Massage therapy: Types and Health benefits


Techniques of massage have existed for more than one thousand year and thus with time a number of different therapies have been evolving since then. Today therapists report that there exist more than 80 different styles of massage therapies and each of these therapies offer health benefits in the form of relaxing body parts, relieving tension, pain and stress. Many of the massages are designed to cure specific diseases and heal some injuries. Massage therapies involve techniques such as rubbing, gripping, pressing muscles and parts of your body. Health benefits of massage are the reasons for great popularity of therapies worldwide. User now gets option to select from different styles and can treat their health problems without use of many medicines. Massage also improves body weakness.

Health Benefits of Getting a Massage:

Not only relaxation is the reason why people choose to get massage therapies but you get a number of other benefits. However if you have some health issues, we recommend you to consult your doctor before opting for any specific massage therapy.

Massage can sure various health related issues and this includes problems like:

  • Headache, Migraines.
  • Back Pain.
  • Sleeping Problem.
  • Osteoarthritis and many others.

Massage therapies work well for reducing your back pain. A great massage session can relief your lower back pain up to 40% and you may not need any painkiller for its treatment. Research tells us that some specific massage techniques designed for back pain work better than acupuncture.

Pain of head is another prospect that can be easily cured with a good massage therapy. Even in migraines, massage works like wonders. Not only that but you will witness an improved sleep after getting a massage.

Osteoarthritis of knees can be effectively treated and you will witness immense relaxation with Swedish massage. Not only you will find relief in pain but it will also improve your muscle stiffness and body function.

Massage has positive effects on a person facing depression and anxiety for what so ever reason. Apart from that it is also fruitful for a person suffering from cancer and taking its western treatment. Cancer patients suffer from various side effects that its treatment brings in and along with that symptoms are also quite depressing. All such depression, pain and fatigue can be reduced with proper massage sessions.

Massage Therapy Types:

As we mentioned earlier that there are a number of different therapies of massage that exists today and thus you may not be sure about which treatment is the most suitable choice for you. We will now be discussing some of the most fruitful and popular ones along with their specific benefits for particular group of people. So before you choose a new massage style, go through these details in order to ensure that would it be beneficial for your health condition?

Answer some important questions first!

Before we move on to discussing different types of massage therapies, you need to ask yourself some important questions so that you can find what is most suitable for you?

  1. Are you looking for a massage therapy just to get yourself relaxed and for reducing stress?
  2. Do you need massage for getting some relief for a specific health problem?

Different therapists use varied methods of massage and thus you should ask your therapist that which techniques he would be using? Duration of massage varied with different styles. It could be few minutes to some hours. Also different styles require varied strokes and use of different products. So make sure you discuss your preferences and things that you would like to avoid.

Popular Massage Therapies:

Swedish massage: One of the most common but really popular types of massage therapy is Swedish massage. This technique involves kneading with both short and long strokes. It has light tapping that focuses on top muscle layers of your body. You will also witness some movements of your joints. This therapy is focused for relieving tension from your body and revitalizing it. Even after an injury, you will find this massage therapy pretty relaxing. Different strokes experienced with this therapy include:

  1. Friction: Rubbing in circular deep movements of your layers of tissues that help in improving blood circulation. It also helps in breaking down scar tissue.
  2. Effleurage: This is a simple gliding stroke that helps comforting your soft tissues.
  3. Tapotement: With hands cupped, therapist would give alternate short taps. He would also use his fingers and edge of hands for this action.
  4. Petrissage: It involves kneading, rolling and squeezing.

Deep Tissue Massage: If you have places in your body where you are experiencing troubling stiffness and pain, then deep tissue massage is the best option for you. This massage therapy is focused to relieve pain through certain parts of your body where you are witnessing pain. In this therapy some deliberate strokes are made focused on those tensed muscles and deep tissues within it. Even with chronic tension patterns and for muscle injuries, this massage technique would work better than other types.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy: This involves manipulation of soft tissues to give a massage focused on muscular and nervous system areas facing acute pain. All the tender trigger points of your muscles are focused with this therapy. This therapy is beneficial for curing problems with circulation, nervous system, biomechanical issues and postural problems that may have occurred because of repetitive injury.

Shiatsu Massage: This one is introduced from Japanese and is a finger pressure massage technique that applies a rhythmic pressure to various trigger points (acupressure points) of your body. This technique completely energizes your body and aids in relieving any blockages over these pressure points.

Hot Stone Massage: This therapy involves placement of warm stones over different parts of your body. These points are usually acupressure points. During session these warm stones are used as tools for massage or are simply left at their place. These hot stones can be really soothing as heat from it travels deep within your body tissues and you will feel completely relaxed. These hot stones are used with other massage techniques too.
Thai Massage: This massage technique involves movement of clients’ body in different positions with the use of therapists’ body. You acupressure points are focused along with movement of your joints and compression of muscles of your body.

Chair Massage: You may already have experienced this mild chair massage while passing through an airport, or at a conference or at a fair or festival. This massage is usually offered for 10-15 minutes. The chair enables you to be seated comfortably with your clothes on. These chairs are specially designed to give instant relief with light massage around your shoulders, back, neck, arms and legs.

Sports Massage: Athletes gain a lot of benefits with sports massage. This one is designed to improve muscle system and the technique differs with different sports. Athletes can take advantage of this massage during, before or after an event. This massage technique makes their body more flexible and reduces chances of getting injured. It also helps in relieving stress from muscles. After even massage can be good for any injury encountered during sport.

Reflexology: With the use of hand, fingers and thumb, certain acupressure points of your feet are massaged. This massage gives you relaxation and promotes soothing of muscles and technique involved is similar to the one adopted for other parts of your body.

Massage during Pregnancy: A pregnant woman witnesses various changes in her body and thus massage for pregnancy is designed to reduced effects of all such changes. A woman’s body witnesses joint pains, swelling around legs and arms, stiffness of muscles and other related issues. Massage helps in relieving your body naturally without use of medicines. During pregnancy, options for taking medicines for such problems are limited and this is where massage works its way for relief. This massage includes use of special pillows so that your body can be placed in a state of complete comfort during massage session.


Requirement of massage therapies differ from one person to another depending upon their own routine, requirements and health issues. Thus it is important to understand differences between varied types of massage therapies and about their health benefits. So choose your favorite massage depending upon your area of focus and your required output from a massage therapy, make it a part of your routine (daily or weekly) and you will be able to re-energize yourself for another hectic work routine without much strain and stress.

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