Improve Liver Functionality with Massage

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Your liver is responsible for removing toxins, bacteria, waste and other harmful substances from your body. Moreover, it also plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels and metabolizing hormones. The liver is susceptible to external and internal forces that prevent it from functioning as it should. A poorly performing liver is bad for oxygenation and circulation. Certain techniques can improve your liver’s performance. One of these is massage therapy. Effective massage therapy will not only improve circulation but also speed up the detoxification processes.

Improve Liver Function with Massage Therapy:

Because the liver performs some of the most critical functions in your body, it should be performing at the peak of its powers. With the proper application of the right massage techniques, you can improve liver function and witness impressive results in your overall health and functionality:

  • Liver massage reduces pain: This works particularly well for women suffering from severe cramps and pain during their menstrual cycle. Usually, period pain and related issues, like breast pain and back pain, are linked to a poorly functioning liver. Massage therapies have proved effective in reactivating liver function and thus relieving menstrual cramps and pain in the abdomen. Self-massage techniques can also alleviate these pains. Apart from improving liver function, massage also enhances the performance of other organs.
  • Liver massage relieves constipation: Constipation and indigestion are common complaints among the elderly, though most of us have experienced them at one time or another. They may sometimes be due to bad eating habits or stress or any other issues that affect the liver function and its ability to relax the abdominal muscles. Massage therapy brings welcome relief.

Simple massage therapies that can ease  your indigestion

  • Lie down on your back and bring your knees up, close to the centre of your chest.
  • A light massage over your stomach would also work.
  • Long firm strokes over the centre of your upper abdomen, where your liver sits, will also improve digestion issues.
  • Believe it or not, you’ll find an important liver-function pressure point between your big and your second toe. Applying an anti-clockwise circular motion to this point will also improve your digestion.

Massage therapies focused on the liver

Three massage treatments you can use to improve the functionality of your liver:

  1. Self-massage techniques including simple stroking or rubbing,
  2. Massage workouts that are focused for liver function, or
  3. Visit a professionally trained massage therapist for help.

You or your therapist should know where your liver is before carrying out any massage techniques.

Three relaxing liver massages:

  1. Lie down on your back with your left arm over your head so that your abdomen is straight. Now put your left palm on your sternum. Your right hand should slide down your rib cage to your navel while applying a gentle massage to your ribs breathing deeply. Continue this massage for 5-10 minutes. If you experience any discomfort, stop massaging immediately.
  2. Lie on your right-hand side with your knees slightly bent and place your left hand over your liver area. Bend your head slightly forward, but make sure you’re completely comfortable. Stay in this position and very lightly press and massage your liver and ribs with your thumb knuckle. This will relax tense muscles around your liver.
  3. Another effective massage, which you should do in a standing position, involves massaging your hips with the gentle movement of your hands. Make sure your feet are about the width of your shoulders apart. With your hands on your hips, make gentle circular movements for 5 – 10 minutes. This technique massages your liver without your hands moving directly over your liver.


Important Note:

  • Anyone suffering from chronic liver disease should consult their doctor before embarking on any massage therapy.
  • Your massage therapist should be well aware of your medical condition before going ahead with any therapy on your body.
  • Remember: some intense massage techniques, such as deep tissue massage, may not be suitable for a person in your condition, so don’t run the risk of damaging your health!
  • Before administering any kind of self-massage treatment, it is best to consult with a health professional to avoid doing anything you might live to regret.



Gently massaging and rubbing particular points and regions of your body, relaxes tensed up tissues and muscles and improves liver function. The threat of liver stagnation is a distinct possibility for a number of reasons. Stress, infection, allergies, use of certain medicines and any disease. Healthy liver function not only cleanses your inner system and improves circulation, but als0 energizes you. Liver Function directly influences the functionality of other bodily organs, and massage is one of the easiest drug-free methods of reducing liver passivity.


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