Massage Chair Health Benefits


Many massage chair reviews zero in on the technical aspects of the chair, or even how it looks. However, most of these reviews have an underlying theme to them, and it has something to do with what these chairs can do for their overall health – both physical and mental. One chair can be the best massage chair in terms of performance, the number of air bags, the number of programs or modes, or even the type of added features. However, the true test of whether you have a very good chair is the number of health benefits that you can get from it.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs 

The best massage chair provides a lot of health benefits for anyone who uses it. Let us look into the major health benefits that you can expect to derive from the use of your massage chair.

Pain relief. The most immediate effect of a massage chair is pain relief. A massage is the go-to treatment of anyone experiencing back pain or shoulder aches. With a massage chair, overworked and tired muscles will become more relaxed, and all your body aches and pains will be eased. In some treatment programs for major illnesses such as cancer, spending time in a massage chair is highly recommended, since it is very effective in alleviating symptoms and side effects such as nausea and debilitating fatigue.

Stress relief. Tension and stress can lead to headaches. Sitting in a massage chair, especially one designed to provide massage on the head, neck and shoulder area, will effectively get rid of all that stress, keeping side effects such as headaches at bay. This is even more appreciated in units that offer heat therapy.

Muscle relaxation. After a long day at work or school, or even from doing a strenuous activity, you are bound to feel discomfort, fatigue, and soreness in your muscles. 10 to 15 minutes on a massage chair will effectively eliminate all that, loosening your muscles and relaxing them. Massage chairs have rollers or air bags that are strategically placed on the chair to target specific muscle groups. You can also choose specific settings, modes, or programs so you can use different kinds of strokes for muscle relief. If you want to release tension in specific parts of your body, you can choose the Shiatsu mode of your massage chair.

Improved alignment of spine. Massage chairs, especially those with Automatic Recline function, provides support on the spine during a massage. In turn, it keeps the nerves from being subjected to too much pressure. In this reclining position, the spine lengthens and keeps its natural alignment.

Improved overall posture. Bad posture often results from misalignments of the spine, neck or shoulder muscles. Since a massage chair provides the right amount of support for the back area and corrects and prevents these misalignments, your posture will be improved, as well as your balance.

Improved blood circulation. A massage will also increase your blood circulation, which is instrumental when it comes to healing. Increased circulation speeds up healing from injuries and other illnesses. At the same time, it flushes out toxins from your body. Massage chairs with Swedish massage capabilities are perfect for this purpose.

Improved immunity. Studies show that massages go a very long way in improving one’s immune system. That’s because the massage chair helps increase the flow of lymphatic fluids (and blood) for the removal of toxins from your body. It also stimulates the secretion of endorphinsthe neurotransmitters that help you deal with pain and stress.

Eases sleeping problems. Do you have trouble sleeping? This can be caused by stress and unwanted tension. The relaxation provided by a massage chair can effectively alleviate insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Regulated high blood pressure. High blood pressure often results from stiffness and stress. With regular use of a massage chair, high blood pressure will be kept under control.

Keeps depression at bay. You may not know it, but you may be on the verge of depression. Using a massage chair regularly will ensure that you remain in a positive frame of mind, keeping anxiety and depression at bay.

Massage Chairs vs. Traditional Massages

Traditional massages, or those obtained from massage therapists and professionals, will also give you the same health benefits. However, not everyone has the luxury, time or money to keep up regular appointments with massage therapists. Here are the benefits of choosing a massage chair over a traditional massage by a massage therapist, and how it impacts health and well-being.

  • Massage chairs eliminates the anxiety of reworking your schedule to keep up regular appointments with your therapy.
  • Massage chairs can be set up at home, or at your place of work, so you don’t have to worry about travelling to the spa, gym, or clinic for your massage session.
  • Massage chairs have more options. More often than not, a massage therapist will stick to one or two ‘specialties’. With a massage chair with several programs or modes, you can easily configure your massage session, depending on the type of massage you need at a particular point in time.
  • You will also be saved from worrying and stressing out over your finances, or keeping up the regular payments to your massage therapist. Getting a massage chair is definitely cheaper in the long run, and the cost of maintaining one is minimal.


Now that you know all the wonderful health benefits that you can get from a massage chair, it is time to get serious and start looking for the best massage chair that suits your needs (and your budget). Read articles online about the essential features you should look for in a massage chair, and go over the many massage chair reviews available online for some input and suggestions. You can also rely on these massage chair reviews for helpful tips on how to maintain your massage chair, and how to make the most of it

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