Massage Therapist Jobs: employment tips and opportunities

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As a professional massage therapist, you’re exposed to numerous settings where you can work, learn, and polish up your skills. These include spas, clinics, fitness centers, hotels, and other establishments that offer different types of relaxing massage therapy to different clients. Massage therapists can work for large or small organizations or run their own businesses, which many do—often from home. They fit out a room with basic massage equipment and accessories and they’re good to go. Most qualified massage therapists find work quite quickly. So, check out all the possibilities, make the calls, visit the spas, gyms, hotels, malls, etc. And, in most cases,  the chances are you’ll land yourself a decent job within a week or two.

Employment Opportunities for Massage Therapists

This article focuses on important information and simple tips on gaining access to successful jobs in the massage field. Licensed massage therapists are in great demand. And the demand is increasing as people realise the importance of having a proper massage therapist. Qualified members of the profession are highly trained to work on the muscles and tissues of the human body. With soothing strokes of differing pressure on different parts of the body, they alleviate pain and promote relaxation and well-being.

Work Schedule

Many massage therapists enjoy flexible working hours. It’s not uncommon for therapists around the globe to work part-time with clients mostly appointment based. Helping others to relax can be an extremely strenuous activity for the therapist..  You cannot work giving massage non-stop without any break as it needs good strength for a therapist to give a relaxing massage to any human body. You may take some appointments for the day however the rest of the time in between could be spent taking notes, conducting research, maintaining bookings, marketing and other related stuff.

Tips for Approaching Right Job Opportunities:

There are a number of opportunities in this field provided you have gained proper education, knowledge and have passed a professional therapist’s exam. Though experience also matters a lot. If you already have experience of working somewhere, you most probably would have a client base. Although for new therapists, you would need to dedicate some time to gain experience, skills and a client base of your own. Having a client base and networking could enable you to gain access to more of employment opportunities.
A massage therapist can find employment at varied places such as a sports center, nursing home, spa, salon, doctor’s office, health clubs, cruise ships, fitness center, therapy clinics etc.

Here are some tips that could actually help you in gaining right job opportunities as a massage therapist:

Tips for Learning about Job Opportunities:

  • In order to gain a good employment opportunity, you should consider specializing and getting more training. You may become an expert at reflexology, muscle rehabilitation, acupressure or any other skill.
  • It is important for you to have a license that is appropriate and needed for practice in your particular state.
  • Determine if you would prefer working at a special location and get special training if needed to work at that particular place.
  • Sometimes you miss opportunities just because you think that you might get job at a place where you had great interview experience and that you don’t need to look for jobs anymore. Make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities until you have officially gained job at a place.
  • Most of the therapy schools and instructors are usually aware good employment opportunities in this field. Be in contact with them to learn about these opportunities as soon as they arrive.


Tips for preparing yourself for an Opportunity:

  • As you apply for an opportunity that you find suitable, begin your search about employer whether it is a company or an individual.
  • Get as many details as possible about history, bio, services and other information related to that employer or company.
  • Prepare for interview questions.
  • Think ahead, why do you want to join this center or business? Or why they should hire you?


Tips for Interview:

You should always go prepared for the interview:

  • Dress up like a professional care provider. You will not only be presentable but would be more confident when you are dressed professionally for an interview.
  • You should have all your certificates, degrees, license and other related documents with you. Also carry photocopies of these documents in case employer needs.
  • Carry your picture identity card and social security card as well.
  • Wear a smile on your face and stay relaxed. While communicating with the employer, have eye contact and your attitude should be positive.
  • You may be asked to give a demo for a particular therapy during an interview. Make sure you follow guidelines and perform according to complaints and requirements. Ask relevant questions related to demo therapy.



There may be several reasons behind the call that you can’t find a suitable job. Self-assess yourself and make changes in your approach accordingly if you are not gaining success at interviews. Don’t give up and stay positive. Keep on trying and continue working on finding resources where you can find some suitable work related tips. Try to volunteer your services with other professional therapists and you would be able to further refine your skills under their guidance. Apart from getting feedback from them, you will get exposure to a client base and various other job opportunities. Just focus on your goal to excel in your field of work and if you really work well, opportunities will come to your door step.


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