Tips for Massage Therapists to Keep Clients Comfortable


Massage therapies are truly soothing and relaxing experience that all human bodies need in order to reduce toxins, pains, release tension and pressure that is built around your body and mind. Thus it should not be a stressful or uncomfortable session. One can reap most benefits out of a massage therapy session provided that it is handled properly. A massage therapist who is well aware of some tricks that enable him/her to avoid uncomfortable circumstances during the session would be one who would have most of his/her clients coming back and will attract more clients. Follow some simple tips that we have shared here and you will be able to address to or avoid these issues that make massage session uncomfortable for clients.

Tips to Make Massage Session Most Comfortable for Recipient:

Take Care of Cleanliness:

A massage therapy takes your client in to a different world of relaxation and when they get back from the state of immense peace, it would be too awkward to witness any flood of dribble over massage table. In order to avoid this situation and embarrassment, it is important to offer tissues to your clients. Moreover before and after a massage session, it is crucial to make sure that all sheets and towels are changed to fresh clean ones and that the massage table or chair used is cleaned well. A properly clean area would make your customers more relaxed and they will feel safe and comfortable in a sanitized place.

Talk to your Clients:

Before actually beginning the massage session, it is important to communicate with your client and know about his/her preferences. Some things that you should discuss include:

  • Whether they would like to have a conversation going on during therapy or would like a completely silent environment.
  • During therapy, take feedback to ensure that the therapy and style of massage you are applying on them is making them relax and they are not feeling any pain or discomfort. Ask them to give you true feedback so that you can alter pressure or style.
  • Ask them to close their eyes and stay relaxed by forgetting about stresses and worries in the outside world.
  • Make sure that the temperature in the room is moderate and they are comfortable with the temperature. Ask them if they want to change temperature setting.
  • Ask them if they would like a soothing music to be played during the therapy.
  • Make sure that any queries that your client may have are answered and they are satisfied.

Your Personal Hygiene:

Another aspect that holds importance to your clients is your hygiene and appearance.

  • Make sure that you don’t smell bad. Check your breath especially if you have eaten a meal or some snacks just before massage session. Your bad smell may make the massage session uncomfortable for your client. Keep your tooth brush and paste or fresh breath mints handy in order to avoid any negative impact.
  • While giving massage, you should avoid wearing any jewelry on parts of your body that would come in contact with recipient as it may hinder therapy.
  • Your hair must be tied well and it will ease up procedure.
  • With your client faced down during a massage session, they would be able to see your toes so keep your toes well maintained and manicured at all times in order to avoid making them uncomfortable and distracted from therapy.

Be Aware that Clients may have certain insecurities:

Many people avoid taking massage therapies just because they have some insecurities about appearance of their bodies. They may be embarrassed or conscious about certain aspects such as excessive growth of hair, acne, scars, excessive fat etc. on their bodies. This may be preventing them from enjoying benefits of a massage therapy. There are therapies that are performed with clothes on and client doesn’t need to get undressed. Attract all such clients by starting therapies that don’t need them to undress their bodies. Such therapies include Thai Massage, Swedish Massage etc. This would ease up the process of entering in the processes of massage therapies. Get information on clients’ medical background and health related conditions and you will be able to better predict insecurities of that client. This would enable you to better respond to their needs.

Draping Techniques:

Some people may not prefer to get completely nude for a massage therapy and thus you need to be very careful about protocol of your client. There may be some who would prefer keeping their underwear on during therapy. Do not force them and give them flexibility. However you can advise them to wear loose fitting undergarments so that massage therapy can be appropriately applied to a client’s lower back area.

Make Terms for Tips Clear:

Some clients may be reluctant about asking whether to tip the therapist or not. Make sure that you inform your clients about policies of tipping the therapist. Usually a 15 to 20% of tip is applicable when client is completely satisfied with your services. It completely depends upon the environment you are working at. If you are working at a massage center or business where tipping is not a norm, clients should be encouraged to give referrals to friends and family.


It is important for a massage therapist to ensure that their clients are comfortable and relax during therapy. Be friendly and talk to your client about his/her preferences in advance. Follow the tips and guidelines that we have shared here and you will be able to succeed as a massage therapist and will be able to appeal more clients through referrals. A successful and satisfying session will bring client back.

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