Clients that Massage Therapists Would Appreciate


Careers of massage therapists are challenging and the spectrum and scope of practice is wide. However there are certain limitations and boundaries that both massage therapists and their clients should follow in order to make a massage session comfortable and rewarding for both the parties. Massage therapists in their profession may often come across clients that give them some bad experiences by crossing the limitations that are set for this service. However they always value clients with certain qualities that makes them feel good and more than satisfied about their profession. Massage therapists appreciate all such clients who make them love their job and value them most.

Client’s Qualities that Therapists Appreciate:

Value the Service: Massage therapists appreciate all those clients who value their services. No doubt the profession is a tough and challenging one as you have to deal every day with a different individual with varied needs. Therapists use their efforts to rehabilitate a client’s health and well-being and this task needs them to address to client’s needs and work in a manner that gives them complete comfort and relaxation during any session.

Respect for Therapist: No therapist would like a client who would treat them as their slaves or servants. Therapist do charge a certain amount but in return you take their time, efforts and service. A client should have respect for a therapist’s efforts and time. He should respect all the policies and limitations that a therapist has communicated. Therapists would certainly love clients who are not rude, do not cancel last minute and are always on time for their appointments. This gives a positive impact and usually therapist go extra mile for such clients:

  • By keeping track of their information and progress,
  • Giving them extra time on sessions for free,
  • Remain flexible with them to squeeze their session between schedule,
  • Call for feedback of progress after session and more.

Clearly Communicate: How would your therapist know if you are feeling uncomfortable during massage? How would he know if a particular massage therapy may have negative impact on your health condition? Of course, he/she wouldn’t know if you don’t communicate well.

Clients that have clear communication are always appreciated by massage therapists. It is important to tell your therapist right away if you are not comfortable with the environment whether it be your position over table, room temperature, lights or anything else. Apart from that let him/her know complete details and history of your health. A therapist must be aware of any allergies or injuries that you might have. Also if you have undergone a surgery, let him know about that too so that therapist could ensure to adopt massage techniques that are completely safe for your condition of health. Miscommunication or lack of communication may create awkward situation or discomfort or any serious issues with health of anyone involved in session.  Whenever you are unsure of anything, clearly ask and therapist would appreciate your questions.
Clients who appreciate and Advertise You: You will surely have some lovely clients who would not only value and respect your services and your profession but would also prove to be marketers for you. These clients usually share their reviews about you and your service and they bring in more clients for you.

Clients who are educated about their Health: Massage therapists also appreciate clients who are strong enough to take ownership of their own health. They are ones who are well aware of their health condition and take good personal care of their health apart from massage sessions. Clients who value their health and bodies are the ones who keep on working on themselves personally too along with their regular massage sessions with you.

Clients who take care of their Personal Hygiene: Bodies with a bad odor or stinking smell would surely not have a positive feeling for massage therapist. It is important for clients to take care of their personal hygiene. Therapists would appreciate clients who take care of their hygiene. You should take a bath before you step inside a massage parlor. It would not be suitable if you have bad odor or sweat all over your body. Massage centers usually have shower rooms, wet wipes or other methods so that clients can prepare themselves for a relaxing therapy. Any medical problems related to these issues should be reported to therapist before beginning the session. Avoid wearing excessive amount of perfumes as others or your therapist may be sensitive to scents.

Clients who do not compromise on their own and others’ health: Clients who come in for massage therapy should make sure that they do not have any viral flu or infection of any sort. Apart from that there are certain diseases with which a massage therapy could make your condition worse such as cancer, blood clotting and many other problems. Therapists would appreciate if all such clients make a massage appointment after consulting with their doctor regarding it in order to make sure that massage is safe for their health. Do not compromise of yours or others health.

Clients who maintain an appropriate Behavior: Therapists would appreciate clients who come in with a purpose of getting their bodies massaged with no other special requests. Any inappropriate behavior may result in you being thrown out of the massage center or even conditions could become worse. Clients should be well aware that massage therapies do not have any link with sex or flirting. Any inappropriate behavior would not be tolerated.


All these qualities would not only make you feel welcomed at a massage therapist but these factors would aid in making a massage session win-win situation for both client and the therapist. As a client you should have complete respect for a therapist and you should step in a massage center with complete control over things and conditions that can be avoided for a positive experience for this relaxing session.

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