Tips for Relieving Flu and Cold with massage


Cold and flu are quite common these days however these diseases and infections have symptoms that makes life difficult for you and above that these problems can have a negative impact on your overall health in the long run. While suffering from cold and flu, whether you are at home or work; it affects your tendency and ability to perform at your best level. Not only it weakens your immune system, power to fight but constant suffering from cold and flu would actually bring your energy level down. Though there are medicines and other treatments for this weakened state of our body but they work at their own pace and symptoms would go with time. But here is some good news; you can effectively suppress the intensity of symptoms through alternative methods of rehabilitation.

Massage Therapies for Cold and Flu:

Massage is termed to be beneficial alternative treatment for various diseases and there are some therapies that even prove helpful for people suffering from cold and flu. Two most popular techniques are acupressure and reflexology. These are effective treatments that could reduce anxiety, stress and other symptoms that follow these diseases.

Symptoms that can be reduced include:

  • Nasal irritation,
  • Headaches,
  • Weakness,
  • Sore throat,
  • Congestion,
  • Cough,
  • Sneezing and others.

Though acupressure and reflexology cannot treat flu and cold yet they effectively support the treatment process.

10 Main Acupressure and Reflexology Points for Relieving Cold and Flu:

Here we are describing some points that can be massaged and worked over for relieving symptoms that are associated with cold and flu:

  1. Drilling Bamboo: This pressure point is located in the indentations of your eye sockets and are the points on the side of each of your eyebrow in the direction where they meet nose. Some pressure applied over these two points, a little pressure on each side for a few minutes would help in relieving some symptoms such as nasal congestion, headache, fever, tiredness of eyes and more.
  2. Facial Beauty: Another effective pressure point is termed as Facial Beauty point that is most helpful for relieving your congested nose. These points are at the end of your cheekbones right below the pupils. Apply mild pressure over these points for relieving symptoms such as stuffy nose, head congestion, eye tiredness, headaches and burning eye.
  3. Third Eye Point: The point between your eyebrows where they meet your nose is another effective acupressure point that helps with stuffy nose, headaches and head congestion.
  4. Welcoming Perfume: This point is located on your cheeks at the point just outside nostrils. Some mild pressing of these points would give you relieve in sinus, congestion, swelling and stiffed muscles around your face.
  5. Wind Mansion: This point is located right at the back in center of your head which is also the base of your skull. Little pressing over this point can reduce headaches, head congestion, stress, tired eyes and stiffness around neck.
  6. Elegant Mansion: This point is located below collarbone in the hollow space close to your breastbone. This acupressure point is another effective area that directly affects congestion, sore throat, breathing problems as well as cough.
  7. Wind Pool: This point is located towards the occipital bone ridge that is the point in the middle of your ear and spinal cord towards the back. Gentle pressing at these points would improve recurring condition of cold and flu.
  8. Lower Intestine 4: This point is located between your thumb and forefinger at the back of your hand and gentle pressing of this point would ease up symptoms related with flu. Apart from that it would also help people suffering from constipation, fever and pain in elbows. Pregnant women should avoid this acupressure therapy point as it could trigger premature contractions.
  9. Crooked Pond: Location of the reflexology point is at your elbow crease top which is actually the joint edge. Working on this point would also prove helpful with fever and cold symptoms.
  10. Great Abyss: The location below thumb on the palm of your hand towards the wrist crease is another effective point that improves circulation in your lungs and thus is quite beneficial for releasing chest congestion. Another advantage of this point is that it could also help in relieving chronic ankle pain.

Stretch it out!

Stretching is an important part after getting a reflexology or acupressure therapy as it would improve circulation and would further elevate the effects of therapy. Stretch your upper body well and it will help in relieving all the symptoms. Just stand straight with your feet apart, slightly bend knees and stretch your arms out. While keeping palms face down, spread arms backward at the level of your shoulders and rotate palms. While doing this stretching exercise, make sure that you breathe well.

Massage helps in Prevention from Flu and Cold:

Not only massage therapies could prove helpful in relieving symptoms of cold and flu but it also proves useful in prevention. Let us learn how it proves helpful in prevention from flu and cold:

  • Massage therapy is known for reducing stress and thus it enables your body to concentrate on fighting against infections.
  • It improves your immunity system so that it could fight well against viral infections and boosts overall health.
  • Intruders are reduced with increased blood and lymphatic circulation around your body that proves helpful for prevention against flu, sinus, congestions, breathing issues, body stiffness and other related problems.


People think of flu and cold as nothing much serious but as you look at the number of deaths that occur as these viral infections become more serious especially with aged people and young kids; you will be able to realize that these complains must not be underestimated. For people who keep themselves physically active, it would be fruitful for them to get massage even once a month. However if you are a little lay back kind of a lazy person, you might need to book yourself a massage every week in order to boost your immune system, overall health and thus prevent your body from viral infections like flu, cold, cough and others.

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