Head Massage: What you need to know?


A relaxing head massage is something that anyone would appreciate however it would not work if performed effectively. A human touch head massage is done with gentle movements and light pressure with fingertips and this massage therapy stimulates the nerves within your scalp. A head massage relaxes your mind and body by improving the flow of energy within your nerves and it would improve your mood instantly by releasing stress related hormones from your body. In this page we will be discussing various benefits of different types of head massage performed along with products used for a head massage.

Advantages of a Head Massage:

  • Relaxes and reduces stress from your body by increasing the level of good hormones.
  • It improves circulation within your head and encourages flow of blood to other parts of a human body.
  • It reduces headaches and aids in improving migraines.
  • It enhances focus and concentration.
  • It induces deep and sound sleep even in sleep deprived people.
  • A good massage therapy for head and scalp would encourage growth of hair, improve their quality and strengthen them.

How Head Massage differs from Massage for other body parts?

Head massage differs because your head and scalp doesn’t have big muscles like in order parts of your body. There is only some bones along with skin that you can feel. A head massage can be enhanced with the use of certain techniques such as applying certain amount of pressure by using a little bit of energy along with gentle rubbing over someone’s head. Head massaging is an art that you can learn and enhance by including various techniques.

Position for a Head Massage: A head massage can be performed while being seated in a massage chair or over a massage table in lying down position. Choice should be with the client. Most of the people would prefer a lying down position for a head massage so that they can relax completely and enjoy the pleasure by falling asleep during massage therapy.

Effective for: Not only your head but a head massage gives positive effects to your mind and entire body. You gain more energy and alertness. A head massage improves your ability to concentrate and would enhance stability of your mind.

Different Types of Head Massages:

Talking about head massages, there are a variety of ways to perform this magical therapy. Some popular techniques include:

  • Acupressure Head Massage: This therapy has its roots in to Chinese acupuncture points massage technique that includes focusing on your pressure points to activate your body functionality and to release your tensed muscles. There are certain lines and vessels in your body that sometimes get blocked due to stress or any medical condition. These blockages are opened for improved circulation with the help of acupressure therapy thus lowering pains in various parts of your body especially head, neck and back. Along with that it is also considered a fine treatment for drug addicts and those suffering from sexual dysfunction.
  • Ayurveda Head Massage: This massage is connected to Ayurveda techniques used or treatment of various problems and diseases specially related to your skin. This technique includes use of essential oils that have herbs inside them. Different types of herbs are used with various essential oils and they are poured on your head that is followed by a gentle massage over your head. These oils can be used over your head, scalp and hear and not only they give you immense relaxation but prove beneficial for your scalp skin conditioning and hair growth and maintenance. Some oils that are popular for a head massage therapy include:
    • Coconut oil – moisturizes your hair and enhances growth.
    • Castor oil – Conditions scalp with its anti-inflammatory nature and helps in reducing split ends.
    • Almond oil – moisturizes and improves strength of your hair. It is a popular conditioning agent and prevents and treats inflammation around your scalp.
    • Sesame oil – moisturizes your hair and prevents graying.

Importance of Steam after a Head Massage:

Usually a head massage is followed by steaming therapy that enhances effects of a head massage:

  • It offers humid environment to your hair that makes them softer.
  • Moisture is absorbed by your hair that makes them smoother and reduces dryness.
  • It gives cleansing effect to your scalp and eliminates dead skin.
  • It improves texture of your hair.
  • It enhances growth by improving circulation of natural oils.

How to take steam after Head Massage?

Massage spas and salons usually have hair steamers that work well for moisturizing your hair after a head massage. However if you are doing massage at your home, you can get the benefits of steaming at home. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a clean towel and soak it in hot water.
  2. Wring it out in order to avoid dripping of water.
  3. Now microwave towel for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Wrap this hot towel on your head with all your hair inside it.
  5. In order to retain all the steam from towel in your head, cover the towel with a shower cap or use a plastic bag.
  6. Let the towel stay on your head until it becomes cold for around 10 to 15 minutes.


Head massage therapy is one of the finest ways of giving yourself a magical experience with your own hands. However it is true that if you can get a head massage from someone else, it would be more pleasing and relaxing. Feeling fingers of someone running through your hair is a feeling that can be better felt than explained. Not only you will feel relaxed but a good head massage would activate your body function, would improve your scalp skin and would make your hair bouncy and healthy. So whenever your life becomes stressed, opt for a relaxing naturally healing head massage and feel super relaxed.

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