Massage an Effective Stress Relieving Tool for Moms


All the women especially those with kids have a tough time every day. Many of the moms have both home and work responsibilities to take care of. Every day they juggle with their schedule in order to keep up their commitments and responsibilities related to their house, children, family and job/business. Often moms are seem to be complaining about their life being incredibly stressful and even those who do not complain are also experiencing stress in one way or the other. Stress is no good as it could give rise to some of the complicated health related issues such as high blood pressure, depression, heat diseases, diabetes and what not.

Massage as Stress Reliever for Moms:

The idea of showing a little bit of care for that caring woman in your life is not bad at all. So if you really are focused on giving her some care, choose massage as one of the effective remedies for her stress and fatigue. Either book an appointment with a professional massage therapist or gift her one of the best massage chairs.

Some common problems that women usually face when dealing with a lot of things around her:

  • Bad mood
  • Postural stress
  • Aching muscles
  • Depression
  • Restless sleep
  • Reduced immunity
  • Headaches and other health related issues.

What Massage can do for HER?

  1. Improves Mood: Your mommy remains in bad mood most of the time out of stress, she really needs a relaxing massage therapy. An effective massage would lift up her mood by reducing anger and anxiety. As mommies have hundreds of things that needs to be done within a specific time frame, the session of massage therapy should be such that she should only relax without any worries or thoughts running around her mind. The magic of massage will only work when you forget worries of outside world and just enjoy a relaxing therapy.
  1. Reduces Stress and Improves Posture: Postural stress is a common issue with women. It may be result of all the bad posture sitting that they need to do or bad posture with lifting things etc. A stressed posture can be because of a number of related factors. This problem is well-addressed with an effective massage therapy that helps in improving misalignment of your muscles. Some pain and weakness in your lower back, shoulders, neck and other areas would be well dealt with a scheduled regular massage therapy. Even if you spend a lot of time sitting for your desk job, it would help in relieving soreness.
  1. Improves Inflamed and Sore Muscles: Massage therapy works for easing soreness and inflammation related to muscles. As you get in to the habit of a regular massage therapy, it would suppress the production of cytokines chemicals that gives rise to inflammation. So just giving some minutes of your day to a massage therapy would prepare you for working and enjoying rest of your day.
  1. Reduces Depression: A professional yet friendly therapeutic massage can be a great help in getting rid of depression and anxiety. Many women are often troubled with various sicknesses out of depression that gives rise to negative power and anger within them. Research shows that women who regularly experience a massage therapy have reported to have reduced depression. They feel happier and relaxed after a massage therapy.
  1. Improves Sleep Quality and Time: Another beneficial factor related to regular massage is that it encourages relaxing sleep for a longer period of time. Many women remain uncomfortable and are sleep deprived. A deep professional massage therapy can prove extremely helpful in easing up sleep time and make it more relaxing for her.
  1. Improves Immunity: A stressed and weak body doesn’t have energy to fight against diseases. For women it is important to maintain a healthy nutrient rich diet and at the same time have massage at least once a week to improve immunity. Massage provokes the production of white blood cells in your body and thus helps you in fighting against viral diseases and issues. So that makes it an important part of your healthy living.
  1. Improves Lymphatic Drainage: Harmful toxins and excess of water can do a lot of harm to inside of your body. Massage when done effectively would help you in losing more of harmful toxins and would aid in toning your body up for a healthier and fitter you. For all those mommies, who wish to get back to their fit physical shape, a regular therapy of massage is important.
  1. Relieves Headache: Headache is one sign of stress and is another common problem with women. As you begin to have a massage therapy on a regular basis, you will witness a drastic decrease in the frequency and intensity of headaches that you usually witnessed otherwise.


There is no doubt that these women work pretty much harder each day and though a regular massage therapy can add a lot of benefits to their health and well-being, massage alone would not be enough. Apart from an effective massage therapy, you must give her some time to relax. A time-out, a short nap, taking turns for doing some house hold chores and giving her a special treatment can further make your mom happier. As she gets more relaxed, she will be less stressed and more energetic. You will find her having fun while doing the chores with the reduced stress and depression that actually is a result of regular massage routine and a better schedule for her.

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