Massage and Pain of Arthritis


Yes we are talking about a luxurious and comfortable massage techniques that helps you in gaining ease with pains of arthritis. Medical treatment of this inflammation of joints involves use of heavy medication but along with the use of those medicines, massage can help you in relaxing your sored and stiffed muscles thus making life easier for arthritis patients. Researches have been carried out and tests prove that addition of massage therapy to treatment of such patients have raised the level of satisfaction of people living with this chronic pain. These massage techniques involve gentle rubbing of joints for binding your loosen joints and it would also work well in reducing soreness of your tensed muscles.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a common term used for a number of diseases related to inflammation and pain of joints. People of any age can suffer this disease but it usually occurs more in people of old age and in women. Arthritis involves pain, swelling, decreased movement of joints and other related signs. Arthritis can be slightly paining joints or can be severe. This disease usually tends to get worse with time and can also give you disability of some sort making movements difficult.

Learn How Arthritis Patients Experience Life!

Arthritis is in no way similar to a simple headache. It is chronic pain and living with this disease is not easy. Your quality of life is affected and at the same time you may go through a reduced moral, stress, depression and this problem can further lead to some disabilities too. Even simple everyday routine activities that a normal person carries out with ease proves to be difficult tasks for arthritis patients. Studies and tests have proved that massage is one technique that works well for reducing pain, stress and depression in arthritis patients and not only that but it enhances movement of their joints. A common problem with patients of arthritis is lack of sound sleep. Many of these patients complain that they need help in getting more deep sleep. Massage techniques also help in improving their sleep quality and duration by working towards pain and stress reduction.

Benefits that an Arthritis Patient gets from massage:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved movements of joints
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Improvement in blood circulation
  • Progresses nutrients to reach underlying tissues.
  • Improves sleep time.

Massage Therapies for Arthritis:

Many medical professionals recommend massage techniques for arthritis patients and they have found that this technique actually reduces the effects of pain and inflammation in your body. Massage not only makes you feel good but it actually works to improve your joints functionality and movement. Massage are soothing techniques that relax your body and there are certain types of massages that have proved most beneficial for treatment of arthritis patients.

  1. Shiatsu Massage Technique: With this massage technique, massage therapist focuses on certain points of your body and applies massage on those points for reducing pain. Massage is applied on areas of your body depending upon where you are feeling pains. This therapy may also include light stretching. Research says that shiatsu massage proves to be beneficial for enhancing health and well-being of human beings.
  2. Swedish massage Technique: Another famous massage technique is Swedish massage that many of the massage therapists recommend for improvement of health with arthritis patients. This technique involves use of varied strokes and movements horizontally and in circular motion along with kneading technique of massage for relieving stressed muscles of your body. Intensity of massage would depend upon your condition of joints and pains. It doesn’t only improve your muscle health by loosening stiffness but also by improving circulation of blood.
  3. Petrissage Massage Technique: Lifting, kneading or rolling of skin is involved in this type of massage therapy. A little bit of stretching is applied for relaxing your muscles and for lengthening the underlying tissues. This technique works well for dealing with areas of discomfort for arthritis patients.
  4. Lymphatic Massage Technique: A detoxing massage that includes a combination of different strokes of varied intensity that helps in draining the excess of lymphatic liquid to the stream of blood flowing through your body. Many of the arthritis patients gain benefits from this type of therapy.
  5. Opt for a Customized Massage: There are no strict laws with massage techniques and you can always go for a massage therapy customized according to your preferences and needs. You can request your massage therapist to design a certain customized therapy for you with special focus on reliving your pains and stress. You can give him/her details on your condition and give them a brief history of your disease and they would be able to give you a customized therapy for your improvement in your condition.


Since arthritis is a condition that has no complete cure; you can only make efforts towards making your condition better. Get help from a professional massage therapist or you can use some massage tools that can meet your needs. It is important to understand that the massage therapy you choose must be well under your level of tolerance. No doubt a massage therapy offers therapeutic benefits for well-being of patients but it is extremely important to talk to your doctor and find out which therapy would be best for you.

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