Common Mistakes that Massage Therapists make


Massage therapy is a field that cherishes a history of many years. This profession has gained popularity in societies both west and east and common norms are followed throughout for therapies. Massage therapists are considered to be accomplished professionals when they witness most of their clients coming back to them and they get more referrals from their existing happy and satisfied clients. But there are certain factors that may be hindering your way to success and may be restricting clients from coming back to you. Here we will be focusing on all such aspects and on ways how you can deal with these aspects of this profession.

Common Mistakes that Massage Therapists Make:

1. Unprofessional Attitude:

An important aspect of professionalism is that your clients should feel welcomed. This includes answering to phone calls, keeping up with your appointments, no last minute cancellations etc. If your customers begin to witness such unprofessional attitude, they may end up going to another competitor who probably is more professional than you.

Apart from that, your attitude is everything. Massage therapies are meant to be relaxing s and nobody would like a negative attitude. Your client should not feel that you are bored or tired of this job. Boredom and fatigue happens when you may not have taken a break for a long time. So take enough breaks so that you don’t feel stressed and you can carry right attitude towards your clients and your work. If you don’t consider this important, your business will definitely suffer. Your clients would not come to you and say that you are unprofessional or your attitude is not good. Rather they would just move to some other therapist.

Be calm, humble and friendly towards your clients. They will feel more comfortable during a massage with you and will be your loyal clients for as long as you continue to offer great service.

2. Too much of Noise or Talking:

Massage treatments are soothing and their effect would only work in a soothing environment. Unusual and irritating noise would not work for an effective massage therapy. It is important to maintain a certain level of calm and noiseless environment so that your client can actually enjoy relaxing effect of therapy. Some of your clients may like to talk and socialize during therapy however some may not. Do not work on assumptions. Rather discuss before massage and talk when your client wants to talk otherwise stay silent.

3. Unnecessary Delays and Interruptions:

Another common mistakes that massage therapists make is that they often fail on considering importance of time of their clients. This results in losing business when you leave a client lying on the massage table to attend another walk-in or inquiry. Such interruption is not allowed as it would waste your client’s time and this break may reduce the effect of therapy. Better have someone at reception to take calls and deal with walk-ins or restrict your business to online booking only. You may also leave a note at reception for walk-ins to have a seat in waiting area.

4. Making False Promises:

Making false promises or commitments for an experience that you can’t give or for a treatment that you can’t do is the biggest blunder ever. A client would discuss with you a certain condition of chronic pain over particular muscles and asks if you can treat them. Say yes only if you are confident and would be able to deliver what the client is asking for. Do not ever make false commitments or after the treatment your client will be disappointed and may never return back to you. Moreover avoid false advertisements in this context, just commit what you can do and are an expert at.

5. Be a Listener and do what is asked:

Be a good listener and listen to whatever are the requirements and needs of your client. There may be certain areas in a client’s body that he/she may not want you to work on. There may be areas that they need you to do extra efforts on. You would only be able to design your technique according to their requirement if you listen to them properly. If you may end up contradicting to what client has asked for, it may result in losing a client. Ask questions before you begin the massage session and take complete details and history of a client’s medical and health condition. Client thereby is also responsible of communicating true information in the form of any allergies, symptoms, pains etc. so that you can work accordingly. Management is your duty. Just listen to your client and design a therapy with management of his/her priorities and your time and efforts.

6. Hygiene of Equipment and Products related to Massage:

Many a times, hygiene is the biggest factor that effects your business. Dirty and stained massage equipment, tools or other things such as massage table, towels, sheets etc. may be smelling bad. All such worn material would the place a disgust and no massage would be able to feel relaxing when a client is surrounded by such things. Make sure to maintain cleanliness of everything in and around your massage clinic or spa.

7. Personal Hygiene:

Not only you need to maintain cleanliness around your massage business area, but personal hygiene is extremely important. Imaging yourself getting a massage by someone smelling really bad. You surely wouldn’t like that and so would your clients. Make sure there is no sign of bad odor from your body, clothes or anything around. Make the environment appealing and soothing for your client to like it.

8. Temperature within the room, too low or too high:

As you provide a massage therapy, your muscles are worked out and you may begin to feel hot but remember it is not about you. Your priority should be your client. As you massage, certain area that you are working upon on your client’s body will be exposed. Make sure that temperature is maintained according to their preference. Ask client if they want to change the temperature within room. Make them completely comfortable.


Your client at times may not give you their true feedback so make sure that you avoid making mistakes that we have mentioned here. If your clients are not coming back to you or you are unable to get referrals, think and check you may be making one of the mistakes that are discussed above. Making changes is part of each business and in order to flourish and succeed in the field of massage therapist you ought to make some in your business too.

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