How to Find a Perfect Massage Therapist


For those who are new to trying a massage therapy or people who didn’t had good experience with taking massages are the ones who may be confused about which massage therapist to opt for? Many would not be aware of how to find a perfect massage therapist according to their requirements? Most of the people try different therapists and may end up with one who would satisfy their needs after some number of trials with different therapists. Some may not have tolerating power and may end up avoiding massage therapy because of a bad experience with one therapist. The purpose of this article is to educate all those who wish to get relaxing massage experience on how they should choose a therapist?

Why Finding a Massage Therapist is Difficult?

Many of you may not even realize but finding a good therapist is a tough task but it is worth all the efforts that you will make as you can benefit over it for your lifetime. When you end up finding a good therapist, you may not need to go through the task again for years to come.

Some main reasons that makes finding a good therapist difficult include:

  • You may encounter many massage therapists who have values and experiences that are doubtful and are not according to the beliefs of medical sciences.
  • Turnover in this profession is quite high as massaging bodies on a regular basis is a tough task and many therapists leave the profession quite early out of some injuries and medical health problems they face as a result of massaging every day.
  • This tiring profession may demotivate or discourage therapists before they even become an expert or more skillful at it.
  • Requirements of education, training and certification differ at a great extent internationally and depends on your state requirements. Usually people don’t get proper directions on who really are certified massage therapists.
  • Insurance terms with massage therapies are tricky that makes the profession even more difficult for therapists.

How to Find a Perfect Massage Therapist?

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to find a perfect massage therapist for a soothing massage experience.

1. Decide on what are your Requirements and Goals?

The first and most important thing to consider is to find out why do you want a massage and what are your preferences and requirements? Answering this question would help you in identifying what kind of therapist would be best for you and what exactly are you looking for in a massage therapist?


You may want a massage therapy for:

  • Enhancement of workout.
  • Fitness and health maintenance.
  • Reduction of stress physical or psychological.
  • Reduction of pains and treatment of injuries.
  • Making body more flexible and relieving tensed muscles and there could be many other reasons.

Identify your goals would help you realize what kind of treatment you are exactly looking for? Not only it is important to know your goal in advance but it would be best to communicate this goal to a therapist (once you find one) so that he/she will be able to work better in right direction for results with a specialized technique for you. You may be looking for therapist because someone suggested you, it could be your physician, a friend or anybody else. Better look for someone who is specialized for therapies that would help in alleviating achieving your goals.

2. Get References:

Next step in the process would be to get references or recommendations for a massage therapist. There could be various sources from where you will be able to get some good names.

Ask a Friend: One such comfortable option would be to ask from a friend who has already benefit from massage therapy. You will be able to ask all the questions comfortably from a friend and this personal referral may prove to be a good option for you.

Ask your Doctor: Another referral that you can trust is reference from your healthcare professional/doctor. Doctors usually have a list of licensed and trained massage therapists with specialization in different areas and they will be able to better suggest a therapist according to your requirement or medical condition.

Ask Associations and Massage Schools: If not a friend or a doctor, you can check with a professional association, massage school or any fitness or wellness club or centers for a list of massage therapists.

Check Online: You will find a number of websites offering list of therapists. You can even check advertisements, newspapers/magazines and yellow pages. However you need to be very careful as these areas do not guarantee licensing of therapists and you may end up visiting a place not even meant for massage therapy. So it is best to check ins and outs of the place before visiting it.

3. Check your Preferences:

Massage therapies are concerned with your own relaxation and comfort and thus it is important to check what you personally prefer? So despite of going for someone’s suggestion, it is best to opt for what you are comfortable with. For example, you may not be comfortable getting massage with a male therapist so better not opt for recommendations for male therapists. This is just an example but preferences could be gender, location, budget/cost or other related factors.

4. Have your Homework completely done before a visit:

Before you actually visit a massage therapist, it is extremely important to know everything about him/her. You can check some information online and can then call the therapist office to find out more details. Before even making call to his office, make sure you prepare a list of questions to ask the therapist and answers to these questions would help you identify if this particular therapist would be right one for you or not?

Some questions to ask regarding therapist may include:

  • What are the different massage techniques that are offered at this office by massage therapist?
  • What is the style or technique that this therapist is expert at?
  • For how many years he/she have been practicing this profession?
  • What education, training or certification this massage therapist has and from where?
  • Is massage therapist linked with any professional organization? If yes, ask for names?
  • What is the fee charged for a session and what would be duration of the technique?
  • Is the massage therapy covered by insurance?
  • What is the policy for appointment and cancellation?

5. Check Reviews:

Once you have checked all ins and outs of this massage therapist and are satisfied with the answers found, it is the time to check and read reviews about this therapists. Mostly experience of different clients would be unique as techniques, health conditions and problems also differ with each client and thus an excellent therapy for someone may not work for other with different health condition. But these reviews would give you some idea on what is the reputation of this therapist and what clients say about him/her. Be sure that you check reviews of sources that are reliable.

6. Try a Session with Therapist to Find out Truth:

No matter how much of homework you do, you will only be able to find if the therapist is perfect one for you or is only good enough once you try a session with him/her. So if everything goes well till this point, book an appointment with the therapist. If you just want to have a trial session, you can ask the therapist if you can book a short session with them for around 30 minutes rather than a whole hour session to see their work and you will book more if you like it. Therapists usually may not agree to this but you can ask to give it a try if someone might agree.


Following the steps we have mentioned above, you will be able to drive better results with finding a perfect massage therapist. But remember that even if you have done your homework well and the therapist you have chosen is a trained professional from a reputed massage school, is experienced, is reasonably cost-effective and have great reviews; it wouldn’t guarantee that you will be able to get your desired outcomes or perfect results with massage therapy. These steps and tips would bring you closer to finding a perfect choice for you but there is no better way to end up with an absolute perfect than trying a session with them. You should remember that it is you who know everything about your body and make sure that you communicate your preferences and problems with the therapist so that he can help in making you feel better. You can’t blame a therapist for poor massage if he is not aware of needs of your body.

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