Massage Chairs and Massage Tables: What’s difference


As we think about a massage therapy, immense relaxation, comfort, freedom from stress and many other related terms appear in our mind and thoughts. Yet this blissful offering has various forms, tools and types with which you can enjoy varied advantages. Two of the many tools would be our areas of discussion and these are massage chairs and massage tables. Both of these options can give you a refreshing massage and can address various pains and health conditions but main question is that which type could be a perfect choice for your situation and according to your preference? Getting details of both of these tools would enable you to make a better choice.

Comparison of Massage Chairs and Massage Tables:


Massage chair offers a relaxing massage that focuses on relieving and easing up tensed muscles in certain areas of your body including shoulders, back, arms etc. Whereas a massage table is designed to give you a complete body massage that caters to pains and stress in various muscles of your body. A massage table proves much more relieving in terms of de-stressing your body after a tiring work routine.

Massage Type:

A person lying on the massage table can be given any kind of massage; may it be acupressure, hot stone, shiatsu deep massage or any other therapy. But massage chair restricts on the type and style of massage given to a person using chair. Since a client would be clothed, some massage techniques cannot be applied. Usually a combination of kneading, stretching, tapping and pressure are used with seated massage. The areas that are focused with a chair massage are shoulders, back, arms and neck. However with more advancement in automation, more advance massage chairs are now available capable of catering to lower body parts as well.

Massage Products:

With a massage chair, massage products such as oils and creams cannot be used as usually a chair massage is done fully clothed. Whereas with a massage table, therapist can use massage oils and creams on your whole body with varied strokes. One issue with use of massage oils and creams is that most of the times, these products are not completely absorbed and thus leave your body sticky. Apart from that many a times, people with sensitive skin may suffer irritation after use of these products.

Space Consumption:

Less amount of space is occupied with the use of a massage chair in comparison to massage table. So if you are short on space, massage chair would be more suitable option for you.

Ease of Transport/Travel:

When we talk about portability, usually both massage chairs and massage tables are portable. Many good brands offer products that can easily disassemble or have folding design for ease of moving.

Place suitable for Massage:

A massage table needs you to undress yourself in order to get a proper relaxing massage while lying on the table. Such application of massage therapy needs a private place such as your home or a spa or dedicated massage room. For complete comfort and privacy of client, therapists needs to make sure that windows and doors are properly closed. On other hand for massage on a chair you don’t need to get yourself undressed and thus these chairs can be used at any public place. So if you have privacy concerns, a massage chair would be most suitable choice.


For those who wish to get a quick relaxing massage, massage chair would be an ideal option as massage duration would be only between 10 to 20 minutes. However when you opt for a full body massage on a massage table, it would take at least 1 hour duration. So for a full body massage, you need to take out time from your busy schedule or can opt for it during weekends/holidays. Whereas a quick refreshing massage on a massage chair can be done in the evening or at night as you return from a tiring day at work.


A massage on the chair may cost you something around $10 to $20. Whereas a full body massage on the table would cost you something around 100 USD or more. Cost of a full body massage would depend upon duration and type of massage therapy.


A massage chair can be conveniently used by people of any age group. Even for elderly massage therapy as well as people suffering from injuries (depending upon the condition of injury). All those people can easily climb on a massage chair and get a comfortable therapy according to their preference. However massage table on the other hand may not be easily accessible for such people and they may find it difficult to climb up and lying on the table for a therapy.


As we compare massage chairs and massage tables, each of these tools offer relaxing massage therapies however some features differ. You can choose between two depending upon your preferences of the style of massage while keeping in view all your concerns. Some of you may not have the time to go for a massage spa and thus may find shorter massage sessions on the chair handier while others may treat their bodies with a full extended body massage. Both of these tools are differently targeted and choosing either of them completely depends upon your taste.

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