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Bodygym Resistance Bands Home Gym

In today’s busy world where we’re working non-stop and always on the move, dedicating time to your physical well-being can be a challenge.

Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way. But many people struggle to organize their schedules with enough time to do the workout they know they need.

Joining a gym is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable and stick to a workout routine. What’s more, it’ll give you access to many complex workout machines you wouldn’t normally be able to use. That said, not everyone is lucky enough to have a gym in their neighborhood.

Well, if you’re one of those who doesn’t have a gym nearby or can’t always make it there on time, there’s the obvious option of working out at home!

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment—a burning will to get in shape, and you’re all set! In this article, we’ll talk about a great workout package called Bodygym Resistance Bands. It’s a simple set of stretching bands you use to increase your core strength. And it allows you to get in shape in the comfort of your living room (or garage, or wherever you feel most at home).

Here’s what it’s all about.

Bodygym Core System Portable Home Gym

A Bar and a Resistance Band – That’s pretty much what this workout program revolves around. The exercises you’ll be doing consist of stretching the aforementioned band with the help of the aforementioned bar. The muscle groups affected by this exercise routine depend on the position of the bar and the band. So the possibilities are endless!

Instruction Booklet – If you’ve never exercised with resistance bands before, don’t worry! The program comes with a handy booklet that explains the various positions. All you have to do is follow the instructions! Over time, as you grow more comfortable and more confident, you can move on to more complex exercises.

Lightweight Design – Since the weight of the band itself is negligible, we’ll only mention the weight of the bar, which is 3 pounds (roughly 1.4 kilograms). Even if you’re completely out of shape, this lightweight exercising utensil will help you slowly ease yourself into more challenging positions and exercises. As long as you follow the instructions, you can’t get hurt.

Two Workout-Program DVDs – The first DVD, which is introduced by Marie Osmond, runs for 94 minutes. It demonstrates the correct techniques for working out with latex bands. There’s also a Core System DVD with information about additional workout routines!

Levels of Difficulty – As the name suggests, these resistance bands actually offer plenty of resistance training. The bar, which you hold in front of you, can be rolled back and forth to apply the resistance level you want. Roll it away from you, and the resistance is less; roll it towards you, and it’s more. Pretty simple, but it does the job!


  • Comes with two DVDs of detailed explanations

  • Lightweight bar (under 3 pounds, roughly 1.4 kilograms)

  • Works for men and women at all fitness levels

  • Adjustable resistance levels

  • Tape measure

  • Travel bag


  • Natural latex can cause an allergic reaction with some users

  • Not a lot of exercises for the abs

All things considered, this piece of workout equipment is a must-have for anyone interested in increasing their core strength and general fitness level. Whether you’re a complete rookie or a fitness guru, having one of these around surely won’t hurt.

Bodygym Resistance Band: Usage Tips

Bodygym Resistance Band is a versatile workout kit that actively helps you get fit. 

Here’s a list of tips to use the resistance band in your day to day exercise. 

Resisted Push-Ups This one targets chest and arms. Do your regular push-ups while controlling the downward movement and fire back up. Pro-tip: Keep your hips and torso in line.

Monster and Sumo Walks: This exercise helps you develop the gluteus medius. To get the optimum result, maintain the quarter squat position, and ensure sufficient tension on the band the entire time. 

Assisted Dips: This targets your chest and triceps. To do the assisted dips, attach the ends of the resistance band to two firm handles. Then put your full body weight onto the band. Finally, apply controlled downwards movement and spring back up to complete the maneuver. 

Hip Thrusts on Pegs:  For your glutes. First, fasten the resistance band between two points on some low-level object and lie with it just above your knees. Next,  drive your elbows and heels into the floor as you raise your tailbone. Squeeze your glutes at the high point of the movement.

Banded Deadlifts: The banded stiff-leg deadlift is probably the most effective workout to get your hamstrings and posterior chain in shape. Ideally done by attaching the resistance band to two poles. Keep the height of the band aligned with your hips and stand in-between it. 

In this case, first of all, let your hips move backward to shift your weight onto your heels. Then, drive your hips through and tuck your tailbone in towards the bar. And keep your back tight and flat throughout the exercise.

Others: Using the body gym resistance bands (aka power bands), you can also do banded lunges, assisted pull-ups, and woodchops. They target the back and lats; legs and gluteus medius; and torso rotation respectively. 

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