How to set up a Comfortable Massage Table


A perfectly balanced, clean and well-organized massage table creates a welcoming environment for your massage client and sets an ideal base for beginning a successful session. The more comfortable your massage client feels on this table, more soothing will be effects of your efforts over his/her body. Not only setting up a massage table correctly is important for your client’s comfort but it will also keep therapist from bending down or stretching his/her body a lot during the session. Setting up a massage table may sound very basic but when you consider the steps and tips that we have shared here, you will be able to realize how important and critical it could be for comfort and health of both the parties (client and therapist).

Setting up a Massage Table:

Learning to set up a massage table in a perfect manner is not only in best interest of client but it will also help you as a therapist. It would prove to work with you for ease of performing massage while meeting or exceeding expectations of your clients.

Step 1: Adjusting Height of Massage Table!

It would surely give you aching back or hands or other body parts paining if you are working all day long as a therapist and you keep on bending or excessively stretching your body to reach to your client’s body for massage. This would happen if you do not have a massage table set at a proper height according to your own. Not only you will be straining your back but carrying a bad posture all day long can lead to serious issues in future. So first and foremost set up massage table height at a level where you can comfortably reach your client’s body. Experiment by trying different heights and tighten the knob of table to secure a height that is comfortable for you. Make sure that when you adjust height of the table, do not forget to tighten knobs properly or it could be dangerous. Keeping yourself comfortable will help you remain fresh and your job will prove to be less tiring and stressful.

Step 2: Adjust the Headrest!

Now the next step is to have the headrest adjusted properly so that your clients can comfortably lay on this massage table with no strain on their back, neck or face. Different adjustments can be made according to your client. You may raise or lower the headrest according to your client’s body at the time of massage session. Too high or too low headrest and if the angle is not set in proper manner according to your client, they would remain uncomfortable throughout the session and may face strain on their neck or back. Width of the headrest is also adjustable in order to fit to heads of different sizes.

Step 3: Padding of your Massage Table!

When you are done with making adjustments with the table and its headrest, now you need to think of ways to add padding to make the massage table more comfortable for your clients.

  • One of the most popular covering that is used for additional padding is You can find one that could be easily fitted and secured over your table through the four corners. But if you can’t find one that secures, you can tuck all the four sides under the table. Synthetic material fleece is the best choice if you want to avoid any kind of allergies and want something that is easy to wash and dry. In order to ensure proper hygiene, it is best to keep some sets of fleece so that when you have a busy schedule with one appointment after another; you can change fleece sets.
  • Another option could be memory foams. These are best protected for an extended life when covered in vinyl. If you have a hard massage table, this padding would give your clients more comfort. Thickness of these foams could be anywhere between 2 – 3 inches. These are super easy to clean with their vinyl cover and can make your massage table really comfortable.

Step 4: Placing Sheets!

Now you just need to add a sheet that should be fitted to your table. Over this sheet another layer of sheet would be placed that you can keep loose and you will be good to begin with any kind of massage therapy.

When shopping for sheets for a professional massage therapist’s office, it is important to make sure that these sheets should give your massage table a luxurious yet sophisticated look. Avoid funky cartoon characters or anything that appears to be funny or cheap. Sheets should be in good condition and should be durable enough to stand repeated wash and usage. If you are buying any printed material sheet, make sure that the designs are simple and elegant. Avoid using sheets that are not in good shape such as ones with stains, shabby etc. A dirty looking sheet can have negative impact on your client no matter how much efforts you may have put in for that client’s therapy.

Now you have your massage table completely set for your client that would not only feel good but also would make your massage room environment more welcoming.


Massage therapies only involve use of a massage table or chair with some massage products (oils, lotions etc.) and human efforts. Having only limited number of tools to make your client feel comfortable, you should be especially focused on making those tools inviting and pleasing for your clients. If you have a massage table that is set up with complete focus on client’s comfort and your feasibility; you will be able to enjoy giving a massage therapy and your client would also find it more soothing and tranquilizing. With one relaxing and satisfying session with a client, you will definitely get a repeated booking for another follow-up session.

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