Do you know about Shiatsu massage


Shiatsu massage is an ancient medical practice that has a history from the Far East. This therapy is based on the Meridian Energy System. This healing art has been brought from Japan. This massage therapy has a big involvement of work from fingers as therapist applies pressure to your body with his fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Thumb pressure is applied to knead energy pathways in your body.It improves flow of energy throughout your body with a completely balanced massage. There are different styles in Shiatsu massage  and it involves acupuncture, amma massage and medical therapies.

History of Shiatsu Massage:

This massage therapy originates from Japan and sprouted from their traditional massage called amma. The amma therapy along with acupressure, breathing exercises and combination of some other therapies evolved in the form of shiatsu. Shiatsu itself is a Japanese term meaning finger pressure. The first college for the therapy was founded in 1940 by Tokujiro Namikoshi who is accredited for modern day therapy of Shiatsu.

Preparing for a Shiatsu Massage:

No oils are applied during this massage therapy and thus user has the choice to remain fully clothed. However it is recommended that you should be wearing comfortable clothes that are thin so that you can feel actual work done by the therapist’s fingers, knees, elbows, palms, knuckles and feet. All the work is done with your clothes on. You may also place a blanket if needed on top of you but in order to get the energy pathways unblocked it is important that you should have light clothes. It is best to wear comfortable loose sweat pants with a light t-shirt. Avoid wearing anything tight or restricting. You can even wear socks but it completely depends upon your preference and on season.

Moreover do not stuff yourself with food right before massage therapy session. It is best to eat at least 90 minutes before in order to ensure proper digestion. It is important that recipient must be completely motivated for the session. Any discomfort would make the session difficult as you would be lying down for around an hour. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy your most.

How Shiatsu Massage Works?

The Shiatsu massage works with sustained pressure applied with fingers and thumb along a rhythm at varied acupressure points of your body. This is done to unblock the flow of energy and helps in relieving your stress. This therapy activates your nervous system, improves blood circulation and reliefs your tensed muscles.

Before the session begins, the therapist evaluates positioning of his client and makes a proper plan over which he would be giving an effective therapy to his client. The therapeutic session is designed according to individual needs of each client.

This massage technique is applied either by lying on the floor or on a low table. The technique involves manipulations (gently), stretching, kneading, tapping, soothing and pressure points. This massage is used to relieve pain, stress and any state of discomfort throughout your body. It gives you natural healing both internally and externally. Therapist employs various techniques of energy dispersion in order to promote well-being of his client.

In order to remain in balance a regular shiatsu massage session would be ideal way. A session once a month would maintain wellness and would improve health and vitality.

Shiatsu Proves Helpful for:

According to research people who receive shiatsu massage treatment on regular basis get most benefits. This massage therapy helps you relax and unblocks ways of energy flow. Shiatsu Massage is beneficial for relaxation and well-being of human body. Not only it re-vitalizes your body but boosts circulation of blood, improves immune system and relieves from nausea too. This therapy is also said to be useful for people suffering from indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal, menstrual, migraine, depression/anxiety, arthritis, toothache and other problems.

With a shiatsu massage session, pressure is applied to abdominal area of your body and this helps in relieving constipation. The process also involves pulling and stretching that loosens up tight muscles and gives relaxation to your intestines.

Other benefits:

  • Improves overall weakness of your body and relieves fatigue.
  • Gives healing effect for sprains and other similar injuries.
  • Relieves from shoulder and neck stiffness.
  • Helps in relieving backache.
  • Solves respiratory problems.
  • Relaxes body suffering from coughs and cold.
  • Reduces effects of insomnia.
  • Treats morning sickness.

Avoid Shiatsu Massage when:

In following conditions, Shiatsu massage must not be experienced:

  • If you have an infectious disease of skin or a rash.
  • When you have an open wound.
  • If you have experienced a surgery.
  • If you have just experienced chemotherapy or radiation. Take recommendations from your doctor.
  • If your body has a risk of blood clotting.
  • If you have a heart disease.
  • If you are suffering from osteoporosis. Ask your doctor first.
  • Pregnant women must also consult with doctor first before considering this or any other massage therapy.
  • Massage should be applied over inflamed skin, bruises, tumors, hernia, fractures etc.

If you are unsure getting this massage therapy, first consult your doctor.


Shiatsu massage techniques offer you physical and mental convenience. This dynamic approach for massage is solution to many problems. It not only boosts your energy level, improves circulation but also is beneficial for your metabolism. Stretching, pulling, tapping and other techniques improves your body in such a way that it feels completely energized. People with structural problems, chronic ailments and physical disorders can get benefits from this therapy. You can even opt for some of the best shiatsu massage chairs available now days to get customized therapy with convenience of sitting at your own place

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