How to Deal With Possible Allergic Itching After a Massage Therapy


A common reaction that some patients may experience after a massage therapy is itching. There are several factors that may contribute to this condition and usually the condition is not really serious with its effects to fade in a day or two. However if itching that you are experience appear to be unusual, it is best to go back to your therapist in order to keep yourself safe from any serious conditions. It is important to keep a note on how intense is the itching reaction. If conditions last for long, consult a doctor in order to take some medication to reduce the effect.

Reasons for Itching:

  • Itching related to allergy:

One reason for itching after a massage session could be use of massaging products that you may be allergic to. Some massage creams, oils and lotions are made with different products and your skin may be sensitive to these substances. Not only these substances but use of chemicals and artificial fragrance or colors would be one reason for this discomfort. Moreover massage tables and chairs are usually sanitized with some cleaning agent to keep it safe for each patient. You may be allergic to a cleaning or sanitizing agent used.

  • Itching related to circulation:

Some people may also experience severe itching after a massage therapy and it may be because of increased circulation of energetic fluid. As the body is massaged, blood vessels and capillaries are enlarged and thus they receive more of oxygenated blood as the pressure is applied during massage. Your brain may mistake this reception of energy and result may be itching signals. This itching reaction may be experienced in entire body or in some parts of your body.

  • Itching related to referred nerve sensation:

Massage session can create various sensations inside a human body. It may begin to tingle, numb, burn, itch or even pain because of nerve being trapped during the massage session as it works on your trigger points. Such sensations commonly appear as your muscles contract and relax during a therapy. You may experience such itching sensations in different parts of your body other than the pressure point focused or muscle actually worked upon (because pressure points trigger and are linked to various parts of a human body). This is why these itching sensations are called referred sensations.

How to Prevent Itching?

Here are some words of precaution that can prevent itching of skin after a massage therapy session.

  • It is recommended that you should make sure that your massage therapist is a professionally trained person and that he enjoys good reputation. A well-reputed and trained massage therapist would be using best products for therapy that do not lack in quality and would not cause any skin problems.
  • Safety of skin is most important so better know what products your massage therapist is using and discuss them with a skin specialist if you have experienced some irregularity in your skin. Dermatologist would better understand your skin and would thus recommend you products suitable for your skin.
  • Make sure that your body gets enough air after a massage therapy so that heat and sweat after a massage doesn’t buildup in various parts of your body that may result in itching.

How to Stop Itching?

With different types of itching, there are different solutions. First determine what is the reason of this itching reaction on your skin? If it is some reaction because of an allergy, determine the problem area that could be either product used over your body or any other thing present in the environment. Once you know what is that is causing the problem, ask your massage therapist to keep it away from your environment where you are experiencing this massage.

Sometimes as we discussed earlier, itching is a result of increased circulation or referred sensation. Usually this kind of itching will disappear with time as your muscles will adjust to circulation and relax. It may take some time so if you need some relief on a temporary basis, you can use a cold therapy (ask your massage therapist).

Important Note:

Some allergic or itching reactions can be severe and may cause a fatal reaction. In order to avoid any severity, make sure that you have communicated your health details and specific disorders or allergies with your massage therapist. A well aware massage therapist will be using techniques and would avoid anything that may cause a possible fatal reaction to your skin. If something severe happens in the form of itching reaction, it is recommended that you should immediately stop the process and remove any product applied (if it is triggering itching or allergy). Moreover if you experience severity in itching around your throat or any other specific area, immediately take help of a professional doctor.

Some sources used during a massage session that may be triggering allergic itching include:

  • Herbal products
  • Scented candles or lotions


Massage therapy without any doubt is something that would ease up your muscles and will relieve your stress but itching is one of the possible common side effect of massage therapy. In order to avoid or stop itching, evaluate the root of problem and remove it and avoid for all future massage sessions in order to keep massage session soothing and to keep yourself comfortable throughout the therapy.

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