How to Massage a Man: Hints and tips for therapists

How To Succeed As A Male Massage Therapist

Massage can have an incredibly positive impact on our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Every day, we fall victim to stresses and strains, aches and pains, wear and tear and countless other negatives. They make our bodies weaker and cloud our minds. Those of us who do hard physical work often end up with stiff muscles, increased stress and an aching body. Thankfully, massage can rehabilitate health and revitalize the vital energy within us. Whether your client is male or female the type of massage you give will basically be the same. However, certain things will be different. And today, we’re looking at aspects of massage therapy that will ensure a pleasant, relaxing and efficacious experience for male clients.

Male Massage Tips

For a male client, the first step towards a comfortable massage therapy session is getting the drapes right.

Draping Men for  Massage

  • Draping men when face down is similar to draping female clients.
  • Explain the draping before you start, while you’re going through what you’ll be working on in the session.
  • Then leave the room and allow the client to undress and get comfortable on the massage table.
  • Provide him with towels large enough to adequately maintain his privacy.
  • Only the areas being massaged should be undraped.
  • If the towel becomes uncomfortable around the client’s private parts, allow him to make the necessary adjustments. Do not attempt to do so yourself.
  • To prevent any accidental exposure of private parts when the client is lying on his back, tuck the towel securely behind his legs.
  • Your client should be uncovered to the waist when you’re massaging the upper body and abdomen.
  • Make sure room temperature is comfortable as uncovered areas of the body tend to feel the cold quite quickly.


Tips for Massaging  Men

  • When massaging a man, make sure you apply consistent pressure over his entire body. Usually, firmer pressure is applied at joints like the elbows and knuckles, but some men may ask for a deep pressure massage on their entire body. You can get hold of special tools designed to apply massage at particular pressures. While applying a pressure massage, make sure you are doing enough (no more, no less) to give him a consistently comfortable massage.
  • You won’t hear many men complaining even if the pressure is too much for them to bear! So ask them and make sure there are no obvious signs of pain or discomfort. If there are, adjust the amount of pressure by increasing or decreasing the force as required.
  • Stretching is something your male massage clients will appreciate. Men tend to be more prone to stiffness than women. Having less flexible bodies, some men might find stretching uncomfortable, so communicate with them or take cues from their reactions and stretch or relax accordingly.
  • Along with a soothing head massage, most men will also appreciate a relaxing face massage. However, even a slight growth of stubble (“designer” or otherwise) will hinder your technique, so use some lotion (unscented) or baby oil for a smoother experience.



The massage profession can be tough, but picking up tips and educating yourself along the way can really help. Whether you’re a woman or a man, as a therapist you should know that all bodies have their differences. And the greatest differences are observable between the genders. Nevertheless, the basics remain the same. Just keep in mind what we’ve talked about today  (and check out ur sister article). Use the tips and knowledge offered here to make massage therapy a comfortable, relaxing and convivial experience. And by that, we mean not only for your client but for yourself as well!


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