Body Massage Tips for Women


Body massage therapies involves use of various therapeutic techniques with kneading, pressing, stretching and other movements involved. Use of these techniques and other tips enable you to relax the body you are working upon. In order to relax aching body, easing tensed muscles, improving circulation and for reducing stress for women, there are certain tips that would enhance the effect and make it more pleasing for her. These tips would be suitable for you whether you are a professional massage therapist or aren’t trained professional trying to give her a perfect body massage.

Tips for a Perfect Body Massage for Women:

Prepare for a Great Body Massage:

A massage therapy whether it be for a men or a women needs some preparations to be made in advance so that massage therapy could be performed nicely and without any disturbance or delays.

  • Make sure that the area where massage therapy will be performed is completely clean and it should appear welcoming to your client/recipient.
  • The room or area should be quiet, calm and relaxing place with reduced level of noise. Make sure that you reduce your phone volume too so that it doesn’t disturb during massage.
  • Lighting should be appropriate for massage. Not too bright and not too dark. Use of lamps is better than other forms of lights.
  • Keep all the products that you will use during or after the massage within easy reach. Such things include creams, oils, lotions, towels etc. To add to the experience of massage, use warm oils and lotions.
  • Music should be pleasing and soft and it would further enhance the effect of massage.
  • Before actually beginning the massage therapy, leave the room so that women can undress herself and cover herself with a blanket.

Beginning the Massage:

  • Now begin massage with oil or lotion in your hands and massage over her lower back. Work around the area on both sides of the spine but avoid putting too much pressure over those areas.
  • Then move your way up to her back and apply light pressure with many straight strokes.
  • Use your thumbs to massage area around her shoulder and if there are any knots found, apply a little more pressure to release those tensed areas.
  • Then work over her neck with light rubbing using your thumb and move to the scalp area. Give her a spectacular head massage that would lighten up her stress and aching muscles and would help her in enhancing concentration and focus.
  • Now massage her arms gently with special focus on hands and each of her fingers. Massage each finger well.
  • Now move to her feet where you should make sure not to tickle and make her uncomfortable. Just with slow and light movements of your hands and fingers give her a relaxing foot massage. A foot massage would not only relax her feet but would also re-energize and relax her mind.

During the Massage:

  • During the massage, it would be better if you keep on talking with her in order to make her feel comfortable.
  • During the session at some intervals, ask her if she is comfortable and the massage is not hurting her in any manner? It is important that she stays relaxed and comfortable during the therapy.
  • Make sure that the massage is gentle and she should be enjoying it.

End the Massage:

  • Now that you are done with massaging all the important stressed parts of her body, end the massage in the same manner as it was initiated. A stream of long straight strokes should be performed gently that would cover up her entire back.
  • Now cover her body with the blanket and let her rest for few minutes. You should give her some minutes so that she could enjoy relaxation and pleasure of massage therapy for some moments.
  • Leave the room and let her get dressed again.
  • She might want to take a bath after massage so make sure that there is plenty of water.

Additional Tips:

  • Massaging her body too fast can result in discomfort than relaxation. Avoid massaging too fast.
  • Avoid applying too much of pressure as it could be painful. Make sure that you press and knead with a certain amount of pressure. Do not overdo it.

Females may prefer Female Massage Therapist:

Some females may prefer to get massage from female therapist and this preference should be respected. Women may be preferring female therapists as they might not be feeling comfortable about being naked during therapy with a male therapist. Respect their preference! Some may be completely okay with either a male or a female therapist and they might not care as far as the therapy is pleasing and comforting.


Perfect stroking, fingering and proper technique makes the massage therapy most comfortable for her. Go deep at points that need excessive pressing and attention. Go slow in the beginning and slowly and gradually move your way up. Just do not overdo strokes and intensity and keep it at a level that she is comfortable with or you may end up discomforting your client. Listen to the response of body, communicate with her and judge your technique to make it more relaxing for her.

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