Learn About Some Reflexology Side Effects


Reflexology is an impressive alternative therapy or treatment that aids in reducing symptoms of various health related issues and conditions. Although this therapy is applied on feet and hands but due to the presence of reflex points at these areas that are linked to various other body parts, any pressure applied would have its stimulated effect on specific body part/s. Reflexology is a therapy that enhances health by improving circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body thus improving overall health. It also boosts the process of detoxification of your body. With so many benefits to follow a reflexology massage therapy, the side effects are only some and they are usually not really serious ones. However if we know about these reactions in advance, we will be able to cope up with them in a better way.

Side Effects of Reflexology:

Reflexology is a therapy that could be combined with other therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy and many others. Though it is best to seek consultation and services from a professional therapist so that this therapy is given with proper technique. Even though if the therapy is performed with proper technique, there is possibility of some side-effects. Some common effects may include:

  • You may feel tired and sleepy: One possible side effect of this therapy is that you may begin to yawn a lot, feel tired and may feel the need of falling asleep for long hours. These effects may continue for a couple of days and then would disappear.
  • Headaches: Headache usually occur when you feel extremely tired and this could be another side effect of reflexology. This symptom is more common with people who are new to experiencing this treatment.
  • Nausea and sinus congestion may occur: As stated earlier, reflexology is a method that enhances the process of detoxification in your body and with this process triggered, a client may begin to experience nausea or sinus congestion. Although the reaction would not be severe and would be only temporary.
  • Change of body temperature and flu-like symptoms: Some people may even witness that their body temperature may have changed as a reaction to the therapy. They may begin to feel cold or warmer. Some of you may even experience increased sweating. Apart from that some flu-like symptoms may also occur and it is completely normal.
  • Frequent urination and bowel movements: As this therapy improves body parts’ function, your body begins to get rid of toxins and so after treatment some people may even experience frequent visits for urination and bowel movements for a couple of days.
  • Changes in emotional reactions: After an effective reflexology, you may also experience varied emotional reactions. Some of you may feel like laughing a lot, some may feel like crying, some may become relaxed and begin to feel really good. Different types of emotions may be triggered after this therapy.
  • Strange sensations in your feet: As reflexology is usually focused on your feet along with some techniques applied upon your hands, you may witness some strange sensations such as needles tingling or pinning in your feet. These symptoms may begin during therapy and can continue for some days too. Though these would improve and will be done in some hours or days.

Other Side Effects:

  • You may begin to feel thirsty a lot!
  • Some may witness a skin rash too! And there can be other minor problems too.

Tips to Suppress Side Effects:

  • Keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water. It would help in relieving from most of the symptoms.
  • Avoid consuming high calorie or high sugar diet.
  • Also cut down on your intake of caffeine.
  • Go for a light walk on daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Breathe well.
  • Walk bare feet within your house or in other areas where condition permits.
  • Soak feet in hot water, you may add some sea salt to further enhance the effect.
  • Relax your body and mind with whatever soothes you most. It could be listening to some soft music, meditation, walk in the part etc.

How long these effects would last?

Normally these side effects would not last for more than a day or two however therapists have witnessed cases where their clients have faced these side effects for a few days after reflexology. If side effects become worse and you don’t seem to overcome these healing crisis, you should seek consultation from a health care physician.

Avoid Reflexology:

Some cases with individuals have been identified as not fit for reflexology. In such situations, reflexology is not recommended. These include individuals suffering from:

  • Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Feet circulatory problem
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancers spread to bones
  • Early pregnancy
  • Low platelet count
  • Blood clotting


Side effects that are reaction of reflexology actually mean that your body is giving a response to the treatment and this should be taken as a positive sign. Although if these response reactions do not improve over time or may become worse, you should contact your therapist and consult a doctor. Even when some symptoms may improve but you witness some different side effects after a day or two of therapy, in such situations as well you should report to doctor. Though reflexology is safe for all individuals but special care must be taken with people who are already suffering from any health related issues. It would be best to see your doctor and consult him if reflexology is a good option for you or not?

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