How to treat Lower Back Pains with Massage Therapy?


One of the common problems that many people complain to suffer from is aching back. However this issue may be a minor problem or a moderate pain and even be quite severe. An aching lower back may be because of many different factors. Nature of your work may be needing you to sit in front of your computer for long hours and that overwork in sitting position may be causing this problem. Another common issue could be sleeping with bad posture in your bad that may have stressed your lower back. Severity may occur if stress is prolonged and not treated. Moreover repetitive injuries over your back can worsen the situation. All of these chronic lower pain conditions can be treated with various ways.

Dealing with Chronic Back Pain:

There exists various reliable medical treatments according to intensity of pain including medicines, injections, surgeries and other procedures. A treatment that involves no use of medicines and is a natural therapy for treating lower back pain is massage therapy. Massage therapy routine for your lower back would not only solve your muscle problems but would also relax the entire area.

Massage Therapy Combined with Other Treatments:

An effective massage therapy can give enhanced results when it is combined with other treatments including a physiotherapy or medical aid by an experienced physician. If the conditions are worse it is better to take advice of your physician before opting for any type of massage therapy for your back.

Muscles focused for a Lower Back Massage:

Lower back pains are usually because of the main muscles of your lower back and by applying massage techniques focused on these muscles would relieve the pain. These muscles include:

  • Quadratus Lumborum
  • Erector Spinae
  • Piriformis
  • Gluteal Muscles

Popular Massage Therapies for Lower Back Pain:

Here are some popular massage therapies for lower back pain that would help in making condition better:

  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage involve use of long strokes in a continuous manner over your lower back. This massage would focus on all your problem areas i.e. stiff muscles and tensed tissues. Focusing on those areas would loosen up your tighten muscles and would relax your body.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Hot stone massage is a popular healing therapy that involves use of hot stones over your back. These stones are heated in a special bath and thus work with a heated therapy on your tensed areas. Massage therapist would place these stones along your backbone on a linen cloth. This therapy works similar to any acupressure therapy. Hot stones carry an energy that is transmitted to your back giving you a soothing back massage.
  • Thai Massage: This massage is related to the techniques used in yoga. This massage is focused on moves that work to strengthen your muscles, release tension and make your body more flexible. Thai massage also involves use of some oils that would enhance the relaxing effect.

Self-Massaging Techniques for Lower Back Pain:

For those who are unable to find a professional massage therapist or would like to work by themselves to deal with minor to moderate lower back pain, here are some self-massaging techniques for them.

You can do this massage by yourself or can ask someone who is not a professional therapist but someone close who can help you get relief from your lower back pain to a certain extent. Gentle circular movements with fingers along both sides of your spine and sacrum that is the area around hip would ease up tension in that area and would give relief. Apart from that kneading and compression movements on gluteus top would also give you substantial reduction in pain.

Stretching Therapies: Stretching is another good option for healing your aching lower back. Begin with lying on a flat hard surface and have your legs completely stretched. Now bring one of your knees to the middle of your chest by gently pulling your leg and hold this position for some time. Now repeat this exercise with another leg. Another beneficial stretching therapy would be lying on back and crossing your right foot just over your left leg knee. Now rest the right foot on floor. Next twist your lower body part towards left and try to keep shoulders at rest on the floor. With your left hand pull right leg knee forward taking it down to the floor. Now repeat the stretching exercise with other side too.

Some Tips:

  • In order to improve the effect of massage therapy for your lower back, it is important to follow a routine. It is recommended that you should go for a massage therapy once in every two weeks.
  • For pains that are of chronic nature, seek your physician’s advice and go for a therapy every week.


Massage therapy, stretching along with medical treatment can deal with even severe intensity lower back pain. Remember that you should also make some changes in your lifestyle. For example if you have a job or work that needs you to sit all day long, you should take frequent breaks and stretch your body. Take a break from sitting at some intervals and you will feel better. Do stretching exercises and it would just take few minutes of your day but would give you a healthy lower back and relief from pain.

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