Reducing Concussions’ Symptoms with Massage


Concussion is a term used for traumatic brain injury that is caused inside human brain as result of a blow to human head or body. It could also be result of any traumatic shakes of brain or falls that may cause an injury inside your brain. You may suffer from physical injuries such as bruises around other parts of your body but concussion is related to internal brain injury that may not be visible. Some people even recover in a few hours or days or weeks but for some complete recovery from concussion can take longer. Since brain is quite sensitive part of a human body and concussion is a serious problem that can lead to long-lasting problems and disabilities. So early diagnosis is important.

Symptoms of Concussion:

Even symptoms of this condition vary from person to person and you may not even lose consciousness to identify a concussion. Here are some common symptoms that may be associated with concussion.

  • Severe headache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Difficulty in vision
  • Numbness or tingling effect
  • Becoming unconscious
  • Problem with balancing
  • Changes in personality
  • Feeling more emotional and sad
  • Memory problems
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Confused state of mind
  • Difficulty in focus
  • Reading, speaking, visual and hearing disturbances and others.

In all the cases where you find yourself experiencing one or more symptoms, you must seek help and assessment with an appropriate doctor.

Who are at Risk?

Anyone can suffer from this traumatic brain injury however people who are involved in sports and other physical activities need to take cautions in order to keep themselves safe. Players of football, wrestling, boxing and similar needs to take additional care as only preventions can reduce the risk of this injury. A concussion is forceful hitting of skull for damage to brain and in some severe cases this injury can even be fatal if not attended immediately. Concussion is always an emergency situation. Research reveals that around 300,000 sports person suffer from brain injuries of various intensity every year. Most of these are men within the age of 16 to 25 years. Thus it is important to wear body protection gear especially helmet when possible to keep yourself safe.

How Massage Helps with Concussion:

One of the most effective method that helps patients deal with concussions is massage therapy. Massage therapies have rich historical background and it has been a proven method that works well for dealing with various injuries, pains and diseases that a human body may suffer from. Research and studies have proved this method to be effective for concussions too.

Massage gives a relaxing effect for human body and thus enhances production of endorphins. A relaxing effective therapy helps in reducing internal pressure and swelling thus aids quick recovery. Apart from that massage therapy involves working on specific trigger points that reduces stress and tension around various parts of your body and thus spells out any dizziness, blurriness, confusion and other related symptoms of concussion. The idea behind magical results of a regular massage therapy with concussions is to bring your body in to a state of complete relaxation. A relaxed body and mind gets a break from tensions and stress and thus the process of recovery is quicker. Although it is important that massage should be customized for your mind and body keeping in mind what concussion associated symptoms you are facing.

Massage Treatment Post Concussion:

A massage therapist working on a patient suffering from concussions need to do a proper examination and assessment before beginning to give him/her any treatment. If you fail to properly assess needs of your patient, you may further complicate their health condition.


A complete review needs to be done of patient’s medical history and present condition. A massage therapist should know about general health of the patient, details of event when concussion occurred, treatment that patient has received along with details of symptoms and other complaints that patient is experiencing. Various assessment tools and methods are available with which a therapist can do physical, behavioral and psychological examination of a patient and then score his evaluated condition. A massage therapy treatment must be designed after evaluation is done in order to make sure that it proves only beneficial for the patient.


Before you begin any treatment method for such problems, make sure that your patient is completely comfortable in the environment. This is important in order to have them gain the benefits that your work is intend to give them. Massage treatment would vary from client to client but most important is to check positioning. Massage can be performed lying flat on a massage table or in a turning over position. Whatever position is comfortable for your client, choose that to ensure client’s comfort.

Many massage therapists found that working with a deep therapy on the sensory system could make it difficult for clients and can even worsen their symptoms and condition related to Concussion. Most of the therapy systems should be designed to give a strengthening effect and parasympathetic response. Apart from that body modality techniques, lymphatic drainage massage, facial muscles and scalp massage and an overall head massage can make your patient feel complete and deep relaxation.
You can find many massage therapists today who are practicing with their focus solely in the field of neurological issues. There are therapists who work on patients suffering from headaches, concussions and other brain related injuries and problems. So it is best if you can get help from one such practitioner who has substantial amount of experience in this field of treatment. You would need to take multiple sessions of therapy for your specific concerns. Each session would not be same as each would be potentially focused on achieving varied results. But regular sessions would make a beneficial difference for patients suffering from concussions.


Massage therapy has been there for decades to ease pain and for providing comfort with varied issues of a human body and mind. Appropriate approach with focused therapeutic care is important to get the desired response from a therapy. Continued cases of brain injuries are being reported and the rate is rising day by day. This has triggered research in this field however evidences still lack. But research shows that massage therapy has proven to be a safe technique for dealing with concussions provided you get individual treatment approach for your concerns.

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