Tips for giving a Spectacular Foot Massage


For those who would like to rediscover immense pleasure and relaxation, you must opt for a great foot massage that would ease up all the stress and discomfort from your body and will put your mind in a stable state. A foot massage can be performed by oneself however the effect of someone massaging your foot is completely magical provided proper techniques are used for providing a foot massage. Foot massage would feel really good and techniques are really easy to learn and apply. We are sharing various tips that one must use in order to relax someone with a comfortable foot therapy.

Tips Related to the Process for Foot Massage:

These tips are for both, the person getting massage and his/her massage therapist. Following these tips would enable you to make the most out of this therapy and therapist would be able to perform it wonderfully well.

  • The person getting massage therapy must be laid on their back in a comfortable position with their face up. Different movements throughout the therapy may need them to slightly rotate their body however therapist should make sure that no sign of discomfort should be there.
  • Before actually beginning to massage foot, you should give feet a warm bath for around 5 to 10 minutes in order to get rid of any dirt that lies within the feet. Some soapy gel or essential oils can be added to water upon preference of client. Light rubbing in the water would improve relaxation.
  • A number of different products are available in market that are designed especially for a foot massage. You can use a combination of different oils and creams to further enhance the effects of massage.
  • When using oil, make it a little warm in order to make a person comfortable while getting a foot massage.
  • A foot massage must not be vigorous, instead it should involve gentle rubbing around your foot from sole till tip.
  • Sole is the area where you can increase pressure during massage and as you reach top, reduce the amount of pressure.
  • Along with straight rubbing, you should move your thumbs in circular motion throughout the heel area.
  • Massage entire feet including special focus on points including heels, ankle bone, foot arch with gentle kneading and rolling technique using your hands.
  • Give special attention to your feet toes. Massaging toes would involve gentle pulling of each toe to a point that keeps this practice comfortable for your client. Slip your fingers within the gap between toes and rub the base with your thumbs. Rub toes with the use of a massage cream or oil.
  • Certain amount of strong pulls should also be included in a foot massage session that would improve circulation within your feet.
  • Movement of muscles of your feet are linked with long muscle of the feet beginning close to the Achilles tendon and ending at the knee. Massage your feet long muscle well.
  • Another important points are Achilles and lower foot. A lifting and stimulating therapy with more pressure, pulling and squeezing at various speed levels should be involved in order to give a soothing effect to your feet.
  • Rotate ankles one at a time while lifting the foot up. Rotate clockwise five times and then anti-clockwise too for five times. You can increase the number of rotations unless the receiver of massage experience any sign of discomfort with this action.

Some General Tips that Enhance the Effects of a Foot Massage:

Here are some important tips that should be followed to give enhanced soothing and relaxing effect to a massage receiver:

  • Massage therapy should be gentle, slow but at times press should be firm but not too much firm that may cause any discomfort or pain.
  • Do not overburden or overwork your hands. Massage is done to release tensed muscles and this could be done well with gentle movement of your hands.
  • While giving a foot massage, you may initiate a fruitful light conversation with receiver of massage but make sure that your voice is not too loud but rather it is calmer and soothing.
  • Playing a soft music can enhance the effect of massage by inducing relaxation.
  • Light fragrance or scented candles can be added to further make the environment soothing.
  • Give importance to your client by eye contacting and smiling at them. This could build companionship and confidence among therapist and receiver. Respect your client.
  • Receiver of massage therapy should be in a relaxed state of mind.
  • As you massage continuously, your hand may build up stress, shake your hands loose to stabilize them and then continue with the therapy.
  • Communicate with receiver in order to make sure that he/she is enjoying therapy and are not feeling any pain.
  • Be very careful during the massage therapy as you should not end up hurting the receiver’s feet.


  • Do not apply too much pressure as it may cause discomfort or pain and would ruin the pleasing effect of this therapy.
  • Use of essential oils and cream can enhance the effect but avoid overusing these products.
  • While giving a foot massage make sure that receiver of the massage can move his/her knees and feet. Any locked state for a longer duration may cause muscles to become stiff and may hinder circulation of blood.
  • There are certain conditions when intense or high pressure massage therapies should be avoided. Same goes for a foot massage. Avoid applying strong pressure to feet of people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or even pregnant women.
  • If you have certain serious problems with your feet or your feet are paining really bad, it is better to seek help from a medical professional.


A good foot massage from a professional therapist would completely revitalize your feet and would give you a nice clean appearance of feet. A good massage therapy would not only relax your feet but would improve complexion and skin texture of this breathing organ of your body. Improve circulation, movement and re-energize your feet with a relaxing foot massage therapy by a professional therapist.

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