clients with heavy bodies, you should look for a higher working weight.
  • Table Frame Material: Frames of the massage tables may either be wood or metal. Both the materials are robust and powerful.
    • Wood – Massage tables with wooden frame can hold a weight up to 450 pounds. These are less expensive than its counterpart.
    • Metal –Massage tables with metal frame are lighter to carry and the metals used are usually aluminum and iron.
  • Cable System: Many massage tables have cable system and it plays a great role in stability and strength of your massage table. This feature is a must to consider for professional therapists.
  • Warranty: When you are thinking of buying a massage table, check that it should carry at least 1 year warranty. If your massage table offers anything above that, you can go ahead with that choice provided all other essential factors and needs are met with that model.

How to use a Portable Massage Table?

Therapists who are specialists with massage therapies usually are seen keeping two portable massage tables with them for backup. Just in case if one breaks unexpectedly (which doesn’t normally happen), they should have other one for backups. Usually this practice is carried out at mega events, conferences and seminars. The main aspect is to see how these folding massage tables can actually be used.

Here are some tips for proper use of a massage table:

  • Always carry a strong padded bag so that you can easily carry massage table. With the bag you will find carrying and travelling the massage table much easier.
  • Massage tables include instructions and directions of use, so before you actually begin setting it up and using it; make sure you read the directions carefully.
  • Familiarize yourself with parts and accessories included with the massage table.
  • When you get yourself aware of the folding and setup mechanism of massage table, you would be saving your time and table from breaking up.
  • You will find instructions for assembling other adjustable parts such as head rest, arm rest etc.
  • Learning to assemble is important and same goes for folding back massage table. When you get yourself well aware of these two aspects of a massage table, you will be able to carry out massage sessions much quickly and effectively with the use of these portable tables.

Tips for Maintaining your Portable Massage Table:

Some tips that would help you in keeping your massage table in good condition include:

  • You should not fold your massage table when it is wet. If you fold your massage table in wet condition, it may create moisture which in turn can result in to bacteria and viruses. Such condition could be harmful for your clients.
  • After each massage session, you should wipe clean the material of table with a damp table cloth. Make sure that you use a clean cloth every time or a bad odor of sweat and oil may be produced.
  • While setting up your massage table for use, make sure all nuts and cables are tightly secured. Doing that would keep massage table fixed and free from vibrations.
  • When you are done with massage therapies for the day, it is best to fold the table and store it in its carrying case. Folding massage table and putting it in the safe would keep it secure and safe from damage.
  • Your massage table has parts of metal and they would need occasional lubrication. Use oil according to instructions mentioned on manual of your massage table.
  • Some wear and tears would happen and it is pretty normal. Most common wears would be with wooden parts and on bolts and thus if possible keep these parts in spare in advance.
  • Avoid use of sharp objects on padding of massage table as it could damage the material.
  • Make sure that you keep a note of capacity of massage table and do not use massage table beyond its capacity.

In order to improve lifespan of your massage table and to keep it well-maintained, it is important to follow user-manual and take proper care of this equipment.


When looking for a massage table, you should consider portable massage table reviews too in order to find the best choice according to your needs. Considerations may be different depending upon the type of therapist you are. Portable tables are more appropriate choice for those who travel a lot with their profession of therapist and visit various places to offer special massage therapies to different types of people. Maintain these tables well and they will last for years without troubling you.


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