Importance of Posture in Massage Therapy

proper body mechanics for massage therapist

Health without any doubt is a treasure that we should be pleased about and should be thankful for. With this fast-moving and rapidly changing world, it has not become tougher to balance your work, family and health altogether. A hectic schedule is something that every other person seems to be complaining about. Most of us spend all day long sitting in front of our laptops or computer systems performing our everyday work duties and family responsibilities. This leaves you less stable both physically and mentally. We should try to maintain a correct posture at all times so that your muscles get less stressed and you will feel pretty much less tired at the end of the day. A correct posture involves having your back straight and the chest broad with chin pushed a little forward.

Importance of Proper Posture in Everyday Life Routine:

A bad posture sometimes is responsible for certain health related issues such as headaches, indigestion, neck and back pains etc. This is because when you don’t experience a proper posture throughout your day, you are putting a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. Thus your body muscles and ligaments work harder than they are supposed to. This additional energy consumed often leaves you more stressed and tired and you may experience pains in various parts of your body. Your muscles become stiff and if you are carrying these bad postural habits for years, your condition may get worse. A properly aligned body would result in less efforts made by your muscles and joints thus keeping you relaxed for a longer duration.

Bas Posture results in:

  • Poor circulation of nutrients
  • Poor lymph flow
  • Contracted muscles
  • Stiff tissues
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Misaligned bones
  • Immunity compromised
  • Headaches
  • Frequent sickness

Body Posture and Massage Therapy:

The science behind correcting your poor posture is to relax your tensed muscles that may have hardened because of poor postural habits. Relaxing your muscles and tissues surrounding them would enable movement of your bones back to their correct place. This seems simple but it takes time.

Massage therapy has proved to be one of the best techniques for correcting bad posture. A combination of different techniques can be used to make your posture correct. Some popular techniques are:

Swedish massage therapy:

A popular therapy that is used is Swedish massage therapy that involves use of certain strokes that improves circulation and focuses on areas that are chronically stiff.

Deep Tissue massage therapy:

Deep tissue massage therapy activates your body function and improves tissue fibrosis thus enabling you to recover from problems related to bad posture.

Other massage techniques that involve acupressure and any sort of manipulation would benefit structure of your body and will guide proper movements that may be following unhealthy patterns due to bad habitual posture.

A regular massaging routine will help you in getting your body back to its correct position enforcing healthy movements and positioning of your body parts. It loosen your tensed muscles and aid you in maintaining a posture that would be pain free. Your pressure points will be relieved and you will be able to move your joints with much more ease.

Importance of Posture for a Therapist:

If you are a therapist or at least know a massage therapist closely, you would understand that massage therapist who are known to promote your health and wellbeing are often prone to various muscles and joints related pains such as back pain, neck ache and other issues. Massage therapist are quite demanding tasks. So in order to enjoy a good career in the field of therapists, you should be strong enough and physically active. This demanding job often needs you to stay in one position for hours or repetitive position is experienced with different clients throughout the day.

A therapist should be aware of posture!

By posture we don’t only mean position of your body but a therapist should be aware of his body weight and pressure direction. A poor posture of a massage therapist during his job can result in causing certain problems which includes:

  • Muscles contraction
  • Misalignment of joints
  • Pains in different parts of their body
  • Fatigue
  • Poor energy and blood circulation
  • Poor lymphatic fluid flow
  • Reduced immunity

These common issues usually result when a therapist is not carrying proper posture. He may be putting too much pressure of weight over one leg or arm or may be working hard to reach client at a different to reach height on massage table. This could lead to serious injuries and pains.

Tips for Massage Therapist to Maintain Proper Posture

Some important considerations that therapists should keep in mind when providing a massage therapy are defined here:

  • Keep themselves physically fit, if you are not physically fit do not opt for providing a massage therapy.
  • Prefer to have a warm up stretch of your body before you begin applying therapy.
  • While massaging someone’s body make sure that you have your feet flat on ground and do not have to lean to reach the height. For that it is important that the tool that is being used for massage either a massage table or massage chair should be set at a height that makes it easier to reach for you. Too high a massage table or chair height would result in aching shoulders whereas too low a height can give you aching back.
  • Your back should be straight, avoid bending or twisting.
  • Your knees must be in a relaxed position and do not excessively extend them.
  • Your neck should stay straight at all times during massage.
  • Your shoulders, arms, hands, wrist and fingers are the areas that work continuously throughout a massage therapy. These parts of your body should be relaxed. Do not extend or twist them excessively or it may result in injury.
  • As massage progresses the point and direction of work would change. Keep repositioning your body and do not stay in one position throughout the session.
  • Your weight must be distributed evenly and avoid putting a lot of stress over any of your body part.
  • Do not work continuously throughout the day; rather prefer taking breaks in between massage sessions or appointments.
  • Breathe well and drink good amount of water throughout your day.
  • During sessions, keep a watch on your own posture at various intervals between sessions.


One of the leading factors for pains and injuries in our body is due to bad posture. Many of us often neglect this aspect of maintaining our health which is a significant part. Desk jobs that need you to sit for hours or spending a lot of time standing at a store can tire up your body and you may begin to lean or bend your body parts resulting in symptoms of a habitual bad posture. These pains and injuries can be better dealt with a proper massage technique that would heal up your muscles and tissues and would induce good posture habits. Massage therapists also need to develop a strong awareness of their body posture and should work on improving their habits during massage in order to avoid discomfort.


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