Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06


The Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06 (BestMassage EC-06) is an ideal option for a comprehensive massaging session. Designed with fancy leather and plastic to complement interior of your home or workplace, this massage chair can work to give increased benefits for your health. Despite of offering a high-class massaging experience and promising results for your physical and psychological well-being, this massage chair is also reasonably priced. Sophisticated look and user-friendly controls makes it an ideal choice for whoever is looking for a soothing and convenient massage therapy. We will be exploring varied benefits and features of this massage chair in detail through this review.

What makes this massage chair different?

This BestMassage EC-06 is differentiated with other competitors in the field with its cost-effective price tag along with a list of features that not every other massage chair has. The features that are found with this massage chair are close to what some other high-end machines are offering at a different price tag. You can use this chair for a complete head to toe massage.
Eight Massage Functions: Having 8 different massage functions to work for uplifting your body and mind would definitely do some good for your health. This massage chair offers following listed massage functions:

  • Flapping: A deep tissue massage for reducing muscle stiffness and pains, enhancing tissues’ strength, improve circulation of blood, detoxing your body and stimulating nerves.
  • Kneading: An intense therapy for releasing knots around shoulders and neck and reduces stress around your back and spine area.
  • Tapping: Rapid movements of hands and tapping action over your entire back for reducing pain and stiffness in muscles. This technique also reduces the storage of fat around your body.
  • Rolling: Rollers are placed throughout the back of your massage chair. These powerful rollers work their way up and down and target pressure points around your neck area.
  • Shiatsu: A deep tissue Shiatsu massage therapy involves use of powerful rolling technique that works not only over your muscles but around underlying tissues.
  • Compression: Targeted to pass relaxing therapy throughout your lower extreme points in order to enhance flexibility, flow of blood and for an improved body posture.
  • Percussion: This massage chair uses scanning technology for your body in order to apply a therapy based on your body structure and points so that all your tensed muscles and tissues are worked on.
  • Vibration: Vibration massage works wonders for reducing the level of impurities from your body and detoxifying it. Not only that but it also improves the flow of blood and lymph fluid throughout your body.

Four Preset Programs: This massage chair includes 4 different preset programs and offers its users complete flexibility of customizing massage session according to their requirement.

  • Recovery Program
  • Extend Program
  • Relax Program
  • Refresh Program

Air Pressure System: This massage chair includes a total of 30 airbags that offer an air pressure system to add to the massaging experience. Air massage applies pressure throughout your body Majority of these airbags around 20 are placed through lower area in order to enhance flexibility and relax your lower extremities. You can even select a focused massage feature:

  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Thighs

These focused massages include a combination of kneading, vibration and air pressure massage therapy.

Air Ottoman System: This equipment includes air bags in the area of leg rest. This Air Ottoman system offers a completely relaxing massage therapy for your entire legs. This is done by lowering the leg rest and reclining it 20 degrees increments with air bags squeezing throughout the session.

Heat Intelligent Roller System: This built-in feature of the massage chair offers a customized heat massage for your body. You can even relax your aching foot with its heat stretched foot rest.

Multiple Roller System: It features a roller system that can easily work over your entire back and covers most of the muscles of your entire body. Not all massage chairs offer a complete body massage beginning right from neck till your tailbone but this massage chair does that.

Assembly Tips:

Assembly is not a daunting task and in few minutes you will be done with unpacking and assembly of this massage chair. The massage chair will arrive in a carton including chair, two armrests, back and head pad and digital display unit.

  1. Place the chair and raise the backrest.
  2. If armrests are attached to it, move to next step. If not, connect the right armrest cover by connecting its air pipe on armrest to its mouth on the cover. Assemble it well and make sure that it is fully inserted. Screw to fix them. Follow similar instructions for the left armrest.
  3. Now connect the back and head pad.
  4. Then attach the control holder on the right armrest and screw it. You will be able to move the holder freely. Now put the control display in to the holder.
  5. Once you are done with installation, you can power on to use the chair.

User-friendly Control Options:

This massage chair includes an LED digital display and control unit similar to the one offered with Special 2016 Best Valued. The control panel is easily accessible by user and is placed at right armrest of the chair. It includes buttons and controls that are easy to use so user can easily select any mode or function of massage chair and can also check display/feedback on its screen.

Tips for getting most comfort and relaxation out of this Massage Chair:

In order to gain most benefits out of this chair, you should be able to use all of its features. There would be nothing like a complete full body relaxing massage and that you can attain with the reclining function of this chair. It features an automatic function that can reach a position at 165 degrees. User can completely raise the backrest along with the leg rest of this chair and set a position that he/she feels most comfortable in for a therapy.


  • Controls of this machine are easy to adjust while keeping user at complete ease.
  • Automatic preset programs can help user in selecting a desired massage technique.
  • The construction of this chair is carried out with high quality leather and design suits house settings well.
  • Weight capacity is 250 pounds and thus it could be a suitable option even if you carry a heavy weight.
  • The chair is reasonably priced.


  • This chair comes with 1 year limited warranty only whereas some high-end chairs offer 3 years.
  • The size of the chair is big and it is heavy too so you would need some space for this chair in your house as moving would not be so easy.

Massage Chair is suitable for:

This massage chair would be suitable for anyone who is looking for great features at a good price. It is fairly priced and would be a good buy as it offers some great features of a high-end chair such as recline function, heated foot section and more focused massage therapies for varied body parts at a quite reasonable price tag.


Investing in this chair would surely be a wise decision as you will get great benefits and a completely revitalizing experience every time you use this chair and that too at a very reasonable price. Not only this machine will work on giving positive effects for your body but it will also re-energize your mind and soul. A number of therapies combined with some great features is what you call an Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

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