Tips for a Relaxing Head and Scalp Massage


Anyone who undergoes a massage therapy would definitely be aware of its magical effects. Not only it revitalizes your body, mind and skin but also boosts your mood by stimulating the flow of energy throughout your body. A feeling of calmness and relaxation is what you can get from a good massage therapist. This feeling of calmness and relaxation is further amplified with a luxurious head and scalp massage that not only gives you a soothing effect but also proves beneficial for your head and scalp skin and with growth of scalp hair. A head and scalp massage nourishes your scalp by stimulating the follicles and it results in an increase in hair growth.

Benefits of a Head and Scalp Massage:

Some benefits that one can gain from a head and scalp massage includes:

  • Enhances energy and improves your mind consciousness.
  • Reduces stress and relaxes your mind
  • Relive tensed muscles around your head, shoulders and neck.
  • Nourishes your scalp skin and improves growth of hair.
  • Make your hair healthier, shiny and easy to manage.

Tips for a Relaxing Head and Scalp Massage:

Now that we have gone through some important benefits of a head and scalp massage, doing it properly would further enhance the effects. Here are some important tips for massage therapists and clients with the aid of which they can give impressive head and scalp massage.

  • Keep everything Handy: A head and scalp massage should progress in a continued un-interrupted manner to give most effective results. Thus it is important that therapist should have everything handy that he/she may need while offering a massage therapy to their clients. Any tools or products that you will be using should be within your range.
  • Choose a Relaxing Time and Venue: A head and scalp massage would already begin to relax your mind and body thus it could be done at any point of time but choosing a relaxing time and venue would further amplify the effects. A soothing environment and a time when you don’t have work or other things to worry about would be the best thing that you could do for a relaxing therapy. By soothing environment we mean that the room should be vacant and noiseless. Lights should not be too bright or preferably dim. Make sure that the person who would be experiencing the massage is completely comfortable in the environment so that he/she could enjoy the therapy.
  • Position of Massage: A head and scalp massage can be given in either sitting or lying down position. Many of you would definitely prefer a lying down position so that you can enjoy blissful sleep with day dreaming during this pleasing session. Position of the massage should strictly be client’s convenience and comfort.
  • Use Warm Oil for Scalp: Using some essential oils would be great for a scalp and hair massage. Not only it would revitalize your scalp but would make your hair healthier and shiny. You should have the option of choosing your personal favorite and could also get a combination of massage oils. For scalp, use of warm oil is recommended as it would aid in opening up pores of your scalp and would give you a relaxing massage. Use a warm base oil bowl and add some drops of essential oil to further relieve stress and get completely soothing scalp massage.
  • No Stressful Extensive Pressure: A head or scalp massage doesn’t need therapist to exert much pressure or make efforts with their hands and fingers. The treatment must be smooth, soothing, and gentle and efforts should be made to make it more magical. This massage is just focused to make a person relax and for just improvement of circulation of blood through their scalp. You should not be giving more pressure as you may scratch or further damage the scalp. This massage should be completely gentle. Just massage the head by moving fingers in circular motion and go from roots till the end with the use of oil. A little bit of pressure can be applied on skull dimples behind your ears top.
  • Always Choose a Professional Expert: It is true that many of us are unaware of importance of technique with head and scalp massage and may opt for whatever we get at a cheaper price. With a head and scalp massage, it is equally important to go to a professional expert massage therapist as it is with a full body massage or with any other massage therapy. So look for a professional who has knowledge and know ins and outs of this therapy.
  • You can learn to massage on your own: Though it may not give you as pleasing effect as you get when someone else especially a professional would give you head or scalp massage but you can learn to massage yourself too. Follow these simple tips and watch some videos of a good head or scalp massage to know how you can make this massage more enjoyable while doing it yourself. You can even learn this skill to give a head and scalp massage to your loved ones in family and friends and they would definitely appreciate it.


Head and scalp massage therapy can truly prove magical provided it is done in the right manner by following these tips that we have shared above. Just keep yourself conscious of who are you choosing for this therapy? Even if you are doing it by yourself, you should be focused on giving massage with a gentle rubbing of fingers. Too much of stress could only damage your head and scalp skin. Work gently and with the use of other techniques that you can learn, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and pleasure of a head and scalp massage therapy.

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