Tips for Self-Massage using a Massage Ball


An aching body and tensed muscles are common issues found in people of all age group. These pains may be hindering your everyday activities and would be affecting the quality of life that you wish to spend. In order to deal with these pains, you need to work on trigger points of your body that are usually the backbone of problems. Your body has different muscles groups and these muscles have tight spots that are the areas that cause pain in the surroundings. One of the simplest yet quite effective tool for getting positive results with pain management of trigger points is the use of massage balls. These balls can be used by yourself and with simple massage ball exercises, one can get relieve from these pains.

Why using Massage Balls?

Massage balls have proved really effective in making wellness changes in your body by targeting only the problem areas of your body. Some vital benefits of using a massage ball include:

  • It gives you the opportunity of self-massage. With the use of a massage ball, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone else to give you a massage.
  • When you are giving massage all by yourself with the use of these balls, it is much quicker and cheaper.
  • You can enjoy this massage technique with completely flexibility of time and venue of massage.
  • You can get benefits of a massage technique on a daily basis.
  • While sitting in your house with compete comfort, you can use massage balls to reduce muscle pains.
  • These massage balls also increase your motion range and movement of joints.
  • Massage balls have proved to give results that last for a lifetime and use of these tools may even keep you from going through risky surgeries.

Choosing the Massage Ball:

A variety of different massage balls are easily available and their use would slightly differ. Some balls have spines over them but they aren’t sharp, some would be really hard as well as flexible to give you movement similar to a hand massage. The only thing that matters when choosing the right kind of massage ball for you is that you should be able to position and use it well with controlled movement on various aching parts of your body. A massage ball can be selected on the basis of suitability and preference that is derived from factors including weight, size, grip, shape and level of softness/hardness of a ball. As you shop for a massage ball, you will find a grand range of sizes and shapes available so get one that you are comfortable using.

Some Massage Therapies Using Massage Ball:

Massage ball works well with rolling action when you apply pressure for a sustained period at a particular point of pain.

  • Get a complete body stretch or back massage: This self-massage can be done while lying on the floor or by standing against a wall. You will need two massage balls for an entire back massage or stretching of your body.
    • Standing Massage: Just place both the balls between your body and wall as your stand straight and begin to roll the balls up and down for a relaxing therapy. Just bend your legs down and then straighten them and repeat these steps.
    • Lying on Floor Massage: While lying straight on the floor, place two massage balls between your back and floor. As you leave your weight over ground, massage balls will work on certain trigger points of your body to relax the muscles and tissues deep inside. You can change spots of massage balls and let them stay at a particular point for some minutes to enjoy the therapy.
  • Get a feet massage: Treat your feet with a reflex feet massage by placing a massage ball under the heel of your foot. Do not bend your leg and roll the ball backward and forward while pressing on the tight spots in between. This activity would aid in releasing tensed muscles and tissues in your feet.

Massage ball can be used for relieving tensed muscles around your shoulders, arms, neck, legs and other areas as well.

Tips for Proper Use of Massage Balls:

  • If you are laying on the floor for massage therapy, you should prefer a soft surface in the beginning and later can go for harder ones for increased intensity of massage.
  • In order to make the massage most effective, it is important that you hit the trigger points with right amount of pressure applied. Exploration and experimentation would be needed for finding out trigger points. Trigger points would hurt.
  • Initially the duration of self-massage with ball should be short and with light pressure applied. With time, you can move and increase the intensity and duration of therapy but only to an extent that is tolerable. Make sure not to overdo. Any signs of pain would mean that either intensity or duration is above your level of tolerance.
  • If you witness any signs of discomfort, immediately stop the therapy and consult your doctor.
  • Breathe normally.
  • It is best to take advice of a therapist or consultant before beginning a self-massage therapy.


A self-massage therapy appears to be convenient and flexible as you can opt for it at any point of time without needing to book an appointment. Just remember you need to be gentle and the successive pains if any should be only good pains. Any discomfort or unpleasant pain would mean that you are being too harsh or brutal with your body during a self-massage. Get the right kind of massage ball that you find suitable for use and opt for therapies focusing on aching points around your body.

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