Relating Massage with Dupuytren Contracture Treatment


This is a disease also termed as Viking disease. This condition is related to tissues of your palm and fingers. As the condition weakens and this disease spreads through your palm, fascia of your palm becomes thicker and it shortens that slowly and gradually forms a fibrous cord underneath your skin. This condition causes your tendons to constrict and can result in bending of one or more of your palm fingers in a direction towards your palm (inwards). Risks for this disease have been identified but nothing much has been revealed or said related to causes of this condition.

Diagnosis of Dupuytren’s Contracture!

Doctors have advised self-diagnosis of this condition. Although this disease may take years to develop but some initial signs could be:

  • Your hand doesn’t lie flat on the table.
  • You notice thickening of tissue.
  • You find some puckering or dimples on your palm.
  • You witness a knot that may hurt when pressed.
  • You are finding trouble holding objects and witness reduced grip strength.

Who are at risk?

According to research, you are at risk of this disease if you have other family members suffering from this condition. Apart from that research reveals that men are more prone to this disease and especially those who are 40 years of age or older. Moreover if you are used to of smoking or drink alcohol; you can even develop Dupuytren’s Contracture. Others at risk are people having diabetes and rock climbers.

Massage – Treatment for Dupuytren’s Contracture!

This condition can be eased by various methods of treatment. In conditions that are really severe, doctors recommend surgery to be the only option. However if you are at an early stage of this condition, you can get effective relief with non-invasive treatments such as stretching and massage therapy.

How Massage Helps?

Massage therapy when used in connection with some exercises can work towards enhancing healing and recovery process from this condition. Massage actually improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid that results in offering increased blood and oxygen around the affected area, this prevents you from tissue fibrosis. Apart from that enhanced lymphatic fluid flow would aid in removing toxins from the point of injury or scar and would trigger its healing activity. Gentle, direct massage with some exercises has proved to be a safe treatment method that not only solves this problem but also enhances your overall health by improving blood and energy flow throughout. Massage thus has a dual action where it enhancing overall circulation and at the same time works directly on cords, tissues and muscles to relax and relief tension.

Early Stage of Dupuytren’s Contracture:

When this condition is at its early stage of development, stretching and gentle massage of palmer fascia would help. This technique would enhance local blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and cellular activity that would reduce or completely eliminate cords of Dupuytren on your palm. When palm fascia continues to shorten, it would lead to restrictions around your palm and for that you would need to find an appropriate treatment including gentle and sustained traction, and self-stretching massage. An appropriate self-stretching action plan would help in easing and releasing fibrous binding in your palm.

Stretching should not only involve your fingers but you should use your forearm and wrist as well. Wrist and fingers should be stretched in hyperextension and your greater emphasis should be on these areas. This method overall will give you overall release and benefit Dupuytren contracture.

Some Tips:

  • Learn correct technique and regularly massage your hands.
  • Accompany massage with some effective stretching exercises.
  • Foam rollers can also release muscles, relief pain and enhance circulation. Thus foam rollingalso can prove effective with this condition.
  • Make sure you discuss density and intensity of massage with your massage therapist and work in a way that is effective for your condition.
  • Massage therapy is more helpful at early stage than for advanced stages.

Surgical Treatment:

In some severe cases and in conditions where these conservative approaches such as massage and stretching are not proving to be helpful, surgery may be suggested in order to reduce fascia restrictions and for proper movement of your hand.

Even surgical treatments vary depending upon your situation. Some may need local anesthetic needle fasciotomy treatment where doctor uses a needle that is inserted through skin to break up corded tissue for relief. Whereas other option is open general anesthetic fasciotomy that is more effective and is used in severe conditions. Here surgery is done to cut and remove the restricting tissue from your palm. Surgery can be quick treatment followed by hand therapy but research says that this condition may recur and it may not be a permanent solution for every case.


Varied therapies are recommended and have proved beneficial at various stages of Dupuytren’s contracture. The best thing about stretching and massage techniques is that these work best without causing any trouble throughout the stages of this disease. If you use massage technique properly, you will be able to relief your hand tissues and muscles effectively. Apply pressure through your palm and fingers in a specific way and best results could be gain if you begin these treatments at early stage of disease. Although if you begin late, there will be benefits but treatment would need more time and efforts. If you are not sure about self-massaging, you can get help of a professional massage therapist but make sure you follow the recommended frequency in order for therapy to be effective.

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