Homedic Handheld Massager Review 2021 – Buyer Guide

If you have ever had a soothing massage from a Homedic handheld massager, you know how great your body feels during and after one. The benefits of a massage therapy are so diverse that in ancient Asia, it was practiced as a healing technique. Massage therapy is, to this day, believed to hold significant health benefits. Did you know that Egyptians added a few techniques to massage therapy to create the art of reflexology? Now you know!

The benefits of a good massage include;

    • Stress relief
    • Improved flexibility
    • Reduces muscle tension
    • Relaxes the mind and body
    • Improves skin tone
    • Relieves anxiety and depression
    • Stimulates the lymphatic system
    • Better immune function
    • Pain relief
    • Improves quality of sleep

The Homedic Handheld massager is truly a work of art that allows you to take massages everywhere you go. This device allows you to enjoy a massage without the hustle of looking for a new massage. When traveling to new places, you are not sure of the hygiene standards practiced. Different massage therapists also have different techniques that might not augur well with your body. The Homedic Handheld massager saves you the anxiety of visiting a new masseuse.

What are Key Features of this Unique Device?

Homedic Handheld Massager

The Homedic massager features a sleek design with a slim, easy to hold handle. It comes with a heating feature and two balls that work simultaneously to massage different parts of the body. The handheld massager has different power functions ranging from a soft massage to an intense one and in between. This model of Homedic massager has a battery, so you can use it without a code connected to the power source, limiting your movement. My favorite feature is the 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase the device.

Homedic Massager’s Technical Details

technical detail Homedic Handheld Massager

The Homedic handheld massager is manufactured by Homedics and has the part number HHP-350. The product weighs 2.48 pounds. The handheld massager measures 17.13 by 5.94 by 5.51 inches. The available color is silver, and it has a voltage of 120 volts. It has a battery, but you do not need it to operate the device.


1. Easily portable

pros of homedic massager

This massager is not only light and portable; it is also heated, giving better massages. You can carry the massager to work, on the bus and even take it on vacation with you. Don’t worry; airport security does not mind passengers carrying these devices. Weighing in at two points five ponds, it does not make much of a difference to the total weight of your bag. When you need a break and go on a retreat, carry the massager for a relaxing massage.

2. The Massager Has a Soothing Heat Feature

pros of homedic massager

The handheld massager is designed to mimic the body temperature of normal human hands. The handheld device has two balls that work together to knead the skin. Nobody likes the feel of cold on their skin. Cold objects sends nerve impulses to veins, making them contract, which is the exact opposite of what massages aim to achieve. Heat relaxes the muscles and veins, promoting blood flow throughout the body
When blood penetrates muscles, it relieves tension and promotes relaxation. The kneading motion of the balls also mimics the hand motions of a massage therapist to loosen knots and relieve pain. To activate the optional heating feature, use the buttons on the handle. If you remove the attachments on the massager’s head, you will get better heating.

3. Dual Pivoting Massage Heads

Dual Pivoting Massage Heads

The Homedic massager has dual heads that operate at the capacity of 3100 pulses per minute. The device has four different speed settings ranging from a gentle massage to a more vigorous one. You can access these functions using the control buttons on the handle of the massager. I personally prefer switching up the nodes for a soft but firm massage.

4. Easy to use

use of homedic hand held massager

The handheld massager is easy to use. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use on the back, shoulders, feet, and legs. The device has clearly labeled buttons for power and heat functions. To increase the intensity of the massage, press the power button repeatedly until you get the desired intensity. Cancel the heat function by pressing the heat button one more time.


The interchangeable massage nodes might sometimes not offer enough diversity for clients. Some clients also complain that the massager has low power and suggest the manufacturers up the pulse rate to 3500 per minute.

Important information

The attachments on the Homedic massager are custom. This means that you can choose from gentle, firm, or heated massage attachments. There are specific groups of people who should avoid getting massages. Pregnant women should shy away from massages as well as people with bone injuries and fractures. If you have a life-threatening disease, having a massage might make your condition worse. You should also avoid performing massage therapy on damaged skin, i.e., skin with cuts, bruises, or infection.

What customers say

Customers have mentioned how much lighter the new version of the device is, making it easier to use. The new version also has a longer extension cable. I have noticed the handheld massager is quite effective in relieving muscle cramps and neck pains. Other customers have suggested the use of a sliding button to pick the intensity of the massage instead of pressing the button multiple times to choose.
Customers also appreciated the length of the handheld massager because it allows them to massage their own backs and necks. When using all electrical appliances, I recommend extreme caution. Using the appliance with wet hands or in the presence of water can lead to electrocution. The new model is also much stronger compared to older models.
I would recommend this product because of its durability and effectiveness at relieving muscle strain. The multiple replaceable nodes make the device versatile and give the user more control over the kind of massage they want. Without the nodes, the heat function is at its best, giving you the soothing effect of hot stone massages. The Homedics handheld massager is definitely worth every penny.

Before buying this Homedic Handheld Massager, you can compare with more different types of handheld massagers .


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