How massage therapy enhances heart health?


Heart diseases are commonly found with genetic influences but isn’t only something that can come hereditary. There are a number of factors that can cause this dangerous disease. It may appear because of lack of physical exercise and movement or you might not be taking enough proper nutrition for a healthy body. Some people who have habit of smoking are also the ones who are at risk of heart diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are found in people irrespective of their gender and the only precautions you can take is to change your lifestyle and make it healthier. Exercising has proved to have explicit benefit on your heart health. However when we talk about massage therapies, they have indirect influence on improving your heart health. Massage therapies in a regular pattern have proved to influence some parameters that are directly related to heart health including reducing stress, blood pressure, circulation rate and heart resting rate.

Massage and Heart Health:

Massage therapies when performed in an effective manner by a qualified professional trained therapist can give benefits to your heart health. We will be discussing parameters linked to heart health that have shown improved functioning after massage therapy.

Massage and Stress:

Stress is one of the most dangerous factor that affects your health. A prolonged stress can turn in to serious diseases of heart, depression, diabetes and many other chronic issues. An effective massage therapy induces relaxation and reduces stress from a human mind and body. It stimulates within your skin to release endorphins that are happy hormones and these in turn boosts your mood to make you feel better. Massage therapy has proved to reduce the level of stress related hormones termed as cortisol and adrenaline. A happy mind and body makes its way to a happy and healthier heart.

Massage and Blood Circulation:

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that gives you increased risk of heart problem and is something that could result in a life threatening attack or stroke. There is huge risk of life for people with blood pressure who do not take it seriously. Massage therapies give you reduced level of BP and it is proved through various studies and tests conducted on different group of people. Massage therapies have revealed to be effective in lowering blood pressure level. Some effective therapies include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage technique and others. This reduction in BP level is because of the relaxation and soothing effect that is passed on to your nervous system after a massage therapy. It improves circulation of blood and thus lowers down your BP level to a great extent.

Massage and Healthy Circulation:

As stated earlier that massage therapies improve flow of blood locally within your body, this circulation improves the circulation of healthy elements within your arteries and blood vessels. There exists a thin inner layer of cells over your vessels that is known as endothelium and this layer holds a significantly important place for your heart health. Massage therapies also have positive effects on this layer and thus indirectly is linked to proper functioning and health of your heart.

Massage and Heart Rate:

RHR is referred to the Resting Heart Rate that serves as an indicator of good heart health. An average healthy human being should have a heart beat per minute rate of 40 – 100 bpm. An increased rate of heart beat is not only an indication of poor heart health but can also lead to problem with your blood pressure level causing hypertension and other issues. A very high range though even cause you a risk of your life. When studies were conducted on link between RHR and massage therapy, people who received massage were recorded to have a reduced rate of RHR in comparison to others. The main response of therapy when considering RHR was witnessed with a relaxing effect and positive energy induced in your body through nervous system that effects your heart health.

How Massage makes your Heart Healthy?

Massage therapies doesn’t need you to use any drugs or invasive approach for healing heart and other health related issues. It is a humanistic methodology that works on your body for your well-being. This relaxation therapy sets a soothing response in your body with the aid of which you can witness:

  • Improvement in breathing
  • Improved circulation and flow through vessels
  • Lowered level of blood pressure
  • Reduced heart rate.

Consult a Trained Professional:

If you really wish to reap all the heart health related benefits and others, it is best to set up your massage sessions on a regular basis by a professional who is educated and trained as a massage therapist. Sessions with trained and certified professionals are safe and so you would have to face risks of side effects. A trained massage therapist would be knowing all the tactics of massaging and thus would be able to give you a calming therapy for your nerves, muscles and entire body with complete comfort and reduced stress.


Regular massage sessions would be fruitful in maintaining good heart health. If not every week then a healthy massage once in two week or once a month should be experienced for overall health and wellness. Not only a massage therapy would keep your heart from diseases but would also be your step towards a healthy lifestyle. A proper and regular massage session along with some other changes in your lifestyle can lead to a good healthy heart.

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